Chanyeol scenario - Infamous pt.2

Infamous pt.1

Requested by @annjaee

Genre: angst, smut, and a pinch of fluff

Warnings: mild G!dom

Previously: “I know things will never be exactly the same, but I’m willing to try again.” His honesty warmed your heart. You looked up at him with a smile.“So no more sorority girls?” You asked. “Nope. No more sorority girls… except you.” He replied.

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EXO / The morning after

Request: can you make exo’s version of the after hot night?

GOT7 version is here

Warnings: sexual themes


Originally posted by minniedeer

He woke up first and just watched you for a while, taking in your sleeping features and unconsciously smiling to himself. Lazily, he brushed his fingers down your sides, feeling the softness of your skin. As soon as he heard you sigh in content at the feeling of him softly touching you, he realized you weren’t in a deep state of slumber like he had previously thought.

A few moments later, your eyes fluttered open to meet Minseok’s smiling ones. You blinked a few times to adjust to the light in the room, and gave him a smile, too.

“Hi,” he said.

Unable to form words yet, you just sighed as a response, making Minseok smile even wider.

“Did you sleep well?” he asked, his hand draped over your waist now.

You nodded. “I wish I could keep sleeping, though.”

“Nothing’s stopping you,” Minseok replied, leaning closer to you to press a kiss to your forehead. “Do you want anything to eat?”

“No,” you said. “I just want to lie here with you forever.”

He laughed at this, pulling your body closer to his until he could feel your skin touching his. “Well, your wish is my command. You know that.”

You hummed at this. “Not what you said last night.”

“Okay, okay,” Minseok laughed again. “I like hearing you beg for certain things. But you’ll never have to beg to be with me. I’m always yours.”


Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Junmyeon made sure every morning after a night spent together ended with you being absolutely spoiled. Even if you were dating for a while and spent nearly every night together, you still woke up every morning to the sound of Junmyeon working on breakfast in the kitchen.

After stretching for a while, you placed your feet on the floor, standing up slowly, wanting to see how sore you were. Surprisingly, you were mostly okay, so you headed to the kitchen to greet your boyfriend who was humming along to a song in his head as he cooked breakfast.

“Morning,” you said as a way to announce your presence.

Junmyeon turned around, a wide smile on his face just at the sound of your voice. Like he always did, he looked over your silky robe – the one he got you a few months ago – and shook his head to himself.

“How do you manage to look more beautiful every morning?” he asked, indicating for you to come closer so he could give you a kiss without burning any of the food.

You didn’t reply and instead smiled as you walked closer to him, allowing him to connect your lips in a sweet kiss that ended too soon and left you pouting. This caused Junmyeon to laugh.

“Don’t pout, beautiful,” he told you, still smiling. “You need to eat. We’ll have plenty of time to kiss later.”

You sighed in content, leaning against the cupboard next to him so you could watch him cook. “What are you making?”

“Your favorite,” he replied, looking away from the stove to watch a smile spread across your face. “I would’ve brought it to bed for you but you woke up earlier than I expected.”

“I debated staying in bed,” you admitted. “But I wanted to see you too much.”

His smile widened. “I’m glad you came. Because I’ve already missed you. Now come on, sit down at the table. Let’s eat and go back to bed so I can kiss you again.”


Originally posted by kyungsuhos

Yixing, the king of aftercare, made sure you got enough sleep, even if it meant you woke up in the afternoon after having stayed up for the majority of the night. None of you minded that, though. He was often busy so whenever the two of you actually hung out, you treasured every moment.

“Morning, love,” Yixing mumbled sleepily when he saw you slowly open your eyes.

“Hmm,” was all you could reply with due to the sleep still clouding your mind. Yixing smiled at this, however, a dimple appearing on his cheek, and all of your sleep was gone in a second. “You look really good in the morning.”

Yixing laughed. “You stole my line.”

You smiled, enjoying this idyllic morning as the two of you had nothing else on your minds but each other. You just watched each other’s eyes, both of you seemingly reading what was on the other’s mind.

