exo hug

i can’t move on with this moment 

Hugging moments :

These pics when they were celebrating for their bday . Can’t remember where were these ..

sweet right???

When kai’s leg was injured .. he need to sit down and there was kyungsoo with him

See Jongin’s hands …

i consider these pictures as hugging ..

Thank you to their fansites for these beautiful moments 

Hug Me (안아줘)
EXO (엑소) Chanyeol (찬열)
Hug Me (안아줘)

“그냥 날 안아줘 나를 좀 안아줘
아무 말 말고서 내게 달려와줘
외롭고 불안하기만 한 맘으로
이렇게 널 기다리고 있잖아”

“Just hug me, please hug me
Don’t say anything and just run to me
With a lonely and anxious heart
I’m just waiting for you like this”