exo member guide

Member: Baekhyun

·       Stage Name: Baekhyun

·       Real Name: Byun Baekhyun

·       Birthday: May 6th 1992

·       Nationality: Korean

·       Position: Main Vocalist

·       Power: Light

·       Other: Ultimate mood maker. Always turnt up. 

Has a special way of showing every single member how much they mean to him and to the group. 

Super positive and joyful person. 

Vocals yall….. It’s incredible how beautiful his voice his and how good of a singer he is. 

He is EXTREMELY cute. Can’t say this enough. He is just so adorable. 

And very handsome. 

He recently showed his abs for the first time, you’d want to check that out ;) 

Actor Byun Baekhyun!!! Watch Scarlet Heart: Goryeo, super nice drama + Baekhyun <3


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Member: Lay

·       Stage Name: Lay

·       Real Name: Zhang Yixing

·       Birthday: Oct 7th 1991

·       Nationality: Chinese

·       Position: Vocalist, Dancer

·       Power: Healing

·       Other: innocent sheep. No soul purer than his, incarnation of kindness. 

One HELL OF A DANCER. High key my sister’s fave in dance line. 

Crazy talented, I feel like he’s underrated (or overshadowed) sometimes. He writes music, composes, dances, acts… 

and he looks amazing. 

Biggest EXO fan out there. 

Afraid of pigeons (me too omg). 

He is uncomfortable having to do kissing scenes in his dramas, because he feels like this is something intimate and he can’t fake it. He’s so sweet.


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Member: Chen

·       Stage Name: Chen

·       Real Name: Kim Jongdae

·       Birthday: Sept 21st 1992

·       Nationality: Korean

·       Position: Main Vocalist

·       Power: Thunder/Lightning

·       Other: Our OST singer!! 

One of EXO’s most underrated members, I really don’t know why. 

Exceptional vocals. It’s very impressive how talented he is. 

Has the warmest smile ever.  

Beagle line, along with Chanyeol and Baekhyun, because they’re hyperactive and cute all the time. 

Chensing Machine (Dancing machine). He couldn’t dance lmao. But he got better. 

Wrote the lyrics for Promise. It’s a very touching song for the fans. Very emotional.


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Member: Kai

·       Stage Name: Kai

·       Real Name: Kim Jongin

·       Birthday: Jan 14th 1994

·       Nationality: Korean

·       Position: Dancerrrr

·       Power: Teleportation

·       Other: Kim Kai….. I don’t know where to start with my feels for this boy. Ok. Here we go. 

Even his name sounds like King, we should have seen this coming… (Ok this is far fetched but let me live okay) 

You cannot say that Kai does not touch your heart (and your eyes) in EVERY SINGLE WAY POSSIBLE. 

There’s just something about him, the entire planet, galazy, universe is attracted to Kai. 

He is an AMAZING performer. 

It’s really hard (impossible) to focus on anything else when Kai is performing in front of you. 

Very very passionate about dancing. 

Ok I’m not gonna talk about his visuals because that’s too much I can’t express it. 

He is such a beautiful honest human being. 

Has two dogs that he loves. 

Best friends with Shinee’s Taemin. People thought they were gay but nah. They are really really close. BFF with VIXX’s Ravi too. 

Key takeaway from this: everyone needs a Kim Jongin in their lives okay.


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Member: Suho

·       Stage Name: Suho

·       Real Name: Kim Junmyeon

·       Birthday: May 22nd 1991

·       Nationality: Korean

·       Position: LEADER, Vocalist

·       Power: Water

·       Other: Suho means Guardian. 

“Funniest” member. Actually keeps making dad jokes and embarrassing everyone lmao he’s so cute. 

Church Oppa! 

Always tries to canalise the members. His effort are always appreciated and we know without his guidance, the members would be lost. 

Just like Water, he’s necessary to our survival. 

Very handsome. 

And super talented. You don’t see him much though because he always tries to put his members first and promote them and all, but if you take the time to listen to him or watch him, he’s really really talented.


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Member: Sehun

·       Stage Name: Sehun

·       Real Name: Oh Sehun

·       Birthday: April 12th 1994

·       Nationality: Korean

·       Position: Rapper, Dancer, Maknae.

·       Power: Wind

·       Other: Baby of the group. 

The Most dedicated and loyal member to EXO. Member’s often say that Sehun is the real strength of their group, it’s kind of like he gives everything to the group, to make things work, to keep them together, without asking anything in return, and I love him for that. 

Sassiest member of the group. 

Tall af. I feel like he growns an inch every single day like?? 

Super handsome. He looks like a Greek God or something. 

Amazing dancer. 

Is a real maknae. Acts all manly but you can tell he’s a maknae.


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