EXO reaction to you not being able to use chopsticks

I feel really bad cuz I honestly love you and it took me forever to do this for you. 


Xiumin: “Jagiya do you want some help?”

Luhan: “Just use a fork! Stop being cute!” 

Kris: *tries to keep looking cool as you adorably struggle* 

Suho: “Y/N here I’ll help you” *giggles* 

Lay: *Tries not to laugh at your adorableness so you don’t feel bad*

Baekhyun: “Jagi it’s cute you can’t use chopsticks”

Chen: *you’re the doll* “Jagiya you can’t use chopsticks?!” 

Chanyeol: “Jagi you want some help?” 

D.O: “Y/N we’ll have to start chopstick lessons”

Tao: “Here Boabei I’ll feed you from now on”

Kai: “Yeah you’re doing just fine Y/N, keep eating” *internally giggling* 

Sehun: “Here I’ll do it” *acts annoyed but is using it as an excuse to feed you because you’re so cute he can’t help himself*

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Well here it is lets hope I keep being this productive.