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  • Person:Are you okay
  • What I Say:Yeah, I'm okay.
  • What I'm Thinking:The Eye Contact With EXO video that SM released was shot during the wolf era, which was before members started leaving, so somewhere on this earth Kris', Luhan's, and Tao's versions of that video are sitting somewhere collecting dust and I nEED TO SEE THEM.
Exo reaction when their kids say that they are ugly

Sehun:*the kid runs even before he has the time to open the mouth* That little….. ah calm down sehun. He is so not getting dessert tonight.

Kai: I’m not that ugly, aren’t I at least a little bit handsome? not even if you close one eye?

Tao:*erupts into a fit of fake laugh* Omg me ugly? that is the best joke that I heard today

Kyungsoo: I’m ugly? if I’m ugly then you are ugly also kido.

Chanyeol: *can not believe his ears* That little brat, I didn’t get him  that toy and he calls me ugly now.

Chen: Oh no no no, I refuse to think that my own blood and flesh called me like that without his mom mingling in.

Baekhyun: If I’m ugly don’t look at me cause I can let you blind with my ugliness. 

Lay:*gets into his cute mode* Is daddy cute now?

Suho: Me ugly? do you wanna see something that’s ugly?

Kris: Ugly? kido do you see this body and face? this is art!

Luhan:*to his wife who’s laughing her ass off* Why are you laughing? were you behind this?

Xiumin: Why are you so mean with your daddy?


EXO - 150629 Eye Contact with EXO

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube.


jongin’s chicken ?!!?!


What’s Gucci bish?