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Distraction (M)

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Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2845

The atmosphere was thick and heavy as you impatiently tapped your pen on your notebook, watching the seconds tick by on the clock displayed on the wall above the whiteboard. It was the only place you could look to stop your skin from heating up, and it was all because of him.

To say he was a distraction was an understatement. The way his muscles would flex underneath the fabric of his well-fitted dress shirt, the way he would bite his plump lips in concentration, even the sound of his smooth voice was enough to make your heart hammer against your ribcage.

You made the mistake of glancing down, which led to you catching his eye. Time seemed to stop for a second as your gazes locked. He stopped mid-sentence and his mouth hung open as he returned your wide-eyed stare. You instantly felt the temperature rise, and you swear that your cheeks were probably flushed a bright red. You were the first to look away and time resumed its normal speed as you chastised yourself for letting your mind wander towards more intimate thoughts. “Stop it,” you inwardly scolded yourself. “He’s your professor for God’s sake.”

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The Road Trip Project

Title: The Road Trip Project

Author: selustories

Genre: romance, au

Rating: pg

What will happen if the fresh graduate and the new COO team up for the company’s newest project? Meet LuHan, the newest member of the finance department and Oh Sehun, the youngest boss in the company, together they are given a task to go on a road trip for their first project the Oh’s water park hotel. Will things go as planned or will they encounter several detours ahead?

Playboy - Masterlist

Rich, handsome, and charming. The perfect equation for a playboy. And despite your better judgement, it was impossible to resist him. But after an unexpected night of passion, Sehun finally finds the affection he’s always sought after a lifetime of neglect.

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Part 1 (M)

Part 2 (M)

Part 3

Part 4 (M)

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7 (M)

Part 8

Luhan - Jealous Lover

It’d been brewing for weeks – his jealousy. It wasn’t necessarily your fault; Luhan just didn’t like the way other guys looked or spoke to you sometimes. He had an issue with a couple of your friends in particular, who were very aware that you had a boyfriend but still made countless attempts; all of which you rejected. It was getting to the point where even if they grabbed your hand in a playful way, he’d get a little bubble of jealousy stuck in his throat.

As always, Luhan had walked down the flight of stairs from your apartment and was standing in the lobby of the apartment complex to meet you after you’d come back from work. This day, you were walking back with a big group of friends, mostly male – ones Luhan had met before. You stopped by the gates, waving goodbye before giving each person a hug. Luhan stared from a distance, biting his lip as he saw another guys arms wrap tightly around your waist. He didn’t like it, he didn’t like it at all. It was something so simple, yet it still annoyed him. As he wondered back up to your apartment, he looked back to see your friend give you a kiss on your cheek, you pulled back, but Luhan sped up.

It was odd, not finding him at the bottom of the stairs, but you assumed he had a valid reason and pushed your key into the lock and opened the door. You were met almost instantly with a shove against the wall, Luhans arms resting on your shoulders. You let out a playful giggle as he pressed his forehead against yours, breathing against your lips.
“Do you know how they look at you?” He whispered. You felt a shiver run up your spine as you dropped your handbag, shaking your head. His lips pressed against the tip of your jaw, dragging along your jawline as his words fell lazily out of his mouth.
“Your friends. They look at you as if they’ve never seen anyone more perfect.” You let out a small gasp as his lips attached to your neck, peppering kisses all along it.
“Are you jealous?” You grinned, whispering as quiet as possible. Luhan’s response was a firm bite against one of the areas he’d kissed, tugging at the skin; you groaned.
“A little.”

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Japanese Lyrics:

最上級の瞬間を entertain you baby
Life is way too short
Don’t waste your time and
(stop the music)

We’re on a payroll

足りない足りない 叫ぼう欲望

We’re on a payroll

English Translation:

I will entertain you to the highest moment baby
Life is way too short
Don’t waste your time and
(stop the music)

We’re on a payroll

It’s not enough. It’s not enough.
Shout out your desires.
Enjoy it to the maximum.

We’re on a payroll

(cr. hyunjin9095@tumblr)

Dinnertime (Xiumin Oneshot)

(This is a Rated M oneshot! I REPEAT! RATED M! Read at your own risk but I know most of you are perverted like me! ;) Annonymous requested this.)

Originally posted by creepy-luhan

“____, I’m home!”

“Here in the kitchen babe!” I said, cutting some vegetables.

