exo cute

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Henry: Hello
Xiumin: Hello?
Henry: Hi. Who is this?
Xiumin: Hi. I'm Xiumin
Henry: Where are you right now?
Xiumin: SM Town in Osaka.
Henry: Osaka
Xiumin: Yes.
Henry: Are you scared?
Xiumin: Yes I'm scared
Henry: Why are you scared? Our last performance, the Light Performance is left, but why are you scared?
Xiumin: I'm scared of Henry hyung
Henry: Why are you scared? Shouldn't I be scared?
Xiumin: Henry hyung always harasses me!
Henry: I harass you? Last time you harassed me
Xiumin: When did I, when?
Henry: It hurt so much!
Xiumin: You put it on there hahahah!
Henry: When did I put it on th..hahahah (both laughing). Yes, this time, get ready
Xiumin: Yes. What do I have to get ready for?
Henry: Get ready later
Xiumin: Later? I'll only look at you, Henry hyung
Henry: Get ready. You know I got neck slice, right? Neck slice.
Xiumin: What's that?
Henry: Ah, I'll show you later
Xiumin: Ah okay

Imagine Minseok spending too much time with Yixing lately.

One day Minseok and Yixing were left alone at the dorm, when the other members came back, they found Minseok on the floor hoping like a bunny, while Yixing hold up a carrot. “who is a good bunny?” Minseok looks up at his friend and moves his nose like a bunny.

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From that day on no one is aloud to stay alone with Yixing.