exo royalty


Genre - Fluff, smut (not explicit smut)
Length - 5.6k
Pairing - Jongin x reader
requested by the amazing, the lovely @ninibears-erigom

Fiery red streaks on his skin, sweat dripping down. You take a deep breath, mouth opening and closing to get in more air as he moves again. It’s tense, these sounds in the silent surrounding. Grunts and huffs ringing loudly. His body twists, while you bite your lip harshly to stay silent.

And then his sword is clashing with a loud ‘clank’ and you stand from your golden decorated chair, holding up your hand and trying to ignore it’s shakiness.

The mumbling crowd quiets down, and two deep dark eyes find your shape from beside you. He clears his throat, frown on his face and lips pursed. “My Queen,” the man next to you starts, and you turn to lock eyes with him now the fight is stopped, “does the duel not brush your enjoyment?”

You smile sweetly, clearing your voice, and bow your head a bit. “Of course it does, my King.” Your mind is running quickly, trying to process yourself what you just did and for what reason. You’ve always been quite good at talking yourself out of situations though. “I merely am afraid that bloodshed, on the day of your coronation, would bring bad luck. Perhaps we can continue the festivities without such a display, my Dearest.” You look back up at his stern gaze, watching as it softens slightly.

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Jongin saying he loves Kyungsoo the most😭😭😭 my heart can’t handle this!

Me: The whole freaking universe knows you know love him the most!

To the end of love

genre: Suho Wolf/Royal!AU
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Junmyeon, reader
Do not copy without permission or use in any way, this is my work.

I could watch her the whole day, I could watch her the whole night without resting. I could simply stay by her side without getting bored, for eternity. In fact, I did. I had to, it was my job.

I often thought that was the reason why I fell in love with her in the first place. During our training, they taught us how the royal family was the most precious treasure we could ever guard. They became our whole lives, they became our reason to be. Maybe I loved her because I was taught to, maybe I thought she was the most beautiful creature on Earth because they made me believe it or maybe it was my own heart who thought so. 

Either way, my heart would often race as our hands touched, every now on then. I wouldn’t call it ‘touch’, it was more like barely touching and it wasn’t every day, frequently or anything. Only when we wouldn’t get caught, only when it was only me guarding her, giving her company. I lived for those moments, I worked for those moments that give me life.

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| The Snow Apple | Sehun X Reader AU | Oneshot |

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Sehun X Reader

Synopsis: You were called upon to become a despicable man’s mistress. But after running away, he continued to pursue you. You ran, expecting to find asylum. You ran, not expecting to find your knight in shining armor.

Word Count: 5,288

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mild language, sexual situations

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JADE!! (@pebble-xo

Disclaimer: This plot of this story is based upon the anime Snow White With The Red Hair. In no way do I claim the central idea/theme of this story as my own. That being said, it’s one of the best shows ever go watch it asdghfjk

“Lord Jongin wants me to be his what?”

“His concubine, madame.” The royal guard retorted apathetically. “In other words, his mistress.”

Your jaw was agape. You brought your hands to your arms, rubbing them in an attempt to combat the shivers than ran down your spine. You leaned against the doorpost of your shop, refusing to lessen your confidence.

“No, no, no,” You shook your head and held out your hands in protest. “There must be some kind of mistake, I’m sure of it. I’m just the town’s local herbalist!”

“Lord Kim Jongin has made no mistake, madame,” The guard’s eyes hardened. “He has taken a particular interest in the townsfolk’s rumors concerning your… Distinct appearance.”

He was referring to you alright. Ever since you arrived in town and set up shop, the townspeople quickly spread tale of your divergent physique.

Stark, snow-white hair that fell past your shoulders. Oftentimes a shade of shimmering silver in the sunlight.

You never knew how you came to look so different from the masses; you were orphaned at a young age and brought up by an old, travelling herbalist. That’s how you came to learn the trade yourself. The intricate mixing and application of every plant you could properly classify and diagnose. You loved helping people, which is why your heart became set on this profession. You came to this village because it neighbored the walls of the great kingdom, but was far enough off the beaten path to avoid unwanted attention.

Unwanted attention, however, is what you were faced with.

“That- That’s absurd.” You sputtered, trying to regain your composure. “That can’t be right. He… He can’t be interested in someone as common as me just because of my hair.”

“As you know, his highness is a gallant collector of exquisite rarities.” The royal guard before you remained emotionless. “Your unique, white hair has him innately intrigued.”

You scoffed.

What a joke.

