exo skeletons

Executive 1: We need spooky Halloween decorations
Executive 2: How about  SPIDERS but SPOOKIER
Executive 1: Skeletons are spooky! SKELETON SPIDERS
Artist: Um spider skeletons are just spiders they have exo-
Artist: It really wouldn’t make sens-

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Let’s talk about some cool plants!

Carnivine’s name literally comes from “carnivore” and “vine”. 

Carnivine is a vine, which is any plant that has a growth habit of climbing. They are characterized by their long, loose stems, which allows it to save energy by not building supportive tissue, but using other things for support, like fences or other trees. This also allows them to get to the top quickly, where there’s more sunlight and less shadows, giving them an advantage over other plants in the area.

But you guys don’t care about vines. You want the action.

Carnivine is a carnivorous plant which most closely resembles the Venus Fly Trap. They eat flies, caterpillars, even frogs.

It’s important to understand, carnivorous plants don’t eat to gain energy, like we do. They still get all of their energy from photosynthesis, but they digest bugs for their nutrients.

We get both energy and nutrients from eating. Most plants get energy from photosynthesis and nutrients from the soil through their roots. Most carnivorous plants live in places where the soil does not have very many nutrients (specifically deficient in nitrogen and phosphorus), so they had to evolve a new way of getting the nutrients they need. Places like rocky cliffs, or dense acidic swamps. Hey, Carnivine lives in a Marsh, that’s perfect.

Carnivine has a very sweet-smelling nectar which lures bugs in, like any innocent flower looking to spread its pollen. Then it snaps shut and traps the prey forever.

Carnivine, like the Venus Flytrap, uses a mechanism called a snap trap. The “mouth” of the plant are actually just its leaves. They have three trigger hairs on each lobe, which detect small movements. If a hair is bent, ion channels open in the cell membranes, which causes the individual cells to expand and the plant to snap shut in less than one second. If the prey struggles inside of the plant, it will only set off more hairs, which as you can imagine will cause the plant to shut tighter.

They actually have a safe mechanism, to avoid being set off by rain or debris. For the plant to close, two stimuli must bend the trigger hairs, less than 30 seconds apart.

So now that the prey is trapped inside, let’s talk about digestion. Once the trap closes tightly enough to create an air-tight seal, it starts secreting enyzmes that digest only the soft tissue of the prey. It then absorbs the nutrients directly into the leaf. For a Venus Fly Trap, digestion happens very slowly over one or two weeks. For Carnivine, it takes about 24 hours. Once its done, the plant will open again and the leftover exo/skeleton will fall out. Then it “resets the trap”, and is ready for another meal. 

But, for the Venus fly trap, after 3-5 meals the trigger hairs no longer respond to movement, and the leaves will do nothing but photosynthesize until they fall off the plant. That probably doesn’t happen with Carnivine.

Carnivine attracts prey with sweet-smelling nectar. When the prey lands in its mouth, it sets off trigger hairs which cause the cells to expand, shutting the trap in less than a second. It then releases enyzmes which absorb the nutrients it needs, and opens again to discard the skeleton and reset the trap.

Be sure to check out our Victreebel post if you want to learn more about Carnivine’s pitcher-plant cousin.


Desert Wasp – An aggressive and territorial breed.  They are poisonous and only to be handled by professional trainers.

Tree Hugger – A large Flygon breed, this one is actually easily domesticated and can be very affectionate.  Still only recommended for higher level trainers due to their overwhelming strength.

Ballroom Dancer – An exclusively female breed, they are no longer strong flyers but are quite bulky and defensive.  Difficult to train and they need other Pokemon to connect with.

Scarlet Menace – A Flygon breed intended for combat and is no longer a strong flyer.  However, it’s hardened exo skeleton and scales make it incredibly durable and strong.  Very rarely found in the wild.

Solar Diety – Rare and solitary, this breed is said to be extremely powerful.  Capable of producing hot scales, this Pokemon breed is a bit slower than the regular Flygon purebred, but is extremely powerful.

Bahamut – Only fragments of files describing such a Pokemon have been found after cracking an illegal Pokemon splicing operation.  Cannot be traced to any source and further digging has yielded no results.  Report to authorities if spotted.

A goofy movie night

Based on a prompt I received over at Ao3 by BuellersFueller :

a movie night with Peter, Dad!Tony, and Uncle Rhodey (post Homecoming) gets interrupted by team Cap or maybe just a part of team Cap. How does it go?