After almost an hour of these mute love confessions, both of you headed to the shower. Nothing sexual ever happened in the shower the morning after you spent a night together, and yet you’d say the shower was as much fun as the night itself.

Yixing’s hands were in your hair as he washed it, softly caressing each and every strand of your hair. You were sure hairdressers never paid as much precision to your hair as Yixing did. You heard him inhale deeply when your apple scented shampoo ran down your hair.

“I’m taking this shampoo on tour with me,” he leaned closer to you to whisper. “It smells so much like you.”

You laughed at this. “Okay, that’s fair, since I’ll be forcing you to leave your hoodies with me so I can have something that reminds me of you.”

He was standing behind you so you didn’t see his wide smile, but you felt the way his hands fell down to your shoulders until he was hugging you from behind and leaning his head against yours. “I love you, Y/n. I want to wake up like this every morning.”


Originally posted by baehkkyun

You weren’t even close to waking up when you felt chaste kisses on your cheek, then your jaw, and then your neck. Moaning a little – not really because the pleasurable feeling of your boyfriend’s lips on your skin, but perhaps because of the fact that you were forced to wake up – you tried to turn on your back, but found it impossible because Baekhyun was laying halfway on top of you.

“Good morning,” he hummed against your neck, kissing it again before continuing, “You look so beautiful when you sleep, I couldn’t resist.”

“You don’t respect my sleep schedule,” you mumbled, biting your lip when you felt him suck on a spot where your neck met your shoulder.

“You don’t respect my needs,” Baekhyun replied and although you still had your eyes closed, you could tell he smirked. “Look at me, baby.”

Deciding to tease him as payback for waking you up, you shook your head. “I’m still sleeping.”

His kisses grew rougher after that and you had to bite your lip so hard you nearly drew blood. Especially when his lips found the sweet spot on your neck, almost causing you to moan out loud.

“Come on, baby,” Baekhyun encouraged, brushing his tongue over the freshly made mark on your neck to soothe the stinging pain caused by his teeth digging into your skin. “Open your eyes so I can see how good I’m making you feel.”

Still fighting it, you shook your head. “You’re going to have to try harder.”

Always up for a challenge, Baekhyun chuckled at this, removing himself from you so he could throw the sheet away from the two of you and reveal your bare body to him.

“Oh, I’m going to try harder,” he told you as you felt his fingers slide down your hips and over your thigh. “But fair warning, you’re going to be begging for me by the time I’m done.”

Still not opening your eyes, you smiled a little. “Challenge accepted.”


Originally posted by thevivitoyoursehun

Always energetic, Jongdae woke up before you did and carefully, trying not to wake you up, sneaked out of the bed to take a quick shower before he planned to make breakfast for you. He was in the mood to spend the whole day cuddling in bed with you, so he hurried to get everything done before you woke up.

However, you stirred as soon as he closed the door of the bedroom. Turning around in bed a few more times, you realized you wouldn’t fall asleep now that Jongdae was gone and sighed before sitting up and looking around.

“Dae?” you called out, clearing your throat to get rid of the morning voice. “Where are you?”

No response came, so you carefully stood up from the bed, ignoring the soreness in your thighs and – after quickly putting Jongdae’s shirt on – slowly made your way out of the bedroom.

“Dae?” you called out again in the hallway but then heard the water running in the bathroom nearby.

Automatically, you reached for the bathroom door, opening it just slightly. “Dae? Are you in there?”

Jongdae, surprised and disappointed that you woke up earlier than he planned, opened the door of the shower, carefully moving the shower head so no water would reach the bathroom tiles. “Yeah, Y/n. Come in.”

A little shyly, you entered the bathroom, instantly feeling the dampness of the room, as well as noticing the mist covering the inside of the shower where Jongdae was standing, watching you through the gap he made by opening the door of the shower cabin. Droplets of water from his hair fell down his face and landed on the bathroom floor and frankly, you found this sight to be so captivating, you wanted to keep it in your mind forever.

