exo m lay

how many scenarios can this gif relate to?

when you forgot a major assignment was due:

when you hear your mom coming to your room after she checked on you an hour ago and you pretended to be asleep:

when you’re called first for a presentation:

when you can’t even answer the first question on a test:

when you see 50 missed-calls from your mom:

when bae flirts with someone else:

when you realize exo is having a comeback in a week (because shiz just got real):

when you have a towel draped over your neck (because luhan):

EXO's reaction to you laughing at him, when he is stuck in a tree.


*imitates your laughter*

"Ha ha ha… Not funny! It could have happened to anyone!"


*shivers from every gust of wind*

"Oh my… Why did I climb so high?! It’s so cold here…"


*gets angry*

"When I’ll come down, you won’t be laughing, gurl… "


*tries to calm himself down*

"Dear Lord, please give me strengh not to kill this girl, when my feet once again will touch the ground…"


"Why are you laughing? So when you are looking for someone you don’t need to hide?! I don’t understand this game."


*gets even more embarrassed*

"Ugh… Why did you have to see me like that?"


*doesn’t even realise that he’s stuck and just chilling in a tree, singing*

"I’m like a bird…I’ll only fly away…"


*stares at you blankly, afraid to even breath deeper*

"What I was even thinking about when I climbed up here? I’m afraid of heights…"


*starts to scream for help, to get your attention*

"If you won’t help me, there will be someone who will save this fine ass from up here!"


"Why are you laughing?! I did this for you! For you!!!… and now I’m stuck."


"What are you even doing? Are you taking pictures?! If you are putting them on your Instagram we are over!"


*when he hears you calling to fire-station*

"To get what out of the tree…? A kitty?!"

EXO react to doing a photo-shoot with their crush

Xiumin: While you’re getting your hair done, he’d flirt and laugh with you, smooth AF. “How is it that even before makeup you look better than I do with Photoshop?” He’d have you blushing in front of the cameras.

Luhan: When you arrive on set, his eyes would get a little bigger and he’d quickly fix his hair, looking at the monitor. “Hey! You’re obviously all ready for the shoot.” He’d pat the seat beside him, smiling at you.

Kris: Rather than directly flirting, he’d try to impress you with how professional and sexy he is while he’s modeling, sending a look at you every once in a while and smirking when he sees you staring back.

Suho: He’d come talk to you while they’re setting up, trying to act cool and friendly, but would end up embarrassing himself. “Fancy meeting you here.” He’d laugh to himself. “I think we’ll have fun today.”

Lay: He’d shyly smile at you as you’re both getting your makeup done. “The clothes they picked out for us are pretty weird, huh?” He’d start up a conversation which would lead to you getting closer, even though he might come off as awkward..

Baekhyun: He’d goof around on set trying to make you laugh. “So, when this thing’s over, maybe wanna go get coffee or something? I can enthrall you with more bad jokes.” He’d keep grinning over at you during breaks in the shoot.

Chen: He’d cheekily flirt, wiggling his eyebrows at you and laughing, embarrassed by his own actions. “I can’t help myself when someone this attractive is nearby. Let me take you to dinner to apologize for the grease.”

Chanyeol: Because he’s a little shy about barely wearing a shirt in front of you, he keeps looking away from you and giggling at himself to the point where he has to be put back on track. “I promise, I usually wear a shirt. I could show you later…”

DO: He’d surreptitiously glance over at you during the shoot, shyly grinning at you when he notices you looking back at him. After the shoot is over, you’d review on the monitor together. “Your expression in that one is really good…”

Tao: Seeing you come on set, he tries to hide his excitement, acting cool and uninterested so you’re more impressed. “If you’re too cold, you can borrow my jacket - I’m fine, you know - all those years of kung fu.”

Kai: He’d grin and greet you when you join him on the set, immediately being friendly and joking around, laughing with you. “Baekhyun hyung told me to use his dumb pick-up lines on you, but I couldn’t bring myself to even remember one.”

Sehun: He’d lightly laugh, enjoying the shoot, throwing flowers at you and sticking his tongue out at you, blushing to himself when you confront him. “I’m just teasing. The hyungs won’t let me live it down no matter what, so we might as well enjoy.”

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(Someone PLEASE notice that all of these are from different photo-shoots!)

EXO's reaction to you listening and perfectly rapping and singing to B.A.P's "Warrior"

(I really like this request because I fucking love B.A.P, thank you!)

Sehun: “OohI can sing and rap and dance too… blah blah whatever.”

Kai: *films you to show off to his hyungs* “Guys, my girlfriend is so talented, look at this!”

Tao: “That’s my girl right there, pow pow.”

Kyungsoo: “Aww my girlfriend is more talented than any member of this miserable group I’m part of!”

Chanyeol: when you perfectly rap Zelo’s part:

Chen: “I have to admit, I didn’t know you’ve had it in you, respect…”

Baekhyun: *gets aroused* “Why does this turn me on this much?”

Lay: *amazed* “You can do all that? Ooooooh…”

Suho: *on the edge of an existential crisis* “7 years of training and my girlfriend is still better than me at…well, everything.”

Kris: *starts clapping loudly* “That’s what I’m talking about! That’s real talent right there!”

Luhan: *lost* *confused* *in disbelief*


Exo reaction: making you cry

Anonymous said:reaction to making you cry


Sehun-“why are you being like that! “
You-“because sehun you don’t understand !”
Sehun-“understand what , that you are jealous I looked at one girl who wasn’t you”.
You look at him as a tear falls because he is making you cry.

