exo one year anniversary

Four years ago, we just met each other.

Three years ago, we were proudly watched, supported and loved each other.

Two years ago, we cried on each other’s shoulders.

One year ago, we made promises to each other.

Today we know no matter what happens to us, we’ll ALWAYS be here because we, Exo-K, Exo-M, and Exo-L, are one!

Happy 2nd year anniversary, fellow Exo-L’s! Let’s love for as long as we can!


it’s only been one year, huh? you all have accomplished so much in a mere year, things some rookie groups can only dream  of - i’m so proud of you. every day you continue to inspire me, your smiles making mine. this note can go on for miles, but all i have to say is thank you. thank you for giving me the encouragement to continue to push towards my dreams, and thank you for all the happiness you’ve given me in the past year. to yifan, chanyeol, sehun, kyungsoo, yixing, luhan, jongin, junmyeon, jongdae, minseok, baekhyun, and zitao, i love you all. we are one.♥

The Journey of Love (Sehun- fluff)

Band member: Sehun (Exo)
Genre: Fluff
Summary: When it’s your one year anniversary

When you stepped into the apartment you were greeted a small white letter drifting from the ceiling. Almost like it was being lowered with magic it fell into your hands and you grinned, opening it and reading it. There wasn’t much written, only three words in that familiar handwriting you recognised as Sehun’s. You smiled, your stomach twisting as you read the following words:

‘Follow the roses’

You entered the living room and gasped at the trail of soft, crimson rose petals that had filled the room with such a wonderful aroma.

The first set led you to the window where the curtains were drawn over the windows overlooking the busy road outside. You pulled back the curtains and giggled at the picture frame set on the sill. It was of you and Sehun, grinning at the camera at a SM party. It was the first time you had met each other when you become a new trainee and he had just debuted. How long ago that seemed now on your one-year anniversary.

You took the frame, holding it to your chest like it was your baby and continued to trail around the rose path. The second part of the trail led you to the wooden cabinet and you opened it, grinning at the second object. It was a beautiful silver necklace with a glittering diamond in the middle. Of course- how clever, Oh Sehun.

On your first date almost a year ago you had worn a similar necklace but it was fake silver and had a fake diamond, not having enough money to actually buy real silver and a real diamond. But Sehun had gotten it you, the precious, expensive real thing. You picked up the necklace and clasped it around your neck, exhaling as the cold metal touched your chest and you continued the trail.

The third took you to the kitchen and on the counter was placed a bouquet of pansies and the DVD cover of your favourite movie, Mean Girls. How sweet, you thought as you picked them up. It was the first time you told Sehun you loved him, and he told you he loved you. You blushed as you recalled it.

You had both been sat together after a long week of endless training. You had decided to watch Mean Girls and in the midst of it, you noticed him watching you instead of Lindsey Lohan on the telly. You teased him about it and expecting bratty, maknae Sehun, you were shocked to have his romantic side revealed. He presented you a bouquet of pansies, you told him you hated them but now loved them because he bought you them, he laughed and he told you he loved you. The words slipped out before he could stop them and he blushed darkly as you just stared at him, frozen with shock. Before he could speak, however, you began to kiss him furiously and told him breathlessly you loved him.

Tears glistening in your years, you moved onto the fourth trail which was placed at the foot of the bedroom door. It was a red box and you opened it to find a pair of red, lace lingerie- new and expensive from Victoria’s Secret. Of course- you wore similar lingerie the first time you and Sehun decided to get physically intimate.

You opened the door, holding all the gifts that told the journey of your relationship and gasped at the transformation of your bedroom.

Red roses were scattered everywhere, the usual printed bedsheets had been swapped for silky red ones, scented candles illuminated the room and the balcony doors were wide open with a romantic dinner in the candlelight prepared. Sehun stepped out of the shadows, dressed in his best clothing and he handed you a bouquet of pansies. His eyes were like yours- damp with tears of happiness and love.
“Happy first anniversary.” He smiled and you began to laugh and cry, a mixture of the two. He also laughed, tears rolling down his cheeks and you leant up to him, kissing him.