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170415 - The Smile of an Angel

Today’s bias is Chen!

More specifically, Chen’s smile.

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It’s as if his perfect mouth was made just for smiling… 

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…and nothing else. 

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Anyway, it’s the kind of smile you can’t help but smile back at. 

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When I see Chen’s smile, I just don’t know what to do with myself!

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Xiumin knows what I’m talking about.

oh.. well.. my next otp with Xiumin is actually Kris..

i mean.. just look on how cute it is when they’re together..

(oh.. just ignore that little deer at the back who looks like he’s already planning on killing Kris..)








and when i say ‘everyone’ i mean.. 

not just



so.. i ship xiumin with everyone.. 

but it seems like our deer will never allow that tough..

170629 - Cheeky Minnie

Today’s bias is Xiumin!

Specifically, his happy cheeks.

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Xiumin: “Are you saying I have fat cheeks?”

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You: “I’m saying you have wonderful cheeks!  They’re like tiny apples.”

Xiumin: “It’s a weird thing to say…”

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Xiumin: “But okay!”

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Xiumin: “Okay, okay, that wasn’t so bad.”

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Xiumin: “I WUV YOU!”

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[[ // Masterlist // ]]

Exo’s Reaction - When They See You In Just Your Underwear

Xiumin - *He was checking through the lyrics for a new song, trying to remember is verse when you walk through the living quarters where he’s chilling through into the kitchen in just your underwear and shouts to you in a sexual manner* Damn jagi, better be careful what you’re doing, otherwise you’ll get punished 

Lay - *He tries on the new outfit he received and you walk past him half naked* *gif*

Kai - *When he gets a quick glimpse of you half naked, he decided he wanted to be too, strips down to his boxers and whistles at you, signing that he wants you there with him*

Suho - *You walk into the kitchen while on your phone and don’t notice that Suho was there biting his lips as you are just in your underwear* 

Kyungsoo - *He went to go ask you if you wanted to order food and stops at the door and starts biting his lip due to the fact that you’re just laying down on the sofa, head phones and and your eyes are closed* *In his head* I’ll ask you later, but for now lets just enjoy this moment

Tao - *He’s checking himself out in the mirror and sees you behind him in his reflection and only sees you in just your underwear* Sexy….. sexy…… but not like me

Chen - *You come into the kitchen where Chen is sitting having a drink and a snack and he watches your every move and tries so hard not to spill his drink due to your sexiness and gets a boner but doesn’t make it obvious* 

Kris - *He was playing a game and only gets a really quick glimpse of you and goes back to his game but then realizes your only in underwear and turns around slowly with this look*

Chanyeol - *He couldn’t believe his eyes when he walks in the kitchen and sees you there cooking hardly dressed. He gets your attention by clearing his throat and you turn around to see him standing there giving you sexy looks* Well then 

Baekhyun - *gif*

Sehun - *He bites his lips non stop and gets makes playful and sexual comments* Is this an early birthday present? I’d love to see those off aswell *winks at you* and carries on with the comments

Luhan - *He immediately gets naughty thoughts and licks his lips*