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Winter Drabble 1

(Used “You take like candy cane.”)

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“Minseok! Stop it!” You squealed as your boyfriend picked you up as you started to untangle the Christmas lights. You giggled, feeling slightly tickled as his hands squeezed your sides. He laughed at your reaction, placing you back down onto the floor, but he wrapped his arms around your waist and hugged you from behind.

“How are the lights going? Do you want me to help you out?” He asked you as he started to reach forward and grab the lights that you were working on. His attempt at working the tangles out while you were still working on them made nothing but even more of a mess. You slapped at his hand, trying to get him off of the lights. “Haha, okay, my bad. I will work on the other ones then.”

You smiled, as you watched him fall crossed-leg onto the floor to help untangle the colored lights. “Thanks sweetie. Do you want to help me decorate the whole tree?” You asked him as you moved closer to him, sitting side by side as you both undid your lights.

“Of course, I would love to. I even bought candy cane that we can put on the tree,” he informed you excitedly. You smiled at his baby-face smile; seeing his super happy expression. A huge smile crossed your face, not only from his smile, but also from the mention of candy. If there was anyone who loved sweets more than Minseok, it was you. It was as though he could read your mind. He already began to shake his head ‘no’, holding up a warning finger. “No, the candy canes are for the trees. You have to wait until after Christmas to eat it.”

“But… but…” you began to whine, but you dropped the objections when you saw the teasingly threatening look on his face. “Fine!” You conceded, standing up so you could begin to throw the lights onto the tree.

After half an hour of putting on the lights and most of the ornaments, Minseok noticed that his favorite soccer ball ornament was missing. “Shoot, I’m going to run to the storage closet and see if it is in my other bag. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t do anything bad,” he warned you playfully. You nodded your head, rolling your eyes as he kissed your forehead.

However, it was nice to see that he knew you so well. As soon as he was out of eyesight, you rushed over to the bag that he had brought home and pulled out one of the candy canes. The entire time the two of you were decorating, you continuously found your eyes roaming over to the bag. You quickly unwrapped the candy cane and bit off a large piece, quickly rolling it around in your mouth as you tried to get all the flavor out of it.

You folded the rapper over the open end and shoved the remaining part of the candy cane under one of the pillows of the couch. As soon as you swallowed the last of the minty candy, Minseok came into the room. He stared at you for a long moment. You could feel your eyes darting back and forth; giving your secret away already. He suddenly came up to you, pulling you into a sweet kiss. When he pulled away his eyes were dark and teasing. “You taste like candy cane.”


Video Game Booties: requested by @neverdewitt

(this could have just been an appreciation post for Kat’s ass but I showed restraint)

When He Saw You pt. 3

Summary: Jongdae is the stone cold mafia leader, up until he meets you.
Member: Jongdae x Reader (appearances by EXO and Jungkook)
Type: Angst/ Mafia!AU
Length: 1,162 Words

I am so happy you guys are liking how this story is going so far. I hope that I can continue to write chapters that you guys will enjoy. Anyways, I hope you guys like this chapter <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt 1]   [Pt 2]

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“I was sent here to return this,” a somewhat familiar voice said. A tingle ran up and down Jongdae’s spine, filling him with an electrifying excitement. He practically jumped out of his seat as he looked up. You stood in front of the doorway, holding his suit out towards him. He froze when he saw the suit he had dropped off at Jungkook’s. “I think you know who sent me.”

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Unemotional Art (Pt.2)

Summary: Kyungsoo feels detached from his girlfriend.
Member: Kyungsoo x Reader
Type: Angst/ Fluff ending
Length: 1,205 Words

So this sequel took a long time to come out. I hope it fits well with the first one and satisfies you guys. Anyways, I hope you like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt. 1]

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“Hahaha, yes, and I think my favorite one is this one of my soon-to-be hubby at work.” Kyungsoo listened as his girlfriend put on her most posh sounding laugh. This time he didn’t care if he rolled his eyes, not fully listening to the words she was saying. He could tell from her body language and her fake voice that whatever it was was a lie; something to make her life sound as perfect as possible.

The journalists smiled at the two of them, acting as though they just heard the cutest news in the world. Kyungsoo merely glanced at them, not caring as they gushed over the childishly painted still life of him. His eyes wandered over the room, continuously returning to you in the corner. You were talking to one of the caterers. You had a bright smile on your face, placing your arm on the caterer’s arm as the two of you laughed about something.

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♕ Burnout

Formerly number one both on the streets and in bed, racer Kris finds himself unwillingly outed by a vindictive ex-girlfriend as the first gay driver in the import scene.

Rather than playing damage control, his manager plans instead to capitalize on the media attention with an even wilder idea - pairing the first openly gay driver with the first male import model.  

And he knows just the man for the job.

nc-17 | smut, au | completed

☆kat!fave; thank you kai-sqrd for the submission!

anonymous asked:

can you post some baekyeol vampire fics? preferably chaptered one pls! you're awesome!

