Marry me. What? I don’t expect you to believe that I’m sorry or that I love you just because I say it. I need to show you. Marry me. I thought you had to figure things out? I did. I figured out that I’m an idiot. I’m intellectually challenged. Maybe even blind. I couldn’t see that everything that I was looking for was right here. In you. I have a lifetime of work to do to make thing’s right. But I can’t imagine doing it without you. Unless I’m to late. No. No. I don’t want to let go of you…

Airport EXO in real life

according to @topfied exo irl is:

  • Minseok: a fast walker like he needs to pee
  • Junmyeon: A WALKING GOD!!! SKIN IS 20/10
  • Yixing: *no info*
  • Baekhyun: Human epitome of a hot chocolate during the cold days on winter
  • Jongdae: INVENTOR OF EYESMILES!!! Sparkling eyes 
  • Chanyeol: noisy walker. inspects everything. HUGE LIKE A PALM TREE. SOFT
  • Kyungsoo: took a huge sniff to smell the air. sMOL
  • Sehun: son stop using your phone. Globe shaped butt is 20/10. Shoulders so broad i can lay down my whole body on it

I hate how 99.99% of the time, most of the companies don’t give a shit about an idols well being, feelings, opinion or situation. The only thing they care about is profit, and maintaining an image, which in turn just continuously exploits the idol. I sometimes wonder just how much pressure and exploitation idols and trainees have to go through behind the scenes that we’ll never probably know about. It’s a scary thought just thinking about it.

Meet & Greet

Ellen Muth - We got Ellen at our table straight off the bat (not a sign of things to come!) she was super sweet and less nervous than I imagined. 

Aaron Abrams - He said lovely things about my flower crowns (the ones at our table and at others) decided that I should promo my crowns with “the cumberbund feel”. 

Demore Barnes - Had some lovely white wine, we watched him read his invite and it was beautiful!

Hugh Dancy - So we went around the table and asked where everyone was from, being from Hampshire I won! He left with lots of Jaffa Cakes and after having some whisky (and safe to say his tolerance for whisky is v. different from fanfic Will.) He was super lovely and up for the weekend and it made me really happy to see him comfortable! It was decided that Tr/ump talk was banned for the weekend to give everyone a week. Hugh took three taps to be pulled away from our table so dude wanted a chat!

Scott Thompson - He recognised me from RDC1! Amazing! We played Cards Against Humanity and of course the “Preller” white card won!

Bryan Fuller - We were the last table at the Meet and Greet, Bryan didn’t manage to get to us until just after 3am. He was lovely and still up for it even though it was so late! It was amazing how he just stayed at those tables until their chats were done. He saw my Cards Against Hannibal and took a photo of a chilton card to show Raul! We talked loads about American Gods, got loads of tit bits and then finally got around to discussing Hannibals future. I thought it was super important we translate this info to everyone:

The options are as follows:

Swing Gaumonts Way: Continue the Hannibal and Will story (CUBAAAAAA) 

Swing MGMs Way: SOTL but, they loose Gaumont and the rights to Will.

Bryan was basically gauging the opinion of the room. There is a option to do Gaumont first, and then potentially go to MGM after. But basically it’s a choice about whether we want Will to continue being in the show. (And with Hugh Dancy here, it’s awful to think about!)

I’m personally massively of the opinion to finish what’s been started story wise, we need to continue with Will and Hannibal, and I’m happy to sacrifice a potential SOTL story line for it, but there’s always a chance to go back to SOTL with MGM after the Hannibal/Will story.

Let Bryan know your thoughts but it’s important to know that a SOTL story will not include Will in his current form.

(Serious bit over)

We got out of the M&G just before 4, Bryan did mention he hit a wall and honestly I don’t blame him. It’s by far the longest M&G but absolutely worth it!

Bryan took selfies with every table and hopefully he’ll upload them.

Highlights of the Block B concert in Amsterdam last night:

- Taeil saying (his legendary) “My name is Taeil” introduction
- Zico talking about how accepting the Netherlands is & Jaehyo deciding to start petting Ukwons butt (???)
- Jaehyo saying “stroopwafel”
- P.O. giving a lap dance to kyung
- Kyung being greasy as usual and talking about how there are so many pretty girls in the audience (+the other block b members cringe)
- them naming famous Dutch products and Taeil just staring into the void until grabbing the mic and screaming: “Cheese!”
- Zico saying “Block B Amsterdam, baby!” a million times
- them speaking English 33
- Whilst naming famous places in Amsterdam Ukwon saying “the Hilton Hotel” making Zico giggle like a hyena (???) meanwhile Kyung just dodging the question by simply saying “I love you”


“I know I’m beautiful, I know I’m cute, I know..I know I’m handsome, yes I gotchu thank you. I’m swagging t babe”  SELF CONFIDENCE LEVELS ~  LIKE TAO PLS…OMG I LOVE HIM