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Yay the Choi brothers for the second part of the playboy’s series, I wonder what should I do next? BTS? If you guys have any ideas or request, ask me!

MM characters in Kpop groups\


  • Seven would most likely be in     BTS,
  • tbh I see this because like Jin, he would     be the one laughing at his own jokes
  • Dad jokes
  • Like BTS, Seven knows when to     play around and when to be serious
  • Plus we all know that he     would be the most amazing dancer,
  • (and V’s hair in the Save ME     music video reminds me of seven’s)


  • Definitely NCT Dream
  • Because he’s the youngest     member of the RFA and NCT Dream are like some of the youngest idols around
  • I can totally see Yoosung     slaying  the Chewing Gum concept
  • Tbh he’s a cutie and they are     cuties, he’s just a perfect fit tbh


  • She would def be in K.A.R.D
  • A badass girl that only has     another girl by her side
  • But ofc she has an amazing     platonic relationship with all the guys in the RFA, just like K.A.R.D has     amazing platonic relationships with each other
  • (also the don’t recall mv     wardrobes reminds me of Jaehee’s outfits)


  • Okay so EXO’s Monster MV     wardrobe and overall concept screams Saeran
  • I honestly have no other     reason to relate them but the MUSIC VIDEO, if you’ve seen it you     understand


  • He would def belong to     EXO-CBX,
  • The Hey Mama music video     screams Jumin Han,
  • And I think we would all     enjoy seeing Jumin dancing in a suit

(ok sorry I forgot to add Zen, I just wanted to post content asap, will add him in later)



괜찮아 괜찮아
네 마음 전부 알고 있어


reposted it because I spotted few mistakes

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Speaking of K-pop! How would the rfa react to mc being a really famous k-pop/k-hiphop artist (kinda with a Cl type of style)

As cool as Cl is, 2NE1 shouldn’t have broken up… Another band that should have stayed together is I.O.I. I’m learning the dance to Very Very Very and oh my god it’s hard but amazing!….. I’m going to stop being Kpop trash and write now.

707/Luciel/Saeyoung Choi:
~He’d already know because of background checks.
~And would be super hyped to hear Mc rap, sing or do anything along those lines.
~He would surprise her at a concert. Merch and everything.
~He would be so happy if Mc sung/rapped for him though. Especially if they did anything dedicated to him.
~Mc trash No.1

ZEN/Ryu Hyun:
~He would be so surprised but he would recognise Mc’s voice on the calls.
~And wouldn’t believe it. 
~He’d definitely be a fan. 
~Such a big fan.
~Would get Mc to do musicals with him.

Jumin Han:
~He would be shocked. 
~Would ask Mc to sing for him.
~And would proceed to buy her everything she needs for her career, despite a lot of it being paid for her by the company.
~He’d get Mc to model for his company.
~Expect lots of promotions from him. 

Jaehee Kang:
~She would by all of the merch and go to every concert.
~If Mc ever sung/rapped for her, she would go into fan mode.
~”Jaehee, please calm down, the song wasn’t that good, was it?”
~She would be so supportive towards MC, protecting both her and her career.

Yoosung Kim:
~He’s probably really into this type of stuff and would recognise Mc’s voice straight away.
~Then engage in fanboy mode.
~Would beg Mc to perform for him. Even if it’s just singing a line from a song, he will love it.
~He’d try to go to every concert he can.


When Chanyeol is being bossy and always interrupting Baek’s request.