You, along with everyone else in the town, knew that Kim Jongin was nothing but a spoiled member of the hierarchy. One who often dealt in shady dealings, and could most easily be compared to a weasel in likeness.

“And as such, you have been chosen.” The guard continued, his face stern. “As a resident of this town, it is non-negotiable.”

Your knuckles turned white at the proposition.

“Tomorrow, you are to appear before his highness and accept his offer.”

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Fairy Tales

genre: Baekhyun Royal!AU
type: drabble/scenario
characters: Baekhyun, reader/Anastasia
Do not re-post without permission or use in any way, this is my work.
This is the scenario 1/7 of the giveaway. Requested by @this-is-entertainment Xo, Ara~

“Have we met before?” It took me a while to realize someone was standing behind me. 
I turned and gave him a small bow. “I-I don’t think so your highn..” I didn’t know who the boy standing before me was, but if he was here at the ball he probably was someone important. So I tried my best to be as educated as I could, not sure if I was doing okay.
“Just Baekhyun, only Baekhyun” He smiled, offering his hand to me. “Being here, away from the people is nice but you should see the gardens. At night it’s like they magically come to life. Come”

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“Gigi Hadid wasn’t the most popular person at her own fashion show”

At Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid’s TommyNow show at London Fashion Week on Tuesday, one would have expected the top model and designer to have been the most popular person there. And though Hadid did get deserved attention for her impressive Rock Circus-themed designs and runway stomping, all eyes were on Park Chan-yeol, otherwise known as Chanyeol. Even Hilfiger himself wanted a picture with the superstar.

But who is he? A model? Social media star? British socialite? None of the above. The South Korean singer and rapper is a member of K-Pop royalty EXO. And he sat front-row at the show. Vogue even stated that Chanyeol wore Tommy best at the event, and the brand claimed that his attendance brought TommyNow to the “next level.”

It’s no surprise that he was at the show — the dapper dude is one of the more stylish members of his band, and the K-Pop scene in general. He can often be seen in oversize sweaters or hoodies, a trench coat and ripped jeans, or a Vetements bomber jacket — and the color of his hair frequently changes.

The brand, Chanyeol’s fans, and people who had no idea who he is are freaking out about his appearance at the show.

Article by Maggie Parker, yahoo.com

EXO Reactions

~ Riches And Royalty ~

Minseok (Xiumin)

Originally posted by xiutistic

Night fell. Prince Minseok’s breath stains the air, his hair dancing with the wind. A melancholy silence had filled the premise of the night, though even with the chills that wrapped around his body, the heat from your eyes kept him warm. He had noticed your hot gaze on him, the side of his mouth lifts into a small smirk, “like what you see?”

An unintentional gasp escapes your mouth, you stumble back from behind the tree, eyes widening at the fact that you had been caught. He turns fully until his soft eyes meet yours, glittering and sparkling as if they had stolen all the stars from the night sky. “I’m - “

“Prince Minseok… I’m aware. My deepest apologies, Your Highness.” You bow a few times, hoping your actions would showcase your embarrassment. But the sight of your lips wavering with guilt and hair falling around the curves of your face caused Prince Minseok’s eyes crinkle into a smile, he waves his hand as if dismissing your apology, but then beckons you foreword.

“That’s fine, however, you did not answer my question?” You tick your head to the side, confusion stirring in your previously worried eyes, he steps closer, cool breath falling on your cheek when he leaned in close enough to brush his lips against the lobe of your ear, “Well I like what I see.”

Junmyeon (Suho)

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“Would they like me?” You ask softly, cherry blossom petals dancing in the air around you. He glances to his side, the image of your eyes stealing the rays of the sun and hair pulled over one shoulder reminded him of how simple yet elegant you were, ‘anyone would take a liking to you, Y/N.

Prince Junmyeon’s hand wraps a little tighter around your own, you peer down, cheeks plump from the smile that was edging onto your mouth. “I don’t understand why they wouldn’t like you, Y/N.” You let your eyes linger on your entwined hands, imagination taking its toll when you pictured matching rings on your fingers.

But the picture you were painting seemed to run out of ink, you blink your eyes and the image vanishes. You’re left with a worry, he’s royalty, and what were you? A royal servant. Not in a million years would they accept you. The thought forces tears to prickle at your eyes, you tear your gaze away from your hands and loosen your grip.

Your Prince has noticed your sudden silence, the moment he felt your hand begun to retrieve, he held on even tighter, “I love you, Y/N. I have no intention of letting you go. You are now my Princess.”