Sehun-“jayiga all I did was smile , I didn’t mean to hurt you”.

You-“it didn’t look like a smile , she likes you”
He sighs and grabs you hand and kissed it. You look away and try to move your hand from his but he holds you close.
Sehun-“please forgive me”

Kai-“Why can’t you ever be happy for me !”
You-“that’s hard for me Kai! You are leaving for a whole year”.
Kai-“you are so selfish”
You gasp and walk to your room , crying. He looks at you but is too angry to chase you.

You hear a knock on your door but you are crying on your bed, too upset to answer.
Kai-“I’m coming in “
You hide under your covers as your boyfriend looks at you with a safe look.
Kai-“why are we like this”.

Tao-“you hurt me so much”
You-“How! By being nice to your friends?”
Tao-“no by not supporting me”
You-“don’t say I don’t support you”
You go up to him and try to hug him. He pushes you off abit and you start to cry.

He sighs and goes back ti hug you but you turn away.
Tao-“you are so mean to me”
You-“you are the same”
Tao-“we are a mess”
You-“are you crying”
Tao-“I made you cry”

You-“well go then! “
You-“Don’t yell at me DO , it is your fault”
DO-“it is your fault , you don’t love me”
You feel the anger rise in your heart as you see the tears fall. He looks at you with the same pain.

You-“how could I not love you?”
DO-“I don’t deserve you”
You-“I don’t deserve you as well”
He holds you as you both sigh at your argument.


Chanyeol-“fine I don’t need you”
You-“maybe I don’t need you!”
Chanyeol-“then leave if you Dont want to be with me. Leave me for a new star. Leave me like the rest”.
You look at your sad boyfriend and walk to him. You clasp his hand and start to cry.

You-“I lied I do need you , more than you know”
Chanyeol-“I need you more than anything”
You-“love you”
Chanyeol-“I love you”

Chen-“You are always doing that!”
You walk inside the house shy , chen is angry at you posting a picture of you too together.
You-“I’m sorry”
Chen-“sorry doesn’t help this time jagiya”
You look down wiping the tears off your face.

Chen-“don’t cry , it was mistake”
You-“I should have know”
Chen-“it is okay, we will get through this”.


Baekhyun-“what do you want me to do!”
You-“stop going out with her”
Baekhyun-“you are so jealous, I have to9”
You sigh and fall on the couch,  starting to cry .

Baekhyun-“I cant lose yoy jayiga”
You-“I cant lose you “
Baekhyun-“I am so sorry”
You-“I know but only life will tell”.

You watch t.v. as you want a breaking news story that yixing is apart off.
Reporer-“Yixing and Sulli were seen around town, is this love”
You turn off the t.v. and run to your room , crying.
You hear the door open and see yixing holding flowers. He starts to cry and walks up to you.

Lay-“I would never cheat on you jayiga”
You two hold each other , crying softly as you both are fall in bed.
You-“I know yixing , I know”.

You walk into the house , slamming the door. Suho walks in behind you and bites his lips. You look at him tears in your eyes.
You-“you love some one else”
Suho-“I don’t I promise , believe me”
You look away as you start to cry , but you hear his sniffles as well.

Suho-“you cry and I cry”
You let out a small laugh and run up to him.
You-“lets both cry then”
Suho-“I didn’t want to hurt you”.

You-“Honestly kris , go away ”
You can’t even see him through all the tears in your eyes.
Kris-“I am not with her , just rumors”
You-” you are so cold”
Kris-“I am sorry “

You-“stop kris , you  are not suppose to cry”
Kris-“i made you cry , so I will cry”
You walk up to him and wipe his tears
You-“don’t cry”

Luhan-“you are so ungrateful! “
You-“so are you , I do everything thing you say and then you don’t care”
You pull away from him , wiping away your angry tears.
Luhan-“maybe we don’t belong together”

You-“maybe we don’t”
You both stare at eachother crying until you see him walk up to you. He grabs your hand and kisses it.
Luhan-“but we need each other”.

You walk away from xiumin but he looks at you sad.
You-“what xiumin, you hugged her “
Xiumin-” I was trying to be nice baby”
You-“well you do what you want”
He looks at the tears falling down and he holds you.

Xiumin-“I only love you”
You-“don’t leave me”
Xiumin kisses your cheek and looks at your teary eyes


I am going to post a Kris Wu request up soon


The Daily Life of EXO Stan: 

Kai Stans 

  • Very calm Have no fucking chill
  • Usually are seen downloading photos of Kai
  • Physically want to punch the idol (“He’s too fucking beautiful”)
  • If alone, they are so overwhelmed by his handsomeness that they may cry.
  • Very influenced by Jongin’s passion for work.
  • Frequently in quarrels with Sehun stans, despite coming in pairs with them.
EXO reaction to their rich girlfriend

Kris: Girl you are cracy. Why you spend so much money for me?

Luhan: -When you say how much cost the gif- I think I have to buy a better gif for her

Xiumin: I love this gif jagi-impressed-.

Chen: -Happy dance-

Lay: B-but I just bought you a shirt

Tao: Thanks for the Gucci glasses Y/N

Baekhyun: I love you cutie ¿You know?

D.O: Y/N I love it but its too spensive. I will return it and we can go to the cinema.

Suho: I love you cutie. I wish tha you like my gif-he gives you a spensive gif too-.

Chanyeol: -thinks- I told her I wanted nothing, only stay with her

Kai: I´ll take a picture to show it to the members.

Sehun: This gift cost how much?

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