“I was hoping you’d sleep a little longer, so I could make breakfast in bed for you,” Jongdae admitted. “But now I’m thinking this is even better.”

Before you understood what he meant, he took your hand, pulling you closer to the shower cabin.

“As much as I love when you wear my clothes, this is not the right place for it,” he said, opening the door of the cabin wider so he could pull the shirt off of you and then, pull you into the shower with him.

You yelped a little when you felt the cold water hit your bare skin but Jongdae’s warm smile as he checked you out, shaking his head to himself, made you ignore the shivers that ran down your spine.

“I’m the luckiest person in the world,” he said, removing the shower head and turning the faucet a little, so the water would be warmer, before carefully spraying your body with it, starting from your neck and down to your legs. “This has to be our new tradition.”

You laughed a little, allowing him to make sure no spot on your skin was left dry. “You mean taking showers together?”

“Yes,” he confirmed. “Technically, we’re saving water. And… there’s no need to wash up after.”

“After what?” you asked cluelessly.

Smirking at this, Jongdae leaned in to connect your lips, answering every question and proving that taking showers together might be the best tradition the two of you had.


Originally posted by blondejongin

Chanyeol woke up before you did because he had to go to rehearsals first thing in the morning. And, although he loved his work and waking up was rarely a problem – especially since it wasn’t that early – he still struggled to climb out of bed because of how beautiful you looked sleeping next to him.

Quietly, not wanting to wake you up, he grabbed his phone from the nightstand and took a sneaky picture of you sleeping. Seeing it instantly brought a smile to his face and made it a little easier for him to finally get ready to leave.

Once he was showered and dressed, he pressed a quick kiss to your forehead and pulled back as soon as he heard you hum in content. He smiled at the sight of your sleeping features once again and took the few painful steps to the door of the bedroom.

You woke up an hour later to an empty bed. When you grabbed your phone to check the time, you noticed the amount of text messages Chanyeol had sent you while you were sleeping.

           CHANYEOL: It’s so hard to leave you

           CHANYEOL: I’m not even out the door yet and I already miss you

           CHANYEOL: Look

           CHANYEOL sent a picture.

           CHANYEOL: I took this of you this morning so I could carry you with me wherever I go

           CHANYEOL: You’re so beautiful

           CHANYEOL: I love you

           CHANYEOL: I’ll be over later tonight. What food should I bring?

 Smiling as you read the words on your screen, you typed in your response.

            Y/N: I miss you too. Just bring yourself tonight, x

No sooner than you sent the text, your phone lit up with an incoming call. You almost laughed when you read your boyfriend’s name as the caller’s ID.

“Hello?” you answered.

“Hi. I love you,” Chanyeol said on the other end. “Did you wake up?”

“Yeah, a few minutes ago,” you replied. “Thank you for the texts. No thank you for the picture.”

Chanyeol laughed. “Shut up, it’s my new screensaver. Maybe it won’t suck to leave you each morning if I have you by my side at all times.”

This caused your heart to start beating faster as a smile spread across your face. “Love you.”

“I love you more,” Chanyeol replied. “I’ll be back tonight. Wait for me.”


Originally posted by exoistheuniverse

Kyungsoo was the absolute ray of sunshine whenever he got laid. You kept joking that he acted like a prepubescent boy after watching porn for the first time, and Kyungsoo wasn’t even denying it. He was a goofy ball of playfulness every morning after waking up next to you.

“I’m just happy to have you,” he told you as the two of you lied in bed, just enjoying each other’s company. “Literally.”

You hit his shoulder, making him laugh.

“You know, when I first met you,” you said. “I never thought you’d be making sex jokes left, right, and center.”

“I could have you left, right, and center.”

You groaned. “This one wasn’t that good.”

“Not what you said last night.”

You groaned even louder. “You make me wonder why I’m dating you sometimes.”

