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bbh’s birthday countdown → 8 days ♡ 

the meaning of baekhyun
b is for his beautiful smile

Anyways Kim Minseok pointed right at me during white noise and that alone was enough to get me through the rest of 2017😂😂😂 (Ok I guess in retrospect he could’ve been pointing at anyone one of the girls around me but that scream you heard was bc in that moment I wanted to believe he was pointing right at me LOL)


Welcome to @zyxnet: Call Me Baby era

EXO'rDIUM In México

1. Junmyeon said we were on their top 3 concerts.

2. They remembered the song “Sabor a mi” but they just performed a little verse because EXO-L start to sing along with them.

3. During Transformer the sound stop but we kept singing and they kept dancing. However they decide to start all over again saying that this has never happend to them before.

4. Junmyeon said we were crazy, but then he said EXO were crazy too.

5. They promised to return on their next tour.

6. They said to the upper zones that they look like little stars.

[Happy 17th Birthday Queennie!] (Don’t ever annoy me if I tag too much! >_<)

Since I’m on a Hiatus to refresh and remove negativity on Tumblr, I decided to post this early to give you time to make something for my birthday celebration on Tumblr on July 20, 2017!

This July 20, 2017 I will be turning 17 this year and this time my Submit Box and Ask Box are still open!

For the Ask Box: You can send me simple messages, long or short birthday greetings. Anon or not, I don’t care but DON’T SEND NSFW ASKS…I WILL BLOCK YOU THEN.

For the Submit Box…You can send:

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Note: My Favorite Fandoms are:

  • EXO
  • NCT
  • BTS
  • Super Junior
  • B.A.P
  • Pokemon
  • RWBY
  • Love Live!
  • Naruto (optional since this series has come to an end soon…)

Posting asks and submissions will be on July 20, 2017!

Hope this invitation will not be ignored!



[170427] #Kaisoo @ JFK Airport heading to Mexico


-Our AIRPORT Couple is back!!!! Couldnt be any happier!! We’re soo blessed! 😍😍

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170425 The EXO’rDIUM in Newark | Run | D.O

I still can’t get over how close I was to Baekhyun.. His smile… His endearing smile and pretty eyes and hands and his voice.. I can’t believe he’s really that incredible in person. He looked like he adored us. I mean, I know he always has that look during concerts but for just a moment, out of every exo-l there is in the world, he adored us and only us at that Newark show. I’ll never forget it :(