EXO - 160206 Master Kang promotional video

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  • If you say lay needs to leave exo you need to leave the fandom, I'm sick of this. Especially the new exo fans who have the NERVE to come and say who needs to be in exo and who needs to leave of course some of y'all don't care that luhan or tao or kris left because you never knew them but I did. I knew them. Kris was such a caring person, he was so sweet and cared deeply for his members he might seem harsh but he was so caring. Luhan was such a joy to have he could just walk into a room and five other people would light up, luhan was one of the eldest that helped suho and helped the younger ones as well. And tao? He was so cute always working hard to impress everybody and do his best. Don't you all remember how sad we we're when exo m and exo k had to leave each other? Or how excited we we're when they all got together? You know who was also there LAY. LAY WAS. LAY was there lay has always been there. lay has been there from the beginning. So your saying he's too busy and he should be out of exo? But you complained about how SM did the same thing to Jessica? When she got a life they kicked her out. Thats basically what your saying about lay. Your a bunch of ungrateful hypocrites. LAY WAS THERE LAY HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE. Its always been lay....but people continue to put him on the back burner as if he wasn't.

Suho, Xiumin - 160206 SMTown Hologram Musical ‘School OZ’ OST 'One Day One Chance’ Music Video

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Exo reaction when they are left on purpose alone with the girl they like by the others

Sehun:*gifs talks for himself*

Kai: What do you mean you guys have to go? go where, to the bathroom ? all of you? no? then if not there where? guys….why are you putting the coats on 

Tao:*after the “date” is over* Chen: So Tao did you got her number or you got scared end up crying and run away from there yelling that you can not do this?

Ha ha ha ha that’s really funny what can I say I’m dying of laughter you traitors, but if you wanna know I have her number

Kyungsoo:*after the most 10 awkward min from his life* I told you to not leave me alone there but what do you do? any kind of pain that I will inflict on you right now won’t erase the embarrassment that I felt there

Chanyeol: Guys why are you all standing you, do we need to leave? did something happen and we need to leave? baekhyun where are you going?

Chen: Baekhyun:*yells when he was out of the door* Get on her tiger!

*never felt more embarrassed in his life*God what I did to deserve this, is this karma? baekhyun I hope you will end up with a broken neck for this

Baekhyun: Ohhhhhhhh you need to leave….yes yes you need to leave right now to do taht thing….that has to be done…right now….without me …go go go

Lay:*tries to make conversation* …and that’s what happened and I ….god I’m really sorry but you make me really nervous 

Suho: you like cats?

Kris:*he gets a text while you are at the bathroom*

What do you mean by “ you are on your own enjoy it” , I’m alone with her now? 

Luhan:So since we are alone do I get to know you better?

Xiumin:*gets excited when he sees the others leaving*


✻ Hologram Musical ‘School OZ’ OST One Day One Chance (Original Ver.) MV


EXO - 160206 Master Kang promotional video - [ENG SUB]

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