“Smells really good, aegiyah!” My boyfriend, Xiumin, a member of the famous kpop group, EXO, said.

“That’s because I’m a good cook.” I said. “I am a chef after all- ouch!”

“____? Are you okay?” Xiumin asked, rushing to my side.

“Yeah, just cut my finger.” I said, sucking on it to prevent it from bleeding a lot.

“L-Let me get you a band-aid.” Xiumin said, walking away fast before I could even say I didn’t need one.

I finished making dinner and turned off the stove when all of the sudden Xiumin put his hands on my waist and his face close to my neck, as I felt his hot breath on me.


“You’re a very naughty girl, _____.” He said. “Sucking your finger like that…. turning me on.”

I smirked and turned around, putting my arms around his neck. “What are you gonna do about it… daddy?”

“You’ll see baby.” Xiumin picked me up and carried me to our bedroom, tossing me on the bed.

He crawled towards me, giving me a seductive look.

He started to kiss me and I kissed back. He licked my bottom lip for entrance and I opened my mouth as he put in his tongue and wrestled with mine. 

It felt so amazing.

He then went down and kissed my neck, as well as sucking on it, leaving hickeys that could possibly last for weeks. 

I moaned and he smirked, then ripping my shirt exposing my breasts, hidden in my black lace bra.

I heard a deep growl coming from his throat as he admired me with his lust filled eyes, like a wolf looking at his dinner.

He took my bra off and attacked my breasts.

“Xiumin!” I moaned. He licked the bud on my left breast then going to the right one. Giving them both equal attention. Left and right. Left and right. 

“You like this baby?” He asked, looking up at me.

“Fuck yes…” 

“Well… that was just the beginning.” 

Xiumin pulled down my pants, along with my panties.

“Mmm… so fucking wet. Is that all for me?” Xiumin said, licking his lips.

I nodded and Xiumin dipped his head into my folds.

“Oh my god!” I sat up, taken aback from the sudden pressure, his tongue working on my clit.

He licked me as if he didn’t eat anything in months. I grabbed a fistful of his hair. 

“Right there, Minseok!” I shouted as he slid his tongue in and out.

I was almost reaching my peak, but he suddenly stopped.

“W-What?” I asked, confused

Xiumin smirked at me. “I’m not letting you release this way.” He took his shirt off, showing those well sculpted abs of his. “It’s not fair that you’re all naked and I’m still fully dressed.” 

I blushed.

Xiumin took off his sweatpants and boxers, showing his erection. I couldn’t help but admire that size of his. Making me more wet and needy.

He came on top of me aligning his tip against my opening.

“Please put it in.”

“No. I want you to beg for this.” 

“But Xiumin-”

“What was that baby?”

“X-Xiumin please… put it inside me.”

“What?” He rubbed his cock against me.

“Please daddy! I want your fucking cock inside of me! I want you to fuck me senseless until I can’t remember your name!”

He slammed into me and I couldn’t help but scream.

“Shit… you’re so tight.” He said, moving his hips.

“Oh Minseok…” I moaned, scratching his back. 

He moved fast and rough, hitting my spot, earning some loud moaning and curses from my mouth. “Right there! Keep hitting right there!”

Xiumin did as I said. 

“_-_____! I-I’m close b-baby!”

“M-Me too.” I said.

“Release baby.” He commanded and I released, my juices covering Xiumin’s cock.


“_-____!” He said too, releasing his seed into me. I couldn’t help but sigh at the warm feeling inside me.

“Oh babe….” Xiumin moaned, pulling out and laying down beside me.

“That was amazing, like always.” I said, kissing his lips.

He kissed me back. “I actually prefer this a lot more than are actual dinner.”

“What about dessert?” I asked, innocently.

Xiumin smirked. “That is something I like. And also something I want to have right now.” 


Dragon's Treasure

Tao is an assassin who is sent to kill the King of Dragon Land, a cruel alpha named Yifan. Unfortunately, he has no idea Yifan is capable of waking up the omega inside of him.

nc17 | au, soulmates, omegaverse, fantasy, romance, smut | ongoing

**warning: dubcon, knotting, heats, mentions of mpreg, etc.

☆ thanks to pandapeach for the submission!