Yixing (Lay)

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“I… I don’t understand.” You watched him with heavy eyes, weighed down by the difficult questions that filled your thoughts. “Listen to me, Y/N. We must run away.” You blink numerous times in an attempt to hide the worry in your eyes, was eloping a wise idea?

You think back to the days where Prince Yixing would visit the village, the way he had been forced to stand beside the King as a constant reminder that he was next in line to rule the kingdom. You had never forgotten the King’s menacing eyes. You had only needed to watch them once a year during the annual Festival of Lights and thought how lucky you were to never have to see them again until the next year.

But during one of those years, you had peered into a different set of eyes. Eyes that tried hiding behind his fathers cloak, eyes set beneath a jewelled crown that felt heavy to even watch, innocent eyes that sparkled with young love. A love that soon became yours.

“Prince… we cannot elope. It’s wrong and the Kingdom - “ He presses a finger against your lips, “The Kingdom needs a King who wants to rule it. All I want, is to be with you. And that is not possible so long as we live here.”


Originally posted by sebaeked

“With all due respect, I do not think you are allowed to do this, Prince Baekhyun.” You watch him nervously while biting the inside of your cheeks, Prince Baekhyun had asked for your attendance and you made sure to make your way to him immediately. Though what you weren’t expecting, was to be thrown into a dizzying situation like this.

“I can’t decide.” He mutters, lips slightly sulking. Even with a trembling body, your heart had the energy to melt at his expression and you offered an apologetic smile at his dismay, “If you don’t mind, is there anyway you could have someone else assist you, Prince?” Prince Baekhyun steps closer to you, and your head bows in a stance of immediate obedience.

He lets out a small chuckle, and your peer up through your lashes to catch the sight of his white teeth flashing. “There is no one else I’d rather ask assistance of, truthfully.” You wanted so badly to ask ‘why?’, but before you built the confidence to do so, he had already spoken.

“There’s no one else I’d rather actually do this with either.” You gulp away the smile on your lips, his soft hand slides the ring onto your finger, “I think I like this one best.” He mumbles as he notes the way the ring glints on your hand, gentle eyes shyly peeking to find your answer, “Me too, Prince Baekhyun.”

Jongdae (Chen)

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Intoxicated breaths and dirty whispers filled the hall, you gaze over the drunken crowd, eyes searching for the pair that you had grown used to seeing every Friday after dawn. Though they had not yet appeared. After swallowing away your disappointment, you clear your throat to begin your first song.

Being a bar singer wasn’t what you had dreamt of, but what else could a commoner like you do? At an age where you hadn’t even taken your first steps, your parents had already walked away. You were left in this old, breaking, hidden bar. Yet this dying place was the only one that welcomed new life like you, and now you called it home.

You force your lips open and sing with a hurt heart, was that all? You walk off stage, eyes dim after losing their excitement. And just like that, you expected him to be gone like the moon. But the sudden tug on your arm threw you out of your sad thoughts, Prince Jongdae’s glassy eyes peered into yours, a smile etched onto the corner of his lips. “Missed me?”

You nod shyly, heat crawling up your neck. It was the first time you felt his hand wriggle his fingers through yours, you glance down, the heat of his palm soothing your skin. A smile calms your features, all of you wanting never to let go. “Shall we leave, my Princess?” “We shall, my Prince.”


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It was then that you noticed the havoc in his eyes, panic striking when his previously soft curved lips fell in an instant. Your eyebrows furrow, worry pulling your lips into a tight line when you wondered if the words that passed your mouth might’ve been wrong. Prince Chanyeol stands, crown glimmering in the moonlight. He tugs at the colour of his red cape, head suddenly bowed.

You stay leaning against the tree, mind suddenly drawing a blank, the flower he gave you stopped twirling between your thumb and finger. Perhaps you had stepped over your boundaries, after all, he was royalty. How could you have ever expected him to spend his entire life with a girl like you?

“Y/N…” You let your eyes fall shut, heart preparing itself for the ache to come because you just knew that he would reject your proposal. After all, Prince Chanyeol had a whole Kingdom to rule and family to look after. The echo of his voice brought you back consciousness, when your eyelids fluttered open, you saw a palm stretched out towards you.

You trail your sight back to his face, moonlight accentuating the slope of his long nose and pouring light on the ruffles of his curly hair, “If you are true to your word, then take my hand. This land may not want you to be its Princess but… you’ll always be my Queen.”

Kyungsoo (D.O)

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“What have we for breakfast this morning?” You clear your throat quickly, mouth running dry, even though you should’ve grown used to speaking in front of the Prince after having been his personal chef for the past five years. “Your highness, I have prepared fried egg with hazelnuts, glazed chanterelles with green garlic and hue blackberries.” Prince Kyungsoo smiles, tongue peeking out to wet his soft bottom lip.

