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Yes I like K-POP but...

I do not wish to be Korean.
I do not wish to change my race because of an infatuation with a musical genre.
I do not wish to marry a Korean, but if I like someone I like someone.
I will not tolerate you pointing out every South-East/South/ East Asian and saying I’m interested in them solely because of their race.
I am aware that there’s more to Korean Culture (major duh)
I am not a Koreaboo.

You should know we don’t appreciate you asking “Do you even understand that?” With a look of disgust on your face. How can you be so close minded and limit yourself to just one language of music.

Exo’s dirty talk

Dirty talk with the members???¿!!!111? Like what would they say and who would be best at it? Thank you uwu

Ok so I am talking about dirty talk in bed ^v^ I hope this is what you wanted aha Who would be the best depends on taste ;) Ur welcome bby x


Suho: “You’ve been a very bad girl. Get on your knees for Daddy” Suho would be very good at it and would follow the daddy theme aha.

Baekhyun: “ I’m going to do things to you that you’ve only fantasized about.” Baekhyun would always want to impress you with what he can do and he is going to tell you about it.

Chanyeol: “ I bet you would like to do this in public. Admit it.” Being so cocky is his specialty during dirty talk time- and you love it.

D.O: “ Get on your hands and knees, princess… and wait like a good girl.” The dominant guy he is will be spitting demands all over the place.

Kai: “ Touch yourself. Let me watch you.” This is something I imagine Kai would like soo much. Also demanding but in a softer way than Suho/D.O/Xiumin.

Sehun:  “ You know what I want. Give it to me.” Just being his cocky self really.

Xiumin: “ Don’t you dare cum until I say you can.” Oh dear dominant Minseok is here. He would be commanding you all over the place. Do this. Do that. That’s the way princess. Daddy likes that. (i need some water)

Lay: “ You taste so good.” Still being cute somehow whilst dirty talking. He would be complimenting you like how you taste or technique