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EXO Reaction To Another Celebrity Saying Their (EXO’s) Girlfriend Is Their (Celebrity’s)  Ideal Type

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Can you please do an exo react to seeing a celeb describe their gf as their ideal type? Ex: Kim Soo Hyun describing Byun’s gf as their ideal type on tv

Xiumin: what? Am I supposed to be nervous now? Like she’d really choose Jin over me…just to be safe though, I should probably learn to cook.

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Luhan: *completely and utterly unimpressed hearing Jun say that he has a crush on Lu’s girlfriend.* He does know that I’m one of the top celebrities in China and that we are in love, right?

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Kris: *if confronted about it in an interview will probably just go ‘I can totally see why he’d say that, after all I’m dating her.’ while thinking but you’re not her boyfriend, nor are you over six feet tall and you can’t speak four languages so…*

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Suho: *probably just a little flustered like Oh I had no idea that Mingyu knew about my girlfriend like that, haha, but I totally get how he feels. She’s my ideal type too, and I’m lucky to be her boyfriend you know, like a gentleman*

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Lay: *Would also be a real class act about it. Just going on to say he understands, thinks he’s a lucky guy before probably adding that he feels really secure in their relationship after everything they’ve been through*

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Baekhyun: *is definitely going to make a quip in response like yeah great for you but I’m the one dating her sucker! (but the sucker is more implied that overtly stated) and then definitely joke about it with her later. Jagi I was to be extra good to you now that I know MJ has his eyes on you*

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Chen: *will likely brush it off and then use it as an excuse to be adorable with his girlfriend later. Honey, you know I love you right? More than anything? Because I want you to know that, ok?*

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Chanyeol: *probably a little tired of stuff like this to be honest. Just like yeah, not like we already the fans trying to tear us about and now this guy makes a public statement about how he wants to date her, can’t we just be left alone?*

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DO: *genuinely wouldn’t know what to do when someone asks him about in an interview. He’d probably just go silent and think something like isn’t it hard enough for an idol to date without other idols creating drama?*

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Tao: *acts unimpressed but it probably gets at one of insecurities. It’d be hard to date and be an idol and try to establish yourself. He’d probably have a bit of a frustration moment later, which he’d probably work through by working out. In the moment he’d probably just say something brief like ‘oh, I had no idea’*

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Kai: *probably gets a little uncomfortable after that. He kind of expected other guys would like his girlfriend, after all, he does. But he just didn’t expect a popular idol to publicly make that statement and he’s not sure how to respond.*

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Sehun: *probably thinks of some snappy comment he knows he should definitely not say like well that’s great and all but she’s dating me, and I’m fantastic, and she doesn’t even know who you are so there.*

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Exo’s reaction to their S/O being a fan of NCT 127

Request said:  Exo reaction over you starting to fan-girl over nct 127


Xiumin: You were jamming to one of their songs, until Minseok caught you listening to them. “So you like them?” he asked. “YES” you screamed with excitement. “But you like my music better” he said as if it was  a question. “Um..Sometimes” you said to tease him, but after he gave you a sad look, you quickly said “Who I’ma kidding I love your music more than theirs” 

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Suho: You were home alone, singing to some songs of NCT 127, when suddenly Suho arrived and he heard you sing. “You are a fan of them” he would ask. You nodded your head, and he said “Well…I’ll talk to Taeyong and see if I can get you a Backstage pass to see them..” he would smile. “Really” yours eyes sparkled making him smile more. “But remember you’re mine” he would say.

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Baekhyun: You will be hiding all the merch that you just bought of NCT 127, because you knew that it will kind of upset him. But he caught you in the act and said “JAGI….I thought you were my fan” he would pout. “Yes I am but..” you started to say. “It’s okay…just as long as you stay with me there’s no problem” he would say. “Okay” you sighed of relief. 

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Lay: You guys were just watching TV when suddenly a commercial came and one of the boys of NCT 127 was in it. You started to have your fan-girl moment, leaving Yixing a bit confused about it but he will eventually catch on. “So you’re a fan” he said pointing to the TV. “Of course I am…”you said without looking at him. He just shrugged and was cool with it. 

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Chen: You were screaming your head off and almost crying (having your fan-girl moment)   watching one of the new uploaded videos of NCT 127, Chen hearing all of the commotion will come worriedly to your side. “Y/N…are you okay?” he would ask looking at you to see if your were hurt. “ I am fine” you said smiling. “I was just watching this” you added showing him your computer. When he sees it, he will say “Seriously..Y/N you had me worry” while waking away.

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Chanyeol: You were dancing to the songs NCT 127, when suddenly Chanyeol caught you dancing to them and he would say “Could I join you?” you laugh and say “Sure” you both had fun dancing randomly to each song. 

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D.O: You were singing to one of the NCT 127 songs, while you were cleaning the ditches. When you finished he would say “I didn’t know you were a fan of NCT 127″ he would smile. “Um..yeah but remember I am still your number one fan!” you would say making him turn into squishy Kyungsoo we all know. 