Perhaps you had been gazing for too long, a small silence stills the dining room, the scent of fresh oranges lingered between you. You remove your unintentional gaze, waiting till the Prince had taken his first bite so that you could leave, it was custom to do so. Never had Prince Kyungsoo complained about your dishes, he had taken a liking to the unique way you prepared your food.

Suddenly, he coughs, then takes a sip from his drink, “Chef Y/N.” His deep voice snaps you out of your thoughts, your eyes suddenly focus on his full plate, stomach falling at the sight. “This dish isn’t to my taste.” You gulp in worry, what was wrong? “I am very sorry, Your Highness. Let me prepare something else.” Just as you step forward to take the plate, his soft hand places itself onto yours. You freeze, thoughts blocked, feet paused, eyes wide open with the sight of your hand under his stuck in your mind.

Prince Kyungsoo chuckles, the timbre of his voice settled the loud beats of your heart. You blink a few times, and look up to find his heart shaped smile. “If you don’t mind me asking, Your Highness, what did you not like?” Slowly, he draws in closer, giving you enough time to pull away though his soft gaze had locked you into position, “It was missing an ingredient.” Your eyebrows furrow, heat warming your body, “Which one?” His eyes fall to your lips, heart shaped smile flashing before he whispered, “love.”

Jongin (Kai)

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He draws in a shaky breath, eyes hallow from lack of sleep. You let your eyes fall, the shadow of his body being your shade in the sunlight. Prince Jongin takes a step foreword, hand reaching out to hold your shoulder and though you were within reach, he felt as if you were miles away. Confusion stirred in his soft eyes when you stepped away, you kept your view off him, knowing how his subtle pout would increase the beats of your heart.

“Prince Jongin… we cannot do this.” His hand falls by his side, eyes suddenly falling shut, “Prince? Since when have you called me that?” You peer up, noticing how the clouds clung closely to the ground and began engulfing you both in a mist. Prince Jongin’s eyes left yours, he trailed his view to your hand where the bracelet he gave you shone in the light.

“Since now.” A scoff so small passes his mouth that you almost mistook it for a cough, “why are you doing this, Y/N?” The question stirred you on your spot, you let your sight linger over his brown locks, hair you wanted to run your fingers through so many times. “Because…” You had so much to say but such little capability to put it into formal words, there was no way he could know how you felt. If you only he knew that, “you love me.”

Your eyes shoot to meet his, throwing bullets of shock into his own. A smile finds his soft lips and your hands fiddle amongst themselves, that is until he steps closer to take them into his own. How had he stolen the words right from your mouth? With the feeling of his presence so close to yours, you felt rich. He was royalty after all, and his aura was no less to it. “And I love you more than you’ll even know, Y/N.”


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“Say it again,” he whispers, unsteady breath falling on your damp cheeks. You blink away the tears that would otherwise pour again, dry lips wanting so badly to tell him how much you wanted to hold on. Prince Sehun keeps his soft gaze on yours, his mouth opens as if the words sitting on his tongue would slip out any moment, but they didn’t.

“Your Highness…” His wavering hand cups gently around the curve of your cheek, thumb running along your cheekbone reassuringly, “say it once more so that I know I’m not dreaming, Y/N.” You catch the sweep of his wet eyelashes just before he leans down to press his forehead against yours. The air thickens, you catch your breath with the hiccup following and his gaze almost faltered with the smile that threatened his expression.

Even though your face was between his hands, you held his entire heart in your being, “I love you, Prince Sehun.” It was then that he finally let his pink lips curve upwards, eyes soon creasing into the smile that softened your stone cold heart. You brace your hands against his firm chest, the thudding of his heart felt as if it was your own, or perhaps it was, he was always yours.

“I may be the one ruling over this Kingdom, however…” His hand slides down from your face and interlaces itself in yours, “you are the one ruling over my heart, Y/N.”

A/N: I’m sorry for the wait, I’ve been a little busy lately and I’m sad to say that I might be even more busy from now on… but I really love writing so I promise to do as much as possible. It just might take me a while to get through all the asks. I hope you all liked this though! Thanks for reading, my angels ♥️


My sights become dark
When you stare at me
The sound of your breathing
You’re the one that makes me crazy

Growl - EXO (Vampire!Baekhyun Moodboard)

Sehun scenario - The little princess


Genre: royalty au, angst, smut

Summary: You have been arranged to be married to a prince in a neighboring kingdom. Unfortunately, someone else has already claimed your heart long ago, but because of the pressures of the crown and country, you are forced to put yourself last. Or so you think.

