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170704 - Chanyeol’s Crush

Today’s bias is Chanyeol!

And he likes someone.

He like likes them.   (oooOOOoooOOOoooh!)

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Chanyeol: “I wonder what will impress them… maybe if I play the drums?”

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Chanyeol: “No, no, I’ll play guitar, that’s more romantic.”

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Chanyeol: “Or maybe I’ll sing about my feelings…”

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Chanyeol: “No… I’ll do all three!!  They’ll never be able to resist.  I’m nervous, but it’ll be worth it.”

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You: “…That’s all you’re going to do?  Just sing, play guitar, and play drums?  Do you want them to yawn?”

Chanyeol: “What?  Is that not enough?”

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You: “LOLZ nope.  You’ll have to do much better than that if you want anyone to notice you.  You should do those things AND rap.”

Chanyeol: “Oooh, you’re right?  That’s a good idea.”

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You: “You should also give your life savings.”

Chanyeol: “That sounds excessive.  And like a bribe.  I just want to give my love.”

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You: “So… …Who is it?”

Chanyeol: “Umm, well… it’s no one…”

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You: “Chanyeol, don’t play dumb.  I know who it is!”

Chanyeol: “…You do?  Why don’t you guess?”

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You: “It’s Baekhyun.”

Chanyeol: “Pffft, no… haha, it’s not Baekhyun…”

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Chanyeol: “It’s you.  I really like you.”

You: “… … …!”

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valentine me, please? (chanyeol)
word count: 1262 w.
genre: fluff, romance, valentines day au
summary:  teaching chanyeol english is frustrating.

valentines day special ; pick your date

minseok | junmyeon | yixing
baekhyun | jongdae | chanyeol
kyungsoo | jongin | sehun

“Chanyeol, we’ve been through this last week. It’s ‘love’ as in luv, with an ‘ugh’ sound. Not ‘lob’.” You switched from English to Korean pronunciation of the words for Chanyeol to better understand.

Chanyeol grinned while you rubbed your temples in a circular motion. Maybe it’ll help relieve the headache you’re getting from this 165 cm giant.

“I’m pure Korean. You should understand that. I get 'R’ and 'L’ mixed up. Blame the alphabet, not me.” Chanyeol raised his hands as if surrendering.

“I’m Korean, too, but I learned English in a breeze. You don’t see me committing the same mistakes again and again, don’t you?” You eyed him wearily, arms folded across your chest.

“I’m sorry,” He whined like a puppy and you can’t help but smile at his childish act. Chanyeol confined his face using his long arms.

“English is hard,” you can hear his muffled voice, frustrated.

Taking a glance at the time, you tapped Chanyeol’s shoulder. He faced you, his nose crinkled and it was damn adorable. You said, “We have to finish our lesson before seven p.m.”

“Ohhh,” Chanyeol eyed you teasingly, “You have a date.”

Deep inside, Chanyeol prayed your response would be something along the lines of 'No, I don’t have a date. Would you like to be my date for today?’ but it seems like the heavens were neglecting his wishes at the moment.

“Actually, I’m going out with Jongdae for dinner.”

You thought you saw his face fall but you decided it was just your peripheral vision fooling you. Your crush senses need to stop tingling. You haven’t admitted this to anyone but you have a huge crush on Chanyeol.

At the first month, you developed a brother-sister with the guy. Teaching him English as a second language and you, being his friend, offered to teach him English. However, you felt yourself becoming closer to Chanyeol when he started opening up to you. He often tells you how he wanted to communicate with the international fans but apparently, elementary english doesn’t suffice for a proper conversation.

Above all that, you found it handsome how he was determined to learn a language that’s hard to understand. Baby steps, that’s what you kept telling him. Chanyeol has to learn English step-by-step.

“Oh, okay. Well, have fun with Jongdae. You deserve that much,” He flashed you his pearly whites before picking up the pencil and answered the blanks on his workbook.

You deserve that much. What does that mean?

“Hey,” you called him out.

Nudging Chanyeol, he turned to face you. A sullen expression painted on his face. You flinched inwardly because it’s rare for Chanyeol to frown or have a straight face whenever he’s with you.

“I know it’s been three months and…” You could feel your heart race as you choked up the words in your throat. A confession was coming up and you didn’t want to handle rejection at Valentines Day.

“…and I just want to say that I’m proud of you for conquering this feat even if you’re having a hard time and we’ve been repeating lessons week per week.”

You wanted to bang your head on the nearest hard surface. That didn’t come out right and it wasn’t motivational at all. You shook your head, composing the right words inside your brain.

“What I meant was you’re doing a great job, Yeol. I’ll be here every step of the way,” You pumped your fists. It was the least you could do as his teacher.

