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If there’s one thing that EXO has taught me
It’s that you shouldn’t sleep on any of their songs or members


I don’t see why people are defending Rion, to be really honest.

I’m one of those who heard the news last 2015 of what happened to Joonmyeon, in their concert at Manila. The boy became uncomfortable and a bit of unhappy after seeing Rion, hold a sign saying to rape/to have sex with her.

Like, that was really disrespectful, rude and a really disgusting thing for her to do. I can’t see myself following around Joonmyeon like a lost puppy.

What’s worse is that Rion already got into Myeon’s personal space— she always waits for Suho after practice, follows him wherever he goes and even grabs his arm at the airport.

Really, why are you defending someone like her?

I’m one of those who called her a “bitch” back in 2015, but instead, the hates and death threats were thrown towards me because I was the one who was being a “bitch”.

Just because she gave away tickets to those who couldn’t enter the concert, doesn’t mean that she’s already nice and sweet and all.

I feel sad for Joonmyeon because she already made him that uncomfortable.

Which is why, don’t tell me to not hate her. I have the right to hate her after what she did to Suho, and after the disgusting and disrespectful things she did to him.

If she steps a foot back here in the Philippines and does something stupid or rude again (let’s wait and see), this isn’t the only thing she’s gonna get from me.

Exo's reaction to when their S/O's feels insecure about her disporpotionate body

Request said: Hi! Can I have an exo reaction when their s/o is really insecure about having a disproportionate body? Like naturally really big boobs but a thin body? Thank you!!! ❤❤❤


 Xiumin: “Jagiya, how many times do I have to tell you, you look perfect!” *feeling disappointed because you don’t believe him* 

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Suho: “Jagiya, how many times are you going to tell yourself that!?. You know you are beautiful!” *sad because he doesn’t understand why you feel insecure* 

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Baekhyun: “Jagiya, please don’t be like that!” *he pouts and tries to cheer you up*

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Lay: “Baobei, why do you hate your body so much?” *confused at first because he totally believes you are the most beautiful girl he has ever seen ; then he would cheer you up*

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Chen: “WHY!!!” *he would first scream at you but then he would say* “Why are you insecure, you are my girlfriend for a reason” *he would say trying to get out of your head that idea* 

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Chanyeol: When he heard you complain, he would be really confused on what he just heard and he would say: “Is this girl crazy?. Why doesn’t she see what I see” 

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D.O: He would be really upset because his girlfriend does not like herself as much as he does. 

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Kai: “Jagiya, I love your body. Wanna do it tonight?” *he asks just to get your head concentrated on something else* 

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Sehun: “Jagi, why are you saying that!” *he would whine and convince you that you are beautiful even with your imperfections.*

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exo members making animal sounds accordingly to their chinese zodiac signs