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Exo Being...Exo pt.2

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EXO when you have sexy moans {REQUEST}


Would live for this. He would get off to hearing your moans

“Come on baby, moan for me some more,”

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Boy would also love the FUCK outta your moans, he’s the type to quiet himself down just so he can hear every sound that escapes your lips

“Louder baby…”

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He’d tease the hell outta you. That’s all I gotta say,

“You sound so dirty kitten…”

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He’d enjoy them quite a lot. He’d do everything he could to make you moan, simply because of how much the sound turns him on

“More babe…I know you can moan louder,”

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He’d be super turnt. Boy would do what he could to have you screaming, and won’t stop UNTIL your screaming and begging for release

“Come on baby girl, scream for me…”

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I can see him being loud in bed, but I also see him having a bit of a moan kink as well. So the louder you moan the louder he moans, and vice versa. 

“Fuck baby, you feel so good…”

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I feel like he’s pretty silent, so he’d bask in the sound of your moans and encourage you to moan louder

“Come on, I know you can be louder. Scream for me babe,”

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Baby would initially blush upon hearing you moan for the first time. Not expecting such a lewd noise to come from your mouth, but after time goes on your moans would be his favourite sound

“Moan baby, come on. Let me hear your beautiful sounds,”

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He’d be so turned on. Like…I have no words to explain it. 10/10 would listen to them if he could only listen to one noise for the rest of his life. But like…real talk, he’d indulge in most of your kinks/fantasies just so he could hear you moan

“You sound so sexy…let me hear more,”

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Like Chanyeol, I can see him being shocked upon hearing your moans for the first time. But after some time, he’d love to make you draw out your moans because of how erotic it sounded

“That’s it baby…I need to hear more…Louder baby girl…”

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Kai seems like the kinda guy to enjoy someone who is loud in bed. So he’d tease you for hours on end just to hear you moan loudly for him, calling his name and begging him to do something

“Uh oh…That wasn’t my name baby…You must really enjoy being punished don’t you?”

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(I apologize for the low quality gif, but like…Yes please? Sign me the fuck uP SEHUN! WHOO!)

Anyways, Sehun seems like a dirty talker. That being said, he’d love to have you moan into his ear as he whispers all the lewd things he wanted to do to you.

“I wanna fuck you so bad baby…I want you cuffed…completely submissive to me,”

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I realized I haven’t done any EXO lockscreens lately, so here are some! (More incoming!) <3

Exo Being. . .Exo

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EXO Reaction-Moaning your name in your sleep (18+)

@maknaevicky here is your request I’m sorry it took me so long, if you don’t like it let me know and i’ll give it another shot.  Thanks for liking my blog!

Hey guys i’m so grateful for all the messages and posts you guys gave me regarding my news about my friend.  It lifted my spirits.  I was able to get this request done, so I hope you guys like.—Admin B

I don’t own these gifs, all credit to their owners.

Xiumin:  He would hear you moan out his name in your sleep and he would be surprised.  He’d lean in and touch your thigh as he teases you just to hear you say his name one more time.

Luhan:  He would be reading a comic when he hears you moan his name, he’d look over and see that your still asleep.  He would lean in and gently tell you that he loves hearing you say his name, all while he pulls at your hair.

Kris:  He wouldn’t be too shocked when he heard you moan his name out.  He would run his hand up your leg making you moan out more just so he could hear you say his name over and over again.

Suho:  He would be really happy that you moaned out his name in your sleep.  He would just smile and bring you in close to him and he wraps his fingers around you hand.

Lay:  He would be surprised when he heard you moan his name.  He’d provoke you more by talking to you and touching you all over before you woke up.  He’d then tell you he needed to hear you moan again.

Baekhyun:  He would be proud when he heard you moan his name.  He would smile sneakily to himself and be thinking of what to do when he would decide the he should let you sleep then bring it up the next morning.

Chen:  When he heard you call out his name, he would feel aroused a little himself because seeing you sweat and move makes him happy.  He would wake you up so you could go a couple rounds before morning.

Chanyeol:  This happy virus would be shocked when he heard you say his name.  He would automatically respond without realizing your asleep.  He would then decide to just listen for a minute and use it for blackmail the next day.

Do:  He would blush upon hearing you moan his name.  He would want to sleep so he wouldn’t bother you.  When you kept moaning his name he would finally wake you up and tell you he was honored but he wanted to sleep.

Tao:  He wouldn’t know what to do when he heard you moan his name.  He wouldn’t know how to respond.  He would ask you if you were awake and when all you said was his name he’d wake you up and give you kisses all over.

Kai:  He would sit there and watch you for a little bit touching you every now and then to make you say his name again.  He would finally shake you awake where he would get on top of you and make you moan his name for many more hours.

Sehun:  This maknae would be absolutly surprised when you said his name.  He would just lay there not knowing what to do.  He would just listen in and talk to you every now and then until he feel asleep.

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