“Peter? Peter?”

“Where’d squirt go?”

The light of the TV illuminated the sitting area as it played the home screen of the media box. Rhodey was splayed over one side of the couch, Tony over the other side, leaving some room in the middle for their friendly neighbor Spider-man. Except… Peter had gone to grab a drink and hadn’t come back yet and neither of them could get up to check on the kid. Rhodey was paraplegic and wasn’t wearing his exo-skeleton and Tony’s hip protested greatly with every little movement. Barnes and Rogers really had done a number on him, and while most days were fine, some of them were pure hell.

A crash in the kitchen made them sit up a little straighter, the movements slow and with difficulty.

“Peter?! You alright?” Tony bit his lip and anxiously looked in the kitchen’s direction, trying to haul himself to his feet despite everything protesting.

“I’m fine! I’m fine!” The squeaky unsteady voice called out.

“Doesn’t sound like you’re fine, squirt.”

“Don’t call me squirt, Rhodey. I’m not a squirt… I’m a man.” Peter came out of the kitchen, looking down at the floor while clutching a coke and a bowl of popcorn in his hands.

“My bad, kiddo. You still okay? Why are you looking like you committed the worst crime in the world?”

Peter stayed quiet for a while, his shoulders hunching and gaze falling further to the floor. “Idroppedaglass…” It was so soft that they could barely make it out.

“What was that?” Tony asked.

“I dropped a glass… I’m so sorry…” Peter looked ready to cry. The two adults shared a look and sighed.

“Don’t worry about it, Peter. Dum-E will happily clean that up. Now come on, we’re waiting on you to pick a movie.” Tony waved for Dum-E to whir his way into the kitchen and start clean up, looking up at Peter with a relaxed smile.

“So you’re not mad?” A soft shuffle of feet indicated the poor boy’s insecurity.

“Of course not, it happens. No big deal, it’s a glass, Peter. Come on, join us and pass the popcorn.”

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The Tyrant Guard (species name: Tyranicus scutatus) is a species of Tyranid spawned for the sole purpose of defending a Hive Tyrant from harm (though on occasion, a Carnifex may also benefit from the Tyrant Guard’s protection). Tyrant Guards are among the dimmest of the Tyranid creatures, on a par with many of the smaller gaunt genus creatures in intellect. This seems to be a deliberate evolution of the Hive Mind in creating a lumbering, heavily defended and utterly loyal bodyguard with no sense of personal safety, only the continued survival of its master, often blocking attacks with their bodies. Tyrant Guards can be found with a variety of Biomorphs such as Scything Talons, Crushing Claws, Lashwhips and Boneswords.

They are living shields - tough, only dimly aware of pain, and all but impervious to small-arms fire. Protecting them are iron-hard exo-skeletons covered by interlocking layers of chitinous plates. They are also completely blind, as eyes would present an unnecessary vulnerable point for foes to exploit; they are instead controlled by the synapse creature they protect, becoming an extension of its body. Should their master be killed they go berserk, brutally stampeding down the murderers to prevent the knowledge of how to kill a Hive Tyrant from being passed on.

Tyrant Guards are scientifically rumoured to contain the DNA of defeated Space Marine chapters as their bodies appear to include a fused ribcage and a Black Carapace, but the Imperium considers this blasphemy and denies its possibility.

one-piece-of-harry  asked:

Okay so there's this fic that i want to write but realistically won't. So tony is paralyzed from his fall from when he escaped Afghanistan. He builds the suit as an exo-skeleton but as tony stark he has to use a wheelchair. So ironman pops up and no one suspects it's tony and we get the identify porn in the MCU that we deserve. My idea would be domestic avengers that are all friends and tony just funds a random guy to be Ironman BUT ITS ACTUALLY HIM MWA HA HA

So I decided to work on this prompt again and post it when I hit 500 followers, well I just hit 500 followers and I am nowhere near done with it because it has taken some very suprising turns. 

Steve and Bucky both liked Tony and Ironman and made a pact that Steve would court Ironman and Bucky would court Tony. Tony is still dealing with the palladium poisoning because Shield never got involved because they didn’t know about the situation. Also Rhodey is going to make Steve faint at some point. 

Anyways, that should be up in the next couple of days.