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Kai: You were trying your best to do the choreography of ‘Fire Truck’ but since you weren’t a professional dancer some of the moves you couldn’t even do them, but at least you had fun and Kai would secret watch you, and will be smiling ear to ear, seeing you try your best. “Jagi, I didn’t knew you like them but I’ll help you learn each step of the choreography” he would smile. 

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Sehun: You were listening to NCT 172  while, Sehun went to buy some boba for you two, when suddenly he came back with your boba and said “Jagi!!, tell me that you love us more than them…you even have a wallpaper of them on your phone!” he started to complain. “How did you.,” you were about to ask but he answered right away “Because I am not stupid…” he said. “Did you search my phone..” you asked kind of angry. “Well….” he said. “You did…didn’t you…” you said eyeing him, there was a silence. “Okay fine..but for the record…” he was about to say but you cut him off. “I know..I still support you and I am sucker of your sexy dances” you smiled smiled kind of embarrassed.  (he reacted like the gif)

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Respect For EXO

EXO went from being treated as a joke by the Korean public during their debut to being one of the most respected music groups in Korea.

EXO went from performing in elementary schools to being the youngest Kpop group to perform in Tokyo Dome and selling out tickets for Korea’s biggest stadium in a flash.

EXO went from being degraded by the Korean public even if they were the youngest Kpop group to win the daesang to proving themselves worthy of the daesang they received by accumulating seventeen daesangs in a span of five years.

They don’t deserve ANY of your bullshit statements saying that they were only successful because they’re from SM. It’s not easy to get accepted into SM in the first place, and not all artists from SM end up being widely known and successful although they gave the effort.

EXO didn’t lose three members, face two dating scandals and still break records after that to be fed with your bullshit. And according to Korean media standards, EXO would’ve already fallen down by now because they lost THREE members, not one and had TWO dating scandals, not one. But EXO proved that wrong and continued climbing their way up to the top and become one of the bestselling artists in the Korean pop industry.

We are not asking you to stan EXO, we are asking you to RESPECT them and their hard work. Because whether you admit it or not, EXO is a group worthy of respect. I don’t care if you’re not well acquainted with their fans. Don’t drag them into it, because they’re not doing anything to you.

If you have nothing good to say, then kindly just shut up. It won’t hurt you to do that, won’t it?

EXO Reaction To Scaring Their Girlfriend When She Watches A Creepy Movie

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aph-dead-nation said:

How would EXO scare their girlfriend while she’s watching something creepy? If they’d scare her at all?

Xiumin: *I picture Xiumin taking an opportunity where he comes home still in the make-up from a creepier concept to find his GF watching a creepy movie. So he sneaks up to her, wearing the red colored lenses and everything, and freaks her out, only to have her attack him with a pillow, screaming bloody murder*

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Luhan: *couldn’t find haunted housegifs sadly* *anyway, he’d be way too freaked out by the movie to scare her because our little deer is a bit of a scaredy cat.* 

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Kris: *he’d probably jump out at her with this type of expression but at that point she’d be comfortable enough with him and used to him that it wouldn’t really scare her. Sure she’d jump but she wouldn’t scream.*

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Suho: *to me he’s too much of a sweet to scare his girlfriend but he’d definitely watch with her and hold her hand and reassure her throughout the movie*

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Lay: *for Lay, I feel like it might be more likely for his girlfriend to sneak up on him while they watch a scary movie than for him to sneak up on her. And afterwards, he’ll probably look just like that*

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Baekhyun: *this evil genius is going to figure some way to tease and freak out his girlfriend but it would probably vary. He’d probably do a jump scare, or put on a creepy voice and it would be different every time they watched a creepy movie, until she learns just not to watch them with him around*

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Chen: *Another evil genius, basically on the same level as Baekhyun, but he’d probably do it on a less regular basis so she doesn’t really grow to expect it. His favorite technique would be to reach over and poke the far side of his girlfriend so she’ll jump into him*

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Chanyeol: *he’d have a couple tricks up his sleeve, mostly just jump-scares but he’d be so innocent about it and play it off so well he’d almost get away with it, or at least she wouldn’t be so mad.*

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DO: *DO wouldn’t do anything on purpose, but I can picture him just walking into the room, or closing a cabinet in the kitchen and really freaking out his girlfriend on accident.* 

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Tao: *Much like Luhan, he’d be a little bit too busy getting freaked out by the movie himself to scare his girlfriend*

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Kai: *He’d another one I think would be more likely to get scared by his girlfriend than to scare her himself. I can picture him getting scared by her without her intending to scare him, like she’d just move and he’d freak out*

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Sehun: *cool as a cumcumber. He might try to scare her but I feel like it’s more likely that he’ll teach Vivi a trick and get her to do it to scare his girlfriend while they watch a movie, and if his girlfriend ends up clinging to him, so be it*

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