Chanyeol could sense a wide smile coming up. One that would stretch from ear to ear. He stared at his workbook for a good ten seconds before calling your attention. He wouldn’t want you to be disheartened on this special day just because of his incompetency in English.

“I’m done with the activity. Can you check it?” Chanyeol asked, handing you the workbook he answered.

You took another glance at your watch. There was at least one hour to spare before your so-called date with Jongdae. You wouldn’t want to call it a date because that word’s reserved for someone else. Preferably to that someone who’s sitting right across you.

With hands fidgeting under the table, Chanyeol gulped nervously. “I’ll have to go after I check your–”

Nicely written penmanship scribbled on the worksheet took you by surprise. Chanyeol has difficulty in grammar and spelling so seeing this message on the paper nearly swept you off your feet.

I don’t think your date with Jongdae is going to work out. It’s a mistake to go through this.

“Wait, what’s the meaning of this?” You blurted out in English so Chanyeol wouldn’t pick up your words. It was impossible for Chanyeol to use these words in a sentence since he’s struggling with sentence formation. He must be fiddling with Google Translator under the table.

Chanyeol knew you’d be surprised. “It means I like you enough to have lasted three months repeating the same lessons.”

“I wanted to spend more time with you that’s why I’ve been trying to dumb down my English.” He confidently spoke in perfect English. There were no hints of the R and L mix-ups he’s been having trouble with the past few months.

“You’ve been pretending?!” Slapping your hand to your forehead, you heaved a big sigh. “I went through all the trouble explaining to you– Ugh, I can’t believe!”

“I’m sure Jongdae would understand,” He said again, in pure fucking English. “I mean, anyone who doesn’t want you is an idiot. If you weren’t my best friend, I’d want you.”

Chanyeol felt heat surging through his ears. Flustered, he bowed down his head to avoid your gaze. “No, actually, I want you.”

Cute, you thought. Chanyeol always thought his big ears was a downside when it was his best asset all along.

“Stop saying things like that, you’re making my heart race.”

You placed a hand over your heart when Chanyeol suddenly had the courage to lean in close to your face. “Maybe I like making your heart race.”

That’s it, you were a complete goner for Park Chanyeol.

Chanyeol cleared his throat which caught your attention once again. “Valentine me, please?”

You laughed when he covered his face with his hands in embarrassment. The Park Chanyeol you’ve been tutoring English made its appearance after cool English speaker Chanyeol disappeared.

“What I mean to say is, would you please consider being my Valentine?” He asked, hopeful eyes piercing through you.

It was hard to say no to Chanyeol when he was being this adorable. Plus points to his husky voice that made him hotter when speaking English.

“Aww, you asked me to be your Valentine.” You cooed, pinching his cheeks. You added, “I guess I have to make an excuse to avoid ditching Jongdae.”

“You don’t have to,” Chanyeol smirked. “This was part of our plan.”

“You know, someday, I’ll be able to see right through you,” you chuckled as he wrapped his arm around your waist. Heat creeped up to your cheeks and you found yourself burying your face on his chest.

Caught off guard, Chanyeol crouched down and kissed your cheek. “Someday, but not today, we have a dinner date to go to.”

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Kyungsoo and chanyeol pre-debut
Gosh so cute (⌒▽⌒)

170507 - The Handsome Sheep

Today’s bias ia Lay!

And he, once again, is going to try to convince you he’s not cute, he’s handsome.

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Lay: “Is this what a cute man looks like?”

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Lay: “Let me serenade you~”

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Lay: “Is this how a cute man dances?”

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Chanyeol and Baekhyun: “Hey hyung, what about this one?”

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Lay: “No!  No, that wasn’t what I wanted at all!”

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Chanyeol and Baekhyun: “BAHAHAHEHEHE!”

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Lay: “I’m not speaking to you two anymore!”

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Lay: “Now, where were we…?”

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Lay: “Oh yeah, right about here.”

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Did he convince you?

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170506 - Chefsoo

Today’s bias is D.O!

And how amazingly talented he is at cooking.

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The other members compliment him on how well he cooks.

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And he takes everyone’s preferences into account.

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Chanyeol: “Cook for me, cook for me,
Kyungsoo’s gonna cook for me~!  
No onions, no tomatoes please!”

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D.O: “Okay, I’ll cook dinner.  And I won’t poison it.”

Kai: “Do I get dinner too?”

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D.O: “Everyone gets dinner.”

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Chanyeol: “…Did he poison it?”

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Kai: “No.”

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Chanyeol: “Okay~ I would like to thank my dearest friend Kyungsoo for this delicious meal. 잘 먹겠습니다!”

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Chanyeol’s stomach:

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Kai: “I don’t know what his problem is, I loved every bite.”

D.O: “Thank you, Kai.” // > v < //
(hehehehehe, take that Chanyeol, that’s for calling me short three weeks ago)

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