“Should I remind you?” he asked, moving closer to you and wiggling his eyebrows in a way that made you laugh loudly and push him off of you. “Why are you laughing at me?”

“You make it hard not to!”

“You make me hard.”

“Kyungsoo, for God’s sake,” you said. “Be serious for one second.”

“One second. Okay,” he said, clearing his throat and glaring at the wall in front of him, his lips in a straight line. “So. Global warming, huh?”

You sighed, defeated. “You’re impossible.”

He laughed, unable to stay serious for too long when it came to annoying you. “Maybe so. You still love me, though.”

“Maybe your weirdness is why I love you,” you wondered. “You’re not really like that when we’re out with other people.”

“Other people don’t deserve to see the real me,” Kyungsoo said, and you had a feeling he wasn’t joking anymore. “It’s just you who makes the best side of me come out.”


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

The two of you usually spent your free time in bed, ordering take-out and then playing rock-paper-scissors to see which one would have to leave the warmth of the bed and open the door when the delivery got here. This time, however, you decided to get out of bed and actually cook something for your boyfriend while he still slept since he’s been away and hasn’t had the chance to eat any homemade food in a long time.

Walking was difficult but you managed to make your way into the kitchen, grabbing Jongin’s black shirt on the way. You put it on, not bothering to button it all the way down, and grabbed your earphones to listen to some music while you cooked.

You opened the fridge, got the necessary ingredients out and began to chop the vegetables, quietly singing along to the song that played in your earphones. You moved your hips to the rhythm, not having the slightest clue that Jongin had already woken up and went out to find you. As soon as he heard your soft singing, he headed to the kitchen, stopping by the door when he saw you dancing slowly in his shirt.

The sight if you did things to him and he couldn’t stay away from you. It was seconds before he approached you, wrapping his arms around you from behind, causing you to jump up in shock.

“Jesus Christ!” you gasped, almost dropping the knife. “Don’t do that! I could have stabbed you!”

Jongin laughed lowly against your neck. “Sorry. You looked really good. I wanted to touch you.”

You felt his hands slide under the shirt that you were wearing, caressing your thighs and causing you to exhale deeply.

“I’m making breakfast,” you said. “For you.”

“I’d rather eat something else,” he said, placing a soft kiss on your neck. “If you know what I mean.”

Your face heated up as much as your stomach did when Jongin’s hand brushed against your inner thigh.

“Come back to bed,” he whispered. “We’ll get real food later.”


Originally posted by lawlliets

Praise was one of the most important things for Sehun when it came to sex, but the biggest compliment to his ego was seeing you struggle to get out of bed the next morning. He felt sorry and wanted to help you, but he was also lowkey proud for being so good to you last night that you couldn’t even walk this morning.

“I know that you’re smirking,” you said, trying to stand from the bed even though your legs weren’t listening to you.

“I’m not,” Sehun said but you felt the subtle cockiness in his voice. “Should I carry you to the bathroom?”

“No, I can do this,” you replied, not letting him win this, and finally managing to stand on your feet.

Walking was a different story. You had to bite your lip so you wouldn’t moan in pain as the soreness between your thighs intensified with every step you took.

“Don’t torture yourself like that,” Sehun said, getting up from the bed. “Come on, I’ll run you a bath.”

You weren’t going to deny that. You weren’t going to deny his hand that sneaked around your waist and helped you walk to the bathroom, either.

“Was I too rough on you?” he asked, as he carefully sat you down on the edge of the bathtub and started the water. “Should I have—”

“No, you were great,” you said, sighing. “It’s your huge smirk when you saw that I couldn’t walk that annoyed me.”

“What can I say,” Sehun said, turning around to look at you, the cocky grin back on his face.

“Don’t say anything,” you stopped him before he could finish the sentence.

Sehun laughed at this. “Come on, where are those bath bombs that you like? I’ll throw them in and you can climb into the tub. I’ll show you that I can be soft, too.”

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