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Secret Admirer | Luhan Scenario (EXO)

Scenario:  “hey. i want a luhan scenario where he’s your secret admire at your school. thanks!”


“Did you do the assignment?” Your best friend asked you as you both walked down the partly crowded hallway.

“Of course, I always do,” You answered, looking at her with curious eyes. She nodded her head slowly, trying to figure something out. You already knew what was coming next. She’s gonna ask to see it during lunch. That’s the regular routine. You’ve gotta used to it, and it seems she has too.

“Can I see it later on? I didn’t finish it.” She explained. You nodded, agreeing with her. The rest of the time was just aimless chatter that wasn’t really going anywhere. It wasn’t long before you reached your classroom, the bell ringing at that moment. You both strolled in quietly, and you were speaking when your friend suddenly grips onto your arm.

You look over at her, completely confused.

“What is it?” You said in a hushed tone, narrowing your eyes slightly.

“He’s here!” She whispered. You looked up and instantly became aware of what she was fussing about. Your eyes focused on a boy who sat about four rows back, his eyes stuck to a book he was reading.

Luhan. Everyone knew his name, everyone knew his face. He doesn’t really speak to anyone, he has a small group of friends, and would rather keep to himself. Though he doesn’t have many friends, he’s very popular among the girls. Girls thirst for his attention, and some even go to amazing heights. A girl purposely threw herself down a flight of steps, while he was walking by. Of course someone else got to her before Luhan could. Though, Luhan did walk with her to the clinic. Hoping to form a relationship from there, the girl was quite pleased with her.

Yet, it didn’t happen that way at all. After asking her if she was alright a few days later, Luhan never made an effort to contact that girl again. He’s very attractive, you could say that much; his presence did make you very nervous, along with the few times you’ve interacted with him. You’ve bumped into him in the hallway, and even sat in his seat by accident, causing him to nicely ask you to move. you can see why girls like him so much. He’s handsome and kind but mysterious at the same time. Yet, it seems there’s a sort of fear there. Girls are afraid to talk to him,

Most of the time, when a girl speaks to him, he kindly has a short conversation, trying to be nice, but will find a way to end the conversation quickly.so even though he sits about two desks from your left, you don’t dare glance his way. You shook your friend off, rolling your eyes at how much of a child she was being.

“_____ and Ra Im, why are not in your seats?” The teacher asked you two. Without an answer, you both rushed over to your seats, seeing that you both sat on different sides of the room.

You took your bag off your shoulders and set it on the ground beside you. You were ready to take your seat, but stopped abruptly. You stared down at the pink envelope that sat on your desk. Hesitating, you slowly sat down in your seat, staring down at the envelope. You couldn’t help but look around the room, hoping to catch eyes with whoever placed this down.

“Umm, excuse me?” You spoke softly, turning to the girl on your left, “Did you put this here?”

She shook her head vigorously, “It was there when I walked in class.”

You turned to the girl on your right and she said the same thing. You glanced down at it, before looking back up as the teacher began the lesson. Trying to be swift, you opened the envelope, pulling out a piece of white paper that was folded in half. You slowly opened it, coming across some words written in red pen.

I can’t seem to work up the courage to talk to you. Why do you make me so nervous? I promise one day I’ll be brave enough to come up to you, and tell you how beautiful you are.

You as you sat there reading it, your eyes widen. You quickly folded the note again, looking around the classroom one more time.

“What?” You whispered to yourself, “Is this some kind of joke?” As if you had seen it wrong, you opened the letter and read it again. Exhaling slowly you folded it and placed it back in the envelope. You leaned back in your seat. I have a secret admirer?

“Is everything alright over there Ms._____?” The teacher called out to you. You looked at her, a bit lost in your own thoughts.

“Yes, I’m alright.” You replied, insuring her. You took the envelope and shoved it into your backpack.

The rest of class your mind was off somewhere else.

You haven’t told anyone about the letter, not even Ra Im. You’ve decided to keep it to yourself, not wanting to see her other top reaction to it. Walking to class, the next day, you had your focus elsewhere, causing you to bump into something.

Well more like someone. You looked up, ready to apologize when you became aware of who was standing in front of you. Luhan stood there, looking at you blankly with his hands shoved into his pocket.

“I’m sorry,” You muttered softly, “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” You stared at him as he stared back,  saying no words.

He simply turned around and walked off. You weren’t very surprised by his reaction, but you were caught off guard.

Without another word you made your way to your seat, the bell ringing at that very moment. As you approached your seat, you’re steps slowed down, your eyes landing on something that sat on that old wooden desk.

A rose? A nice red rose with another envelope, this time being white. You were aware of the eyes on you as you slowly took your seat, setting your backpack on the ground beside yourself. The girls on either side of you were watching you closely. The girl in front of you even turned around once to stare. Picking up the rose, you stared at it in awe. your heart began to flutter slightly.

“Who are you?” You whispered to yourself as you took a whiff of the rose. You set the rose down, picking up the envelope. You quickly opened it, unfolding the paper and reading what it says.

A beautiful rose for a beautiful lady.

That’s all it said this time. You sighed, blinking a few times. You folded it once more and ducked your head down, trying to hide the smile that was playing on your lips. You ran your fingers through your hair, finding your cheeks heating up.

The next day, the same thing. A card, but this time you found some chocolates.

I tried to find something as sweet as you. When I realized there was no such thing..I settled for chocolates. Cheesy right? I hope I made you smile.

You giggled, causing some of your classmates to look at you. Halfway through class you found yourself thinking. How long is this going to go on? Are you ever going to find out who this is? You opened your backpack, forgetting about the lesson the teacher was giving. You pulled out your notebook and opened to a blank page. You grabbed your pencil and began writing.

