exo m lay

just a friendly reminder

that luhan and all of exos members and ex members and all idols and all members of all kpop groups are allowed to date whoever the fuck they want and arent entitled to only date fans or their own members for their fans enjoyment.

Happy Birthday EXO-Ls 🎂

from suho

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from lay

“I just want to say my second album is really cool. Thank you exo L ♡ Happy 3rd Birthday”

  • Me: they should take this time to talk about their bonding time as a group, and let us know how they are doing outside their schedules.
  • EXO: we all peed on suho’s leg. Sehun isn’t interested in girls. Sehun has the biggest Dick in Exo. I pick the bathroom lock with chopsticks. I’m actually NOT the maknae. Kai’s abs.

Lay - 170805 Instagram account update: “我只想说 二胎真的很牛掰 谢谢exo L ❤️三周年生日快乐”

Translation: “I just want to say, the second child1 is really awesome. Thank you EXO-L ❤️ Happy 3rd Birthday”

Credit: zyxzjs. (1Note: Second album.)