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EXO Reaction when their crush says no guy will ever love her

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*It would break his heart, hearing you say those things* “If she knew… how much I love her… how much I dream of her… will I ever be able to tell her? Will I ever be worth of her heart?”


*He’d be moody all day, no one knows why* “I hate it… hate when she thinks so low of herself. How can I change that? How can I make her see what I see in my eyes, how perfect she is… I want to make her happy”


“I’m sure there will be someone… who will stay by your side forever. Someone who will treasure your heart as his own. I know there will be someone… who will love you forever” *He meant every single word that left his mouth*


“When I look at you I see this beautiful girl. This girl with the sweetest heart and warmest smile. If no one falls for that, the all the men in the world are complete idiots. Because honestly, it takes just one look… to fall in love with you” *That stare says it all*


“You! Stop joking around! You realize you are the most perfect girl in this world right? Just being by my side you make me happy. And I want you to be happy too so no matter what it takes, I’ll do what I can do make that happen. Just wait, you’ll see”


*He’d be a little nervous. Scared of saying something wrong. But he wants to help you feel a little better, help you feel you are loved* “Maybe… you will find one day that man… but until then… remember I’m by your side. I will hold you and protect you, you are important to me in ways you can’t imagine… so I’ll work hard on keeping that smile untouched”


*He’d go into a depression mode that only you can heal his heart* “Why… why can’t I make her happy? Why can’t I be that man… that man her heart beats for… She wonders when she’ll be loved but the thing is… that she already is… will she ever see me? Will I ever be able to hold her… and give her my love?”


“Please… don’t cry. If you do I might not be able to contain myself. It hurts you know? Seeing you like this… because I care… I care for you… and I wish I could be the one that gave you what you want… what you ask…what you wish and dream of…”


*He’d be that friend in love that is always there and always manages to put a smile on your face* “Hey… you look pretty when you cry but… I like your smiling face better. What if your prince charming passes while you are crying… so smile okay? Your smile is unique and anyone who doesn’t see it is blind, remember that”


*He’d think for days what to do or say, wonder how he can make you happy, how he can be worth of you* “You deserve the world you know? You deserve being loved and cherish… and all I wish is for you to get that one day… I just want to see you smile… tell me, what can I do? Tell me… how do I make you happy? Tell me…”


“Say… until you find that man… can I stay by your side? Can I catch you when you fall, hold you when you are cold, heal you when you are hurt? Would you give me a chance… to show you how much you are worth fighting for, to show you… that the world is yours… and your heart is the most beautiful thing in it?”


“You know what my only wish is, every year? For you to be happy… it’s curious how your smile makes me happy. So please don’t say things like that… because even if you don’t see it now, you’ll find love one day… there will always be someone who will give his life for you. I’m sure of it… don’t worry… and don’t be sad”

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The Bitten (Baekhyun Werewolf!au Fic) Chapter 12 - Two

Originally posted by 305heaux

Warnings: None (well a couple of time skips)

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch. 6, Ch. 7, Ch. 8, Ch. 9, Ch. 10, Ch. 11(M), Ch. 12,

I didn’t truly realize what being in heat would entail for me…for three days Baek didn’t let me out of the room except to go to the bathroom to use it and clean up a bit. Other than that I found myself at his mercy (not that I was complaining that much).

When I woke up the day after my last heat day I could feel that I was back to what “normal” was. My body wasn’t aching with need for my mate and my mind wasn’t clouded over.

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Abounded - Jongdae x Reader AU Series - Chapter 4

Servant!Chen x Reader

Genre: Fluff and Angst

Warnings: Swearing, Gore, Scene of Abuse, 

Word Count: 8872

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    He twists the handle and slowly opens the door, only barely enough for him to peek his head inside just as cautiously as the rest of his movements. He doesn’t move for a few seconds, and you send worried glances to the four younger men standing behind you, who all return the look. You decide to speak up.

   “What do you see, father?”

    He looks back at you with a curtain of confusion covering his face, then pushes the door wider so the five of you can peek inside yourselves. You all do exactly that.

   “A storage room? Filled with old, dusty furniture?” You wonder out loud. This is not what you spent half an hour preparing yourself for.

   Lay is quick to ask permission to speak, and when he gets it, it becomes obvious that he didn’t prepare what he was going to say in his panicked head.

   “She actually does wear a key around her neck! She actually does…” his voice quiets to a whimper, “things… to them…”

   Kyungsoo asked permission to present an idea, which you granted with a nod. “This property has over a hundred acres of land. Is that correct, Sir?”

   Your father must pick up what your slave is putting down very fast, because he dashes off as fast as his old bones will let him after only a few brief moments of thinking. You once again have to rush in order to catch up with his pace. You follow him down to the basement, which is where all of the surveillance and security equipment are kept. He stops in front of a wall of screens displaying footage from different cameras. He taps different buttons and clicks different things, and gets the footage to rewind. He keeps going backwards until yesterday evening, where your stepmother began to violently yelling at a slave, who you recognize as Suho.

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[170921] Happy 25th birthday to EXO’s angel, Kim Jongdae 💚✨