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I Was Protecting What’s Mine Part 3 (final)

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Title: I Was Protecting What’s Mine.

Genre: Smut.

Member: D.O.

Word Count: 1261.

Description: It’s hard to control yourself when you finally have your mate in your arms.

The doors slammed shut with a bang, Kyungsoo pulled her towards the bedroom as fast as he could and swung the door open, slamming Y/N into it once it was closed. His hands were desperately rough, pulling her by the back of her knees and wrapping her legs around his waist. Y/N took in a deep breath and her hit tilted back against the door as her body curved to meet Kyungsoo’s.

A moan fell from Kyungsoo’s lips as his head dived to attack her neck and Y/N left a burning trail in the wake of her shaking hands.

“Kyungsoo” Y/N breathed out and Kyungsoo rocked his growing bulge against her hips making Y/N shake in his arms. She kissed him passionately and the feeling of her lips against his made Kyungsoo give up on taking anything slow.

Kyungsoo’s arms wrapped around Y/N’s waist and he raced to the bed where he put her back on the bed in a haste. Y/N blinked and when her eyes came to open again, Kyungsoo was staring down at her with his own dark lust filled eyes. Things moved in a blur for Y/N, she didn’t know when Kyungsoo had finished putting marks all over her neck until she felt his fingers slipping through her folds, making her realise they were both naked with Kyungsoo’s extremely hard erection on her thigh.

Y/N let out a moan, tilting her head back and lifting her hips to match the pace Kyungsoo was thrusting his finger into her with. As a second and third digit entered her soft mewls left Y/N’s lips and Kyungsoo’s breathing became rough, uneven pants leaving him as he watched her shiver in pleasure.

With a sudden courage, Y/N opened her eyes, looking down at Kyungsoo’s problem at that was still rubbing against her. Her hands trailed down and Kyungsoo shivered when her finger grazed his penis. His hips bucked involuntarily and he almost collapsed on her.

Her fingers wrapped around his hard-on and she gave a soft squeeze as her own release came and soft whines left her lips. A low growl rumbled from the back of Kyungsoo’s throat as he took his soaked fingers and put them in his mouth and Y/N watched as he lapped up all her juices coating his fingers.

Slowly, Y/N began moving her hands around Kyungsoo’s hardness. He shivered and his back curved as he pushed himself further into the feeling and his burning skin connected with Y/N’s. Y/N held the back of Kyungsoo’s neck and pulled him closer to her until their lips were meeting in a heated dance.

Kyungsoo pulled away from the kiss and Y/N watched him as his eyes remained squeezed shut tightly and soft growls and whimpers left his lips. Y/N’s thumb flicked over the head of his penis, making his whimpers become louder as Y/N used his glistening pre-cum to help her hand glide up and down his size better.

“That’s enough Y/N” His hand grabbed her hard working one and placed it above her head. Her hand alone had brought him close to an orgasm and he shook as the time he was waiting for finally came. Y/N watched as Kyungsoo reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out a condom, taking it out of the wrapper and slipping into it as quickly as he could.

A moan slipped through Y/N’s lips as Kyungsoo used his hips to enter her with a quick snap. Her hands reached out to hold Kyungsoo, nails digging in and scraping at every part of skin she could reach and his name fell from her lips like a mantra.

“Oh god Kyungsoo” She whined, her back curved until the burning skin of Kyungsoo’s abdominal was flush against her own and Kyungsoo struggled to hold himself up because of all the pleasure he was feeling. Y/N’s walls clenched around him and Kyungsoo knew she was nearing her high, just like he was. She came before him, whimpers and moans leaving her swollen lips as Y/N clung to Kyungsoo for dear life.

Kyungsoo found his release after several more sloppy thrusts and his head hung back as his moans came out mixed with low rumbling growls. But Kyungsoo wasn’t finished with Y/N and she whined as Kyungsoo pulled out, slipping out of the condom and giving her a passionate kiss. Her breath hitched as Kyungsoo’s lips trailed down until he was at her neck, his teeth nipping at the skin, testing how hard he could hard bite without hurting her.

With desperate movements, Kyungsoo began rocking his hips against Y/N’s spurring her desire into returning and Y/N shook at the feeling.

“Are you ready for more, Y/N?” Kyungsoo’s words were airy and Y/N found herself almost letting tears spring as she answered with a vigorous nod of her head.

“Don’t hold back this time Kyungsoo” She begged and the males eyes looked at her in shock, though they turned cunningly dark as he rolled a new condom onto his erection that was rising quickly because of the desperate hands of Y/N’s travelling over his skin.

“As you wish Y/N” Kyungsoo smirked, Y/N had never seen an expression so alluring before and a strong groan left her lips as his hand travelled up her thigh to cup her where she was most sensitive. Her hips automatically rocked against Kyungsoo’s hand, her wet juices spreading on his palm as his smirk darkened.

“You might want to hold onto something, darling” His voice had dropped what sounded like several octaves to Y/N and a shiver ran through her body as her hands automatically found the defined muscles of his shoulders to grip onto.

Kyungsoo lined himself at her entrance again and entered her with his hips jolting forward so harshly it left an echoing slap of skin against skin and a gasp hovering through the air in the room. Kyungsoo used one hand to hold himself up with other entangling his fingers in her hair. His hips drilling to meet Y/N’s at a pace Y/N had never dreamed of experiencing. His rushed movements all went by in quick blurs, his hands rushing from one place to another until his left hand was squeezing Y/N’s breast making her let out a cry of pleasure.

The headboard of the bed crashed against the wall again and again but Kyungsoo didn’t care, there were no neighbours to disturb. Tears of pleasure trailed down Y/N’s cheeks as she clung to Kyungsoo, wrapping her legs around his waist, helping him reach a whole new place within her.

“Ah! You’re still so tight Y/N” The feeling so unexplainable for Kyungsoo, he could only snap his hips back into Y/N’s with a desperate growl leaving his lips before they landed on her skin, biting and leaving marks where ever it was possible. With Y/N’s wrists gripped tightly above her head by Kyungsoo he used all his strength to thrust harder until Y/N’s throat was becoming dry from the loud cries she let out.

“Oh god,” Kyungsoo gasped, his hands desperately clenching onto every part of skin he touched as he finally unfolded before her. Kyungsoo’s rough thrusts slowed down until Y/N let out a desperate cry, her orgasm hitting her as her eyes closed and she saw white.

When Kyungsoo managed to open his eyes, he looked down at the spent girl below him, pulling out and collapsing on the bed beside her before bringing her into his arms again.

“Everyone will know who’s your mate now Y/N, you’re safe with me, I promise you that”