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Zim +Friendship with DIb (IZ Discussion/Theory)

Zim is one of those characters whom comes off as either self centered or as stated in the series multiple times, a defective. Even his older self in one of the comic issues came off as such:

Now, too me I don’t think ZIM is an entirely ‘evil’ character as perceived, but he is definitely a force to be recognized and when pissed off can be your worst nightmare. He becomes destructive and more or less, borderline homicidal when angered:

A funny thing I noticed was, ZIM actually noticed his future self was taller. If you don’t know, in the series ZIM has always wanted to be respected by the Tallests or even have a sort of higher authority. Yet, when he finds out that there was only heals, the expression he has is rather..Interesting
According to Wally Wingert during an interview with a fan he stated that the Tallests were going to later be revealed as just normal sized Irkens whom wore exo-skeletons to show make them seem taller. 
Just a little insight into this panel, it may have something to show more about Irken societal views:

Still, in the long run and even grown up, ZIM still longs for the recognition he wanted and ended up getting it. What he’s longed for all along has been recognition and being noticed by anyone of his society especially his leaders. And the quote “We didn’t think you could pull it off.” just goes to show how poor ZIM is viewed by his people. Now, I should note he is not completely hated by all Irkens and does have Skoodge as a sort of childhood ‘buddy’: 

This is another small thing I kind of wanted to bring up, ZIM’s self doubt. This isn’t really brought up in other discussions but I think it’s extremely important to his character. Especially since his older self is calling him stupid in the panel, grant it could just be for petty fighting I still think it sheds a little more into the character. The main point here is his, “My plan was stupid. But it’s smart.” argument:

Next, is his relationship with Dib & Earth in general. I don’t think ZIM hates Dib at all, just my opinion however. I believe it’s an unusual friendship that both sides will probably never admit too. ZIM actually saves Dib in one of the recent issues. They both seem too understand one another too the point where even if ZIM is flubbering out nonsense, Dib understands:

Not to mention Dib and ZIM are the only characters (besides the Tallests) seen spending a lot of time together:

Now, another thing I saw was the fact that these two agreed. ZIM actually agreed with Dib on how ridiculous the aliens were. And it even shows that ZIM has a small affection for Earth by questioning, “Why are all other aliens that come here so stupid?” (ZIM despite the many antics, is an impressive engineer and builder. Don’t forget he was a scientist temporarily before Miyuki was suddenly killed by a monster HE invented.):

On another note, I thought this was interesting most of all. Dib points at Earth in the panel, meanwhile looking at ZIM. He said “/We’re/ back home! Where /we/ started!” 
Too me this is a small indication that Dib considers ZIM a part of Earth in a way. Probably since he’s been there for a long time. He refers to Earth as ZIM’s home also. ZIM has saved the Earth numerous amounts of times during the series and now in the comics. Dib, a native to Earth and human being, considered ZIM to live on Earth. This is a HUGE development if Dib really believes this:

More than anything, I think ZIM just wants a true friend (Cough, DIB, GAZ, SKOODGE, GIR, MINIMOOSE.) I mean, look how happy the poor fellow looks in this panel. He thought he was riding with another alien friend:

And the biggest reveal of all, ZIM opening up about himself to Dib (in disguise). This is probably overlooked (This came from a Tumblr post, I searched everywhere to find the actual comic panel.) by many people. ZIM has never really opened up very much about his emotional state. 
“I come out here when I want to be alone..” 
It just goes to show that you really can’t doubt ZIM. He IS an emotional character and DOES have feelings. Even if they rarely show, much like this panel, it shows the reader that ZIM does have extreme doubts about himself. 
“And just think about what it all means.”
I interpret this as him not knowing where he stands in life. He’s tried for years to find his place. This galaxy means probably, mind the unintended pun, the world too him and he hasn’t destroyed it because it might just be one of the only true things that makes ZIM happy and realizing that there’s small things in life that can make him truly feel happy. Where he can’t be judged. Where he can be himself and where he can think about himself. 

Thank you for reading! I’ve been wanting too make this post for quite a while now! I definitely want to hear what others think on this. This was just my contribution to ZIM’s character analysis.


Desert Wasp – An aggressive and territorial breed.  They are poisonous and only to be handled by professional trainers.

Tree Hugger – A large Flygon breed, this one is actually easily domesticated and can be very affectionate.  Still only recommended for higher level trainers due to their overwhelming strength.

Ballroom Dancer – An exclusively female breed, they are no longer strong flyers but are quite bulky and defensive.  Difficult to train and they need other Pokemon to connect with.

Scarlet Menace – A Flygon breed intended for combat and is no longer a strong flyer.  However, it’s hardened exo skeleton and scales make it incredibly durable and strong.  Very rarely found in the wild.