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Forget Me

genre : angst / Modern Royal AU
summary : You fell in love with your bodyguard knowing that they’d come a day when you be with each other. It was never meant to last.

“This is how we- I, this how I save the country,” you said, staring hard at the ceiling. You could feel your vision blurring with budding tears, you blinked twice to force them back. You shouldn’t be crying. You should’ve been at peace with it by now and you’ve always known.

“There’s always some other way,” He said.

You wiped a lone tear away before it could roll down your cheek. “I wish.”

“No. They didn’t try hard enough” He said, voice hard. “It’s not the only way. It never is.”

You reached across to stroked his cheek, but before your hand cold fall on his, he’d  averted his eyes from the ceiling, to the other side of the room. It was as though he’d put a ten metre distance between the two of you completely irregardless of the fact your legs were tangled together. “Hey, look at me.”

“Does it even matter?”  

“You think I didn’t fight it?” You’d lifted your head from the pillow.

He shook his head. “I know you fought-”

“So why are you angry at me?” you were now sat upright, bare back against the cold wooden bed frame. “All I wanted was one last day with you and you’re acting like this? You realise that I can never see you again-”

“I know!” His outburst was sudden and possibly frightening if you hadn’t known him for so long. “God I fucking know, I’ve known for months and I’ve been preparing but it’s fucking hard alright. It’s fucking hard.”

Your hand clenched the sheet that covered you both. You shouldn’t be angry at him, but how couldn’t you? Could you not be given one day of peace? Was it too much for one girl to ask?

“It’s hard?…it’s hard for you?” your voice was small and threatening to break at anytime. “How about me?”

He looked at you now, face fallen and guilt swimming in his eyes. “I did-”

“You can move on, you can go at anytime. You can go marry some girl, have a child, grow old and I? I don’t get that, I get the fucking honor of being shipped to a country I’ve only been to once, a country with people who’d tarnish my families name if I wasn’t marrying that man.”

A heavy silence settles into the room, you both stay still, as though afraid of what one movement could do. He breaks the silence first, “I won’t move on.”

“You’re going to have to move on Sehun,” you swallowed hard. “We both can’t be wallowing away. I’ll do my best, and you’ll do your best.”

He shook his head, you can see a faint sheen covering his eyes before he blinks. “No, I won’t.”

“You have to, it’s what’s best for you. You’ll meet another girl, you’ll be good to her and she’ll be good to you, cause if she isn’t, then so God help me-”


You didn’t stop, even with your voice wavering. He needs to hear this. And so do you. “You’ll have kids cause I know you want kids, they’ll be cute and they’ll look just like you. Maybe when you’re or drunk at a bar you’ll boast about how you were in love with the princess.”



“Because it hurts goddammit!”

“It’s the inevitable Sehun. Live with it.” You threw the blanket off your naked body and moved to the edge of the bed. His hands came up to your shoulders, wanting to pull you back, but knowing better he just rests them there.

“I’ll find a way to get you out,” You feel the bed dipping and his bare chest coming up to rest against your back. It’s too comforting, too warm, too nice. “I know a guy, he’s ex-CIA. He can get you a fake passport, we can change your hair. We’ll move somewhere quiet where they don’t know who you are.”

You’d indulged yourself in those fantasies too, some would be so long winded   you’d often find yourself zoning out, but then you remember those types of thoughts are dangerous. They’re the thoughts of selfish people, even though it’s basic human nature to be selfish. 

You stood up and grabbed your fallen dressing gown off the floor. You slid inside the silk fabric and pushed your hair back from your face. “I’m going to shower and I’ll leave first. I’ll wait in the tea room and you’ll escort me back to the main wing.”

Before he could respond, beg, plead you closed the bathroom door behind you. Whatever you had ended now. When you walked out, he’d call you Your Highness and you’d acknowledge him with a nod. That’s how it was supposed to be all along. 

The jewels are heavy on your neck and the neckline of the forsaken dress itches at your skin. Your fingers yearn to tear the lace off but you keep them folded on lap.

“Are you alright Your Highness?”

You plaster a smile, it’s become second nature to just smile. “I’m good.” You look back and catch a glimpse of Sehun, he stood a metre behind you, body stiff and face untelling of any emotions.

You feel a hard nudge at your side, “Stop looking at that boy. It’s over.” Your mother talks with a broad and unwavering smile. She’s always been great at fooling the public. “Forget him.”

“I know.”