[TRANS] 151224 NEWS: EXO member Chen’s Christmas gift, low key donates 5 million won to help impoverished neighbours

Popular boy group EXO’s member Chen possesses a lively and cheerful personality in addition to a good voice and is loved by many fans. On the show ‘Weekly Idol’, it was revealed that his whole family are devout Catholics, and his Baptismal name is “Mateo”. When he has time, he will accompany his mom to attend church to worship and provide services for those in need.

Recently, netizens have discovered that Chen has low-key donated 5 million won to help his neighbours who were facing financial difficulties. This act of charity sparked heated online discussions.

According to a netizen recently on Twitter, his mom read in the church’s newspaper that there was someone named “Kim Jongdae Mateo” brother who recently donated 5 million won to help his neighbours in need. This kind-hearted person who passionately devotes to others was in fact Chen.

This netizen also said that even though his mom does not recognize EXO’s Chen, she knows “Kim Jongdae Mateo”, who frequently does good for others.

Moreover, last year, many fans also uncovered that Chen donated 3 million won out of his own pocket to help the church with reconstruction and renovations. Although these are personal acts out of faith, Chen’s sense of contributing back to society left fans in admiration, and started to address him simply as “Angel Oppa”.

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Exo Reactions To When You Take Them To The Club

Again, this was a bit crack-ish because they’re fun but it also came out kind of weird. Hopefully it’s still enjoyable to read~ xo

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Baekhyun: *dances like he’s the only one there because doesn’t care what anyone thinks, he’s there to have fun & maybe grab your ass a few times in the process*

Chanyeol: *acts like he’s too cool to dance & tries to take over the DJ booth but gets rejected, so with his pride wounded, he gives up on acting cool & dances with you*

Chen: *spends half of the time there trying to show off his dance moves, but gets bored of it & just acts like a dork the whole time, purposely trying to embarrass you*

D.O.: *once you drag him onto the dance floor, he spends a good amount of time dancing (though not trying very hard to do so) but he mostly just watches you*

Kai: *perfectly on point dancing at first, but as the night goes on, his dancing gets weirder & more off beat, then he gets hungry so he wanders off & you lose him for an hour*

Kris: *sits at the bar the whole night, trying to be cool but accidentally spills his drink all over the person next to him & almost gets into a fight, that you have to break up*

Lay: *does his own thing & has absolutely no cares in the world as he flails around on the dance floor with you, then wandering off & finding a quiet place to take a nap*

Luhan: *shows off, flirting with literally almost everyone in the club & trying to make you jealous on purpose because he thinks it’s funny to see you all worked up & annoyed*

Sehun: *refuses to go on the dance floor at first so you sit in a corner & watch everyone else dance, but he eventually caves & drags you out to dance for a minute (or all night)*

Suho: *puts all of his skills to work on the dance floor, getting his boogie on & giggling the whole time because he’s having so much fun & doesn’t care if he looks goofy*

Tao: *turns a sexy dance between the two of you into a dance battle with the entire club & challenges anyone who looks at him, even if no one actually wants to battle*

Xiumin: *lots of grinding & sweating between the two of you as you dance, he never seems to get tired or complain that he wants to go home, having fun with you all night*

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