Solar Diety – Rare and solitary, this breed is said to be extremely powerful.  Capable of producing hot scales, this Pokemon breed is a bit slower than the regular Flygon purebred, but is extremely powerful.

Bahamut – Only fragments of files describing such a Pokemon have been found after cracking an illegal Pokemon splicing operation.  Cannot be traced to any source and further digging has yielded no results.  Report to authorities if spotted.

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Okay so there's this fic that i want to write but realistically won't. So tony is paralyzed from his fall from when he escaped Afghanistan. He builds the suit as an exo-skeleton but as tony stark he has to use a wheelchair. So ironman pops up and no one suspects it's tony and we get the identify porn in the MCU that we deserve. My idea would be domestic avengers that are all friends and tony just funds a random guy to be Ironman BUT ITS ACTUALLY HIM MWA HA HA

So I decided to work on this prompt again and post it when I hit 500 followers, well I just hit 500 followers and I am nowhere near done with it because it has taken some very suprising turns. 

Steve and Bucky both liked Tony and Ironman and made a pact that Steve would court Ironman and Bucky would court Tony. Tony is still dealing with the palladium poisoning because Shield never got involved because they didn’t know about the situation. Also Rhodey is going to make Steve faint at some point. 

Anyways, that should be up in the next couple of days. 

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Do you have a good way to remember endothermic and exo thermic reactions? Like what they are? I always get them mixed up and stuuff

Sure! “Thermic” refers to heat. Just like temperature.

Exo and endo, is outside and inside. Exo-skeleton is a skeleton that’s outside. When you break with someone and you want them out of your life, they’re your “ex”.

Exothermic: release heat. (It goes outside.)

Endothermic: it absorbs heat. (It goes inside.)

Introducing: Cranka

“The Land of Survival”

➵(Notable beings: Ethan)

Located just outside of the Solar System, Cranka is a heavily mechanized planet surrounded by extreme weather conditions. From intense icy deserts to a stretch of jungle-like areas, this planet has been dominated by the ingenuity of their creations and the sheer perseverance of their kind.

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Alexa piloting a Skell for the first time?

“Alright newbie,” Alexa’s mentor said, “since you’ll be helping out with testing and we’re short staffed, you’ll have to learn how to use pretty much every kind of weapon in our armories, which also means you’ll have to learn how to pilot a skell.”

He either didn’t notice or ignored the look on her face. 

After he told her the basics, he set her loose in the hangar, knowing that she learnt better by experimenting. 

This. Was. Amazing!

Skells were completely different that the exo-skeletons the army used- and so much more responsive! She couldn’t quite believe that this had been made by the same people that had made the exo-suits. 

The skell was more responsive and fluid than anything she’d ever piloted before and immediately, she’s in love. She wants to get the chance to pilot one of these as often as possible. 

She felt free. She knew she didn’t have the permits to pilot one of these outside of tsting and would apply for one as soon as she could. She wanted to own one of her own one day. 

She actually lokoed forward to weapon tests now, it wouldn’t be just her job she had to survive, no. With these skells, even if they were sparce, would be fun now.

She looked forward to piloting a skell again. 


I redesigned my human silver chariot and made him into a cyborg bordering into android territory with most of his body being augmented. He’s often quiet and reserved. Though he does show his emotions when around magicians red.

His exo-skeleton Looks like what the stand silver chariot looks like without the armor. ( also i wanted him to be a cyborg because the technology in part 2 should have grown/expanded with part 3)  I have to redesign his stand to fit the new design and personality. I’m having a lot of fun tho.

A Storm is Coming


A harsh rainstorm fell over the city of Vale in the middle of the night. Far from the docks in the middle of the ocean was a tanker owned by Atlas. Atlas soldiers patrolled the large ship that carried all sorts of Atlas technology, being covered by tarps to avoid getting soaked in the rain.

A man with dark skinned and a shaved head, in the white Atlas uniform that resembled as a commanding officer. Over the suit was a rain coat to protect from the cold weather. He walked down a flight of stairs from the upper levels to the deck. He made his way to four huntsmen, able to tell them apart as they didn’t blend in with the other attire most Atlas soldiers wear.

“Huntsmen, I like to say thank you for helping us escort this cargo from Atlas to Vale. General Ironwood will be pleased with the results. It must have been a long trip for you four,” the commander said to them.

Meanwhile on the other side of the ship, a crate shifted a bit before the side of it was kicked open. From inside crawled out a intruder. He wore a black and blue exo-skeleton suit, with pouches trapped to his chest and waist. His dirty blonde hair was already getting soaked from the rain but it didn’t bother him. Deep blue eyes looked at his surroundings before he closed the crate to make it look less suspicious before he got our binoculars and began looking over at the guard posts, planning his next move.