honestly, exo’s speech at mama really confirmed what i had first thought; they were expecting to be replaced by the newer groups.

i think it was all the small things that made them feel like this?? like the really long time between love me right and monster/lucky one and obviously, the rapidly rising popularity of groups like bts, got7, svt , monsta x, etc etc
it’s the change in demand of boy groups as well. a pretty face and nice vocals and good dancing will no longer pull it off, you have to have a pretty face, perfect vocals, perfect dancing, perfect rapping, perfect songs, and a perfect personality. chen, baekhyun and chanyeol’s ridiculous improvement in dance really shows how hard they worked to keep up with the others.

when baekhyun said that he didn’t think that exo did a lot this year, i think he means that , compared to other groups, it seems like they haven’t done a lot this year.

it breaks my heart to think that exo expected to sit at the awards and watch the younger groups get the awards. i think they’re finally doing what they really want, with the composing and creating they’re finally doing.

i really really want them to know that we appreciate what they’re doing. that despite the painful setbacks and letdowns, we know how hard they’re working. i want them to know that we know how hard they’ve been working these few months, how little sleep they’ve had and how much they’ve sacrificed.

an idol’s number one fear is usually losing popularity, but i don’t think exo is that shallow. i think they’re scared of letting themselves and us all down.

i want them to gain confidence from this year. i want them to know that they will always be at the top for all of us, and they’ll never ever let me down


Chanyeol & Punch - Stay With Me MV - Goblin OST Part.1
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EXO - 161202 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards - VCR + Transformer + Dance Break + Monster + Dance Solo

Credit: namja1to4.

161203 real__pcy Instagram Update: 언제나 마찬가지지만 이번 활동때만큼은 시작하기전에 잘해낼수 있을까….불안하기도 하고….부족한 시간속에서 아쉬움도 너무많았지만 오늘 그런 걱정들..부담감까지 싹 사라지는 하루였고 또 내년에 대한 확고한 다짐이 생기는 하루였어요…4년 연속 대상이라는 말도안되는 선물을 주셔서 감사하고 앞으로도 지금처럼 쭉 같은편에서 역사를 만들어갈수 있었으면 좋겠어요!! 엑소 엑소엘 사랑하자!!🖐😚
I know that this probably sounds repetitive, but shortly prior to this event, We had doubts on whether we would be able to put up a good show… There were feelings of anxiousness, and the distinct lack of time was a great pity as well. However, despite all that, we managed to clinch the grand award for the 4th consecutive year. It was such an unexpected present given to us by EXO-Ls. Let’s continue to make history in the future just like how we are doing right now. EXO, EXO-L’s , Let’s Love 🖐😚

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)

161202 Chanyeol’s speech after winning the Album of the Year Daesang:

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude. Albeit experiencing many setbacks and shortcomings, we managed to consecutively acheive this award 4 times within this span of 4 years. Being able to receive such a grand prize, despite all the worries and disapointments, today, right now at this very moment, I feel like we have rewritten history again. It’s the beginning of rewritting history today once more, as well as many more to come forevermore alongside everyone. We will fulfill this next year and continue to strive hard. Thank you.

Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)