Sure anon! (:

Title: Honey Won’t You Let Me In 
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance, Vampire!AU. Sort of inspired by Let The Right One In.
Word count: Four parts

This fic was so cute & funny, and I loved the relationship between chanyeol and baekhyun! It may seem a bit weird at some parts, but apart from those bits it is overall a really sweet vampire!au. (:

Title: thank you for making me feel alive 
Pairing(s): Baekhyun/Chanyeol, ninja!Joonmyun/Sehun
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4K
Summary: Baekhyun has always believed that vampires were truly terrible creatures; and that opinion has not changed since the day his heart stopped beating and his body grew cold. (vampire!au)

Title: How to Become a Soulless Monster
Rating: PG-15
Pairings: Chanyeol/Baekhyun (EXO-K)
Summary: At night, in the shadows of the church, a vampire sat. (vampire!baekhyun)

The last two fics were really hot //nosebleeds and I also thing may have a huge thing for vampire baekhyun because damn.


- Admin Kat xoxo

When He Saw You

Summary: Jongdae is the stone cold mafia leader, up until he meets you.
Member: Jongdae x Reader (appearances by EXO and Jin)
Type: Angst/ Mafia!AU
Length: 1,521 Words

I think that mafia stories are always pretty interesting. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

[Pt 2]   [Pt. 3]

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The room was humid, feeling like a sauna as Jongdae’s group stood around their guest. The basement of the antique shop was boiling hot from the water heater and limited ventilation. It didn’t help that they all were still in their suits, not bother to change after they returned from their lunch meeting. Jongdae felt the sweat causing his suit to stick to his body uncomfortably. He reached up, loosening his tie so that it hung loosely around his neck.

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Their Girlfriend Being Short: EXO

@leshortone asked:  EXO’s reaction to having a short girlfriend? Please and thanks!

I hope you like this, love! Sorry it took a bit!

Xiumin: Not being very tall himself, he would honestly be giddy and happy. He would probably not care rather you were short or tall, but getting to look down at you was a personal delight. Every time you stood on your tip toes, trying to reach something that you couldn’t quite grab, he would just fall in love with you more, enjoying your small body during cuddle sessions. 

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Suho: He thought it was the cutest thing in the world, thinking he had to protect you from every thing. Standing on his tip toes so you couldn’t kiss his cheeks was a normal thing between you two, but it was also usual for him just wrapping his arms around your small frame to hold you close. Seeing you just being so tiny made him fanboy to himself all the time. 

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Lay: Even though he needed to be protected as well, he would also hold you close to make sure that your tiny self wouldn’t be harmed by anything. He would find your height more adorable than the word itself. Because of this, he would help you with anything when you asked, as you being small was something he really loved. 

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Baekhyun: You being small was really adorable to him, but he wouldn’t voice his admiration of your height a lot. Watching you try to reach things that he could easily grab made him love you more, but he would tease you about it. Quickly holding you close, he would enjoy you in his arms, complimenting your tiny form.

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Chen: As you were very tiny, he would tease you constantly. He loved your height, chuckling to himself every time you got angry, as you were so small that it was cute to him. Even though he teased you frequently, he would tell you that being small was no bother to him whenever you felt bad, cuddling you.

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Chanyeol: Being so large himself, he would probably see you as a baby, teasing you by leaning down in a right angle, kissing your head as he still couldn’t quite reach your lips. He would carry you randomly or help you pick up things from tall shelves, saying how much he loved your small form.

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D.O: He would be incredibly happy, as he was very short himself, so seeing you so tiny would make him smile. Whenever you would complain, he would laugh to himself and cuddle you close, telling you that he couldn’t understand your pain, as he was tall. But, he would always tell you that you were incredibly adorable because of your height, so you wouldn’t hate it yourself.

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Kai: He would find you so adorable, teasing you randomly when he saw you try to climb the kitchen counter, still not able to grab the thing you wanted. Even though he teased you, he would fanboy whenever you did something cute, as your height was a large bonus. Being himself, he would love to tell you that you were very cute, holding you.

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Sehun: Being tall himself, he would tease you frequently by either placing the thing you were trying to reach on a higher shelf or picking you up when you tried to be angry and block his way. He would tell you that you weren’t big enough to sass him, chuckling to himself as you whined. Every time you felt bad, however, he would reassure you that he loved you and your height. 

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I hope you enjoy this, lovelies! I’ll try to finish the requests as quick as I can so you all can continue to request! Have a beautiful day!

~Admin Kat

Cat and Mouse

Summary: Can you survive a game of cat and mouse?
Member: Jongdae x Reader
Type: Angst/ Vampire!AU
Length: 1,181 Words

Okay, so this wasn’t a request, but I recently did something I shouldn’t have. My friends and I went to an abandon apartment near my college and the cops showed up, so we ran into the forest to try and get back to our dorm. Long story short, I learned I could survive a horror movie if I had to run into the forest. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

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You ran through the forest as fast as you could. The wind whipped against your face, pulling your hair this way and that. You could feel the heels of your sneakers digging into the mud of the freshly rained-on ground. Your hands were caked with dirt from the several times that you fell. Your knee ached and your heart felt as though it would explode out of your chest. The moon that shone in the sky was the only thing that was guiding your way through the forest. You pushed the branches that reached out towards you like hands. Your fingers pressed against the thorns of a small bush. Your breathing was coming fast and shallow, and your head was spinning from the adrenaline you were not used to.

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