exo face shop

food → chen talk → sightseeing → exo talk
→ window shopping → chill time → more chen talk
and my lack of luck in getting a jongdae photocard

P.S. no photos of ourselves because we’re actual potatoes

Thank you @galaxychen for today and for getting the albums all the way from seoul, you’re the sweetest, i had so much fun~ ♡♡♡♡♡


Cheena Noona’s moving give away!~

From 9/5/2015-11/5/2015

So I just moved and I have some things that I wanted to give to a more loving home since they just sit on my bookshelf any way….

I will be giving away:

1. Package of EXO-K Face shop pictures (6 member pictures and 1 group shot)

2. EXO 2013 Calendar Stickers (ignore the boyfriend stickers)

3. EXO 2015 Mini Calendar (I think I’m missing a card somewhere… sorry July :( )

4. 12 double sided Exo Growl photo cards and 1 MAMA era D.O photo card

5. EXO 2015 Scheduler book (It literally hurts my soul to think about writing in this thing…)

6. 2014 EXO nature’s Republic Calendar (It’s old, but the pictures are cute!)

7. Nature’s republic photo cards that came with the EXO-K soap minus Suho (SORRY, BUT HE IS MINE)

8. Aomine/Kagami Doujinshi (It’s all in Japanese, btw)


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  • Free shipping, this is an international giveaway.

People may enter from now until November 5th, 2015 . I’m going to be going to Korea during October so that’s why it’s a bit long…

I will be picking 8 winners who will then get to pick what they want on a first come, first serve basis! :)

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!