Are gonna stay a stranger like this?

Deciding to keep it short, you didn’t write anymore. You ripped the page out, trying to keep as quiet as you could. You kept the paper folded on your desk, letting it sit in the upper right corner.

When the bell rang to leave the classroom, you rushed over, taking some tape from the dispenser on the teacher’s desk, and quickly taped the paper under the chair. You grabbed your backpack and quickly waltzed out to meet Ra Im who was waiting for you.

NEXT DAY you almost skipped into class, but this time, there was nothing on your desk. You frowned, disappointed entering your system. Maybe you shouldn’t have replied to him…..

You took your seat, frowning slightly. Most of class you would just sit there, copying down your notes and such. Why are you so sad? I mean…someone could have just been playing a prank of you. It was about 5 minutes till the bell rang. The teacher gave you guys some free time, so you were just sitting there.

I put the note under the chair…if he’s in class with me…that means he saw me put it there. So…if he replied then that narrows it down! You thought. You bend over side way and touched your hand under the chair. Instead of finding the usual cold metal, you were met by some paper.

You peeled the paper off the bottom of the seat and sat up straight, staring at it.

Is this yours?

You opened the folded sheet of paper and saw that it indeed was yours. Put there were fresh words on it. Words you didn’t write.

I’ve been asking myself the same thing.

That was all that was written. You gawked at the sheet of paper for what seemed like an eternity. That was till the bell rang and snapped you out of your trance. You shoved the piece of paper into your bag and walked out the classroom, Ra Im following closely behind.

“You ready to head to the library?” She questioned, looking at you with curious eyes. You nodded, nearly skipping off with her.

“What are you so happy about?” She questioned, narrowing her eyes.

Your brows furrowed, trying to act oblivious. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb! I’ve seen your opening those little letters. What is it?” She leaned towards you, gazing with wide eyes.

You sighed, clearly defeated.

“This guy keeps sending me letters about how much he like me,” You muttered. Ra Im’s eyes widened and her lips stretched into a teeth showing smile.

“Really?!?!” She exclaimed as you both strolled down the hallways. You nodded your head gradually, not wanting to really say anything. You didn’t say anything else but Ra Im was on about who could be doing such things. You barely listened to her, your heart pounding in your ears as you thought about who it could be. Every boy you walked past could be him. You found yourself staring at certain guys, hoping to see one of them waver in a way.

When you reached the library first thing you did was walk to the counter where the librarian stood. There was a book you were waiting for, but it seemed that someone else had it checked it out. You were waiting for them to return it.

“Ahhh,______” The librarian said, grinning, “I know what you’re going to say. The book was finally returned.” She reached for something under her desk and pulled out the book you were waiting for. You clapped your hands together out of joy has she checked it out for you. Once finishing that whole process, she handed you the book. you hadn’t noticed the Ra Im was walking around somewhere and left you alone. You strolled over to the area with the couches and all that. You took a seat ready to open your book when you noticed the other person sitting in the couch across from you.

It’s Luhan! Your eyes widened as you stared at him. His eyes were stuck to his book as always. Yet, it seems this time, he could sense your gaze. He lifted his head up and gave you a small smile, before back down.

You slowly looked down at your book, opening it and starting to read. You glanced up at Luhan everyone once in a while. You could feel eyes on you, but when you looked up, he was looking down at his book. You kept reading in silence with you became aware of something at the back of the book.

An envelope? Your eyes widen, as hope surged through your veins. You swiftly opened the envelope reading the words written on it.

So you were waiting for this book huh? If I knew that the lovely ______ was the one requesting this book, I wouldn’t have kept it so long. ;)

You read the note over and over again before standing up. You walked over to the librarian desk.

“Excuse me,” You began, “Would you please tell me who had the book before me?”

She nods, turning her eyes to the computer screen.

“It says that Lu Han, was the person who had the book before you.” She says looking up at you. You stared at her blankly, confusion washing over your system. Luhan? Is she playing some kind of joke?

“Luhan?” You repeated. She nodded her head, giving you a kind smile.

“When I told him you were waiting for this book, he turned it in right away.” She explained. You whipped your body around and started towards where you were sitting before.

Luhan? Your heart began racing at the thought of Luhan being your secret admirer. There’s no way! You must be over thinking things. Luhan couldn’t like you. He’s…Luhan. When you returned to where you were before, Luhan was gone. Your eyes searched the place but he was nowhere to be found.

“Looking for me?” A soft voice called from behind you.  You froze, your muscles seeming to lock up. Your heart began beating quickly and your eyes widening. You managed to turn around and meet the face of just who you thought it was.

“L-Luhan?” You choked out.

He chuckled at your nervousness before rubbing the back of his neck, “I told myself I was only gonna send you one letter…but then I noticed how you would smile when you got one…so I kept going.” He paused waiting for you to say something. When you didn’t speak he went on.

“I-I’ve liked you for a really long time, ______. I’ve never really had courage to speak to you…but for the past 4 years I’ve always had a class with you so It’s not like I didn’t have the chance. I’d like if we could hang out some time…” He trailed off, looking up at you.

You nodded your head vigorously, “Y-yeah…I’d love to.”

Luhan smiled that wonderful smile of his and nodded.Without thinking you walked towards him and kissed his cheek quickly. you watched as his cheeks turned a crimson red.

You giggled, “Bye Luhan. Don’t be such a stranger anymore.” You waved at him, walking off to find Ra Im, and tell her what had just happened.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Alright, I hope you like it! :D

I’m not sure i like the way I ended it, but yeah! :D