exo k sehun

test (sehun)
genre: fluff
word count: 779 w.
summary: sehun volunteers to be your test subject. (not really.)

A month of hard work blossomed into this sleek lipstick placed neatly on the table. It was a final project for your Chemistry class. You crafted an environmental-friendly lipstick with a shade of chateau wine to complete the set. You did all you can to execute your experiment perfectly.

And it worked. Well, not quite yet.

You had to prove its long lasting effect as a lipstick before your professor could grade your work next week. There were three stages in your research design: drink a bubble tea, eat a burger and finally, kiss a boy.

If your lipstick could withstand those three stages then your project would save your grades from going to a downright spiral.

“And where would you get your so-called ‘test subject’?” Kyungsoo questioned, his small frame leaning towards you from across the lunch table.

“The third stage is optional,” you shrugged innocently. It’s not that you were terrified of kissing another person’s lips. You just weren’t confident in the whole kiss action.

Junmyeon butted in, “But you included that in your rubrics, you can’t change it now.”

“Seems like someone wants to be kissed,” Baekhyun teased, poking Junmyeon’s sides. Junmyeon swatted the younger’s hands away. “I have a girlfriend, you freak.”

Baekhyun chomped a big bite on the burger. His boisterous munching grinded your gears. “I have one, too. As I recall, Kyungsoo also has a girlfriend and if you were to even place a small peck on one of us, you’d be dead meat in no time.”

You took a big gulp down the cola you were drinking. Kyungsoo interrupted, “I mean, the only option you have is Sehun.”

Right then and there, Kyungsoo would have suffered from the effect of a spit take to be made by yours truly. You managed to cover your mouth just in time.

“Uh, yeah, no thanks,” you cleared your throat. “Kissing Sehun would be weird. He’s the closest friend I have because you dumbasses spend most of your time with your girlfriends.”

With a sigh, you added, “I don’t want our friendship to be awkward just because of a kiss.”

“Well, it won’t. You two are platonic, right? I don’t see any problem about that.” Junmyeon replied, brow raised as if he was expecting some kind of reaction from you.

“Speaking of the devil,” Baekhyun smirked as he pointed out to Sehun striding towards your table. You were still left dumbfounded by Junmyeon’s remarks earlier.

The crowd naturally dispersed to create a path for him to walk on. It must be your bad eyesight or something, but why was there suddenly streams of light highlighting Sehun’s godly features.

“Hey, Sehun! You’re best friend would like to ask you something!” Baekhyun hollered, hands formed in a cave-like shape so that his voice would reverberate across the whole cafeteria. The whole cafeteria.

“What’s up?” Sehun greeted.

“The sky,” you rolled your eyes to surpress whatever alien feeling that’s swirling inside you right now. Kyungsoo elbowed your stomach. “Ow! Okay, fine. Would you like to be my test subject for my Chem experiment?”

Sehun sat down on your other side. “Sure, what should I do?”


“Kiss her! You have to kiss her,” Baekhyun butted in. You scrunched your face in disgust because it seems like he was waiting for this moment to come much longer than you. Wait. Scratch that.

Sehun shrugged. You were about to kick Baekhyun under the table when Sehun swept you off your feet. What seemed to be a quick peck turned out to be longer. Your entire body tensed as the other three watched in silence, shocked.

When the kiss ended, your eyes were as wide as saucers. He commented, “Hmm, cherry.”

Caressing your now disheveled hair, you said, “I’m gonna go and lay down and die for like half hour, okay? Nobody disturb me.”

As you were collecting your things, Sehun grabbed a hold of your face. Scrutinizing your features, his gaze travelled from your eyes until it stopped at your lips. His thumb gently carressed your bottom lip.

“Your lipstick isn’t as effective as I thought it would be,” he said. His eyes glimmered with a hint of mischief. “You could always make another one. I’d prefer it if we do this kissing thing at my house.”

You can see how the boys were trying to avoid eavesdropping at your conversation. Sehun smirked before he sent you a flirty wink. “That way I could help you improve your project.”

note: i never thought i’d get to write a sehun drabble cause i don’t really get osh feels but i did it!! | masterlist

170506 - Chefsoo

Today’s bias is D.O!

And how amazingly talented he is at cooking.

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The other members compliment him on how well he cooks.

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And he takes everyone’s preferences into account.

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Chanyeol: “Cook for me, cook for me,
Kyungsoo’s gonna cook for me~!  
No onions, no tomatoes please!”

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D.O: “Okay, I’ll cook dinner.  And I won’t poison it.”

Kai: “Do I get dinner too?”

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D.O: “Everyone gets dinner.”

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Chanyeol: “…Did he poison it?”

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Kai: “No.”

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Chanyeol: “Okay~ I would like to thank my dearest friend Kyungsoo for this delicious meal. 잘 먹겠습니다!”

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Chanyeol’s stomach:

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Kai: “I don’t know what his problem is, I loved every bite.”

D.O: “Thank you, Kai.” // > v < //
(hehehehehe, take that Chanyeol, that’s for calling me short three weeks ago)

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EXO fake text: S/O being chubby

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170501 - Let’s Appreciate Xiumin’s Abs

Today’s bias is Xiumin!

I know we all love his abs.  And we’ve stopped to appreciate them many times.

But I am of the firm belief that you can never see them enough times.

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Xiumin: “Phew, that’s enough.”

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Luhan: “Did I say you could stop?”

Xiumin: “Uh….”

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Xiumin: “Whose hand is this?”

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Chen: “Hehehehehe, I wanted to touch the abs.”

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Sehun: “Just do it already, guys.”

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