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[HD FANCAM] Idols interactions at MAMA 2016

Moodboard #3 - Chanyeol

“Our relationship is superficial, your romance is calculated and that’s your limit. Senses are distorted and the borderline of reality is unclear. Artificial lover, it’s an uncontrolled addiction. Unpredictable emotions like the tide rising on the sand.” - ARTIFICIAL LOVE

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161202 MAMA 2016 exo playing offstage cute moment  cr.Baconbaek9256   Do not reupload, Do not modify.


KAI - Melon Music Award *Cute😗 #Kai #exo #kimjongin #jongin

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How do you know you're obsessed with EXO?

How do you know? lets find out shall we?

You know you’re obsessed or in love with EXO when..

The chip brand Lays is no longer a delicious bag of chips but also a delicious Chinese man

When you hear “unicorn“ you immediately think of Lay

when you hear or see bacon you think of Baekhyun

when you see a light switch you do the light dance

you magically became good at judging 

when the word girl no longer exist and its now replaced with gull

when you hear or see mayo you think of Luhan

Yehet is now part of your vocab 

you become good at creeping people out

When you call people peasants because of how fans portray Kyungsoo

whether you say it or think it, you use Kkaebsong 

when you begin to request bubble tea

when you begin to give just about as much fucks as sehun does pardon my cursing for those anti cursers 

when all else fails at a party, you derp dance like:


or ChenChen:

Or Lay:

when you learn Sehuns version of gwiyomi

the word “DOughnut” makes you think of Kyungsoo 

when you roll like a buffalo

when you always believe that Kris is part of EXO

and hope hes okay out there in the galaxy 

but most of all, when you can never pick a bias because you love all of those creepy, dorky, stupid, amazing, talented 12 boys

send in asks/scenarios/requests!