Exo watching a horror movie 2K16

I bet Yeol doesn’t let anyone sleep at night. I’m telling u. He misses Tao - so asks everyone to watch a horror movie at 4 am.

Lay: says ok but sleeps on the floor
Baek: talks through the whole movie
Suho: just sits there to boss them around
Chen: is cool with anything
Xiumin: wants company so he goes and silently supports everyone
Kyungsoo: Says no
Kai: Says he’s talking to Krystal
Sehun: bish I’m ready CAN U play the movie already

During the movie:

Suho: is in tears and shookd 4 life
Baek: is half screeching half laughing while covering his face with his knees, while screaming kkaebsong every time he sees a ghost
Chanyeol: is dabbing at every ghost with fear
Chen: asks every ghost if they want a hot pack
Lay: Half-Asleep but screams internally every time he sees a ghost.
Xiumin: laughing so hard you’d think he was watching a comedy
Sehun: using Chen as a shield
DO: Fast asleep
Kai: In his room asleep on his cell phone

Reaction 3

Group: EXO

Reaction: “How would they react to a sexy picture that you send them?”


Minseok would be really sweet about it, and assume it was an accident but the next time you two saw each other in person he would get straight to business.

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Luhan is a sweet and bubbly guy on the outside. When he first sees the picture he’d hide it from his members, waiting until he was alone to admire your picture.

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As soon as he saw it, Kris would stop whatever he was doing, find you, and drag you to the nearest bedroom. 

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Suho is a gentleman and would assume it was an accident, but secretly look at it and think about it all the time.

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Lay is a kindhearted guy, and he would get very flustered. Then he would go out and get you more clothes to cover up. 

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Baekhyun would be very childish about the picture, looking at it and smiling to himself. If anyone asked what he was smiling about he would be really awkward and get embarassed. 

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Chen would be very… excited, and probably respond with a witty comment. As soon as he got home, he would drag you to the bedroom.

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Chanyeol would get strongly turned on, finding you and ignoring the rest of his day to spend it in bed with you.

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Kyungsoo is really a baby, and he would be very flustered by the picture, but get what you’re trying to say. If anyone asked where he was going or what he was doing he would kill them.

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He would use the picture as an excuse to go Gucci shopping but end up banging you in the store bathroom.

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Jongin would get really flustered at first, but then he would be really childish about it. He’d tease you about being really hot and sexy. He would be really turned on the rest of the day, but try not to show it.

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Sehun would be very dorky about the picture, probably getting flustered. He would tease you about it, but save it for later. 

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Exo Being. . .Exo

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Me, trying to get my driver's license
  • <p> <b></b> *approaching stop sign*<p/><b>Driving Instructor:</b> You slow down...<p/><b>Me:</b> THEN YOU SPEED UP<p/><b></b> *speeds up* *rear ends another car*<p/></p>



This is honestly all I need in life