Sehun - Burglar Roleplay

*DISCLAIMER: This is a * roleplay *, meaning you were in on this, there is no literal forced intercourse, I do NOT write things like that, this is 100% consensual. It’s just ‘you’ and sehun trying to spice life up a little, this is a bit of a rough scenario.

It was the middle of summer, which meant the weather was great during the day but the nights were becoming unbareable. You’d resorted to sleeping in your underwear, one leg sticking out of the thin sheet covering you, the windows wide open and the netting pulled back. 3:00am and you were out of it, however you weren’t the only person in the house.

Fingers curling around the window sill, he scraped his feet on the wall, pushing himself up until he was sitting on said sill. One leg slid over the side, the other following as he slowly lowered himself onto the bedroom floor. Taking slow, quiet steps, he moved around the room; heading towards your dresser where he began to fiddle with the jewellery box. He’d managed to open it but it slipped out of his hands, whacking against the carpeted ground with a soft thud. Eyes wide, he turned around to check hs surroundings, where he saw you, in your underwear, legs sprawled out – he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted. Carefully, he made his way to the end of the bed, crawling on it.

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Blind Match

A blind homeless Huang Zitao is none of Wu Yifan’s business, he’s a piece that doesn’t fit, but he’s the piece that completes the puzzle. Can a heart so cold fix one so damaged? Or will the broken heart warm the frozen one instead? The story of a love that shouldn’t be, but is meant to be… but CAN’T be.

r | au, romance, angst | ongoing

Engagement (M)

Originally posted by parkchny

Request: Hi! I see requests are open? If it isn’t too much trouble could I request a Chanyeol (or Lay depending on your feels for the fic) fluffy smut when you’re quite a bit younger than him and really inexperienced so he is his cute adorable self and, as your boyfriend/fiancé makes your first time as passionate and playful and adorable as possible?

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 1647

A/N: In the request, it does say “younger” and I don’t want anyone taking that the wrong way. Obviously, it means she is over the age of consent. Just wanted to clarify.

Laughs and giggles echoed throughout the hallway of your shared apartment as Chanyeol’s swift fingers tickled your waist whilst you attempted to lock the front door. Despite your pleas of mercy between stifled chuckles and gasps of air, the tall, black-haired man refused to cooperate and continued to attack your sides with his large hands.

He suddenly scooped you up into his arms and carried you to lie on the couch before continuing his assault on your sensitive stomach. “Chanyeol!” you squealed whilst slapping his firm torso, “Stop! I can’t breathe.” The man instantly ceased his movements and allowed you to catch your breath. Afterwards, he lay down to snuggle up behind your smaller figure and enveloped his arms around your torso in a tight hug. You smiled in content and looked down at your hand which hung from the edge of the couch, and raised it in front of your face to admire the ring that adorned the dainty finger.

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Masterpiece (Chanbaek)

Title: Masterpiece

Pairing: Chanbaek

Genre: Smut, fluff

Warnings: Morning sex, fantasies, self touch, kinky stuff

1.2k words

This is my first smut. I usually only write fluff and a little angst but i thought why the hell not? It’s 2017! Enjoy if you dare. :)

It was around 6:45 am when Baekhyun couldn’t sleep anymore. He rolled into his side, his eyes meeting the boy sleeping soundly next to him. His red hair a gorgeous mess over the white pillow, dark eyelashes lightly ghosting over his cheekbones.

If Chanyeol could be anymore perfect, Baekhyun wasn’t sure that could be possible. All he saw was perfection and he wanted to in case this memory in his mind forever.

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My Chair (M)

Originally posted by daenso

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2000

You frantically dug through your purse in an attempt to find your keys, eager to get inside, have a shower and relax in the brand new lounge you bought for the apartment. It was probably the comfiest single-seater couch you’ve ever sat on and you had no hesitation in buying it. You just had to hope your roommate wasn’t home to ruin it for you.

Your roommate, Chanyeol, would never pass up an opportunity to annoy you with his antics. You had only moved in 3 months ago and there was not a day that went past without him cracking a terrible joke or teasing you playfully. But 3 months was enough time for you to realise that he was really a cheerful and bubbly person who always had a smile on his face, and you appreciated that as he could cheer you up on the worst of days.

You finally found your keys and unlocked the door before stepping through and letting it shut behind you. All the lights were off and you assumed that Chanyeol wasn’t back home yet. You threw your purse onto the chair by the doorway and headed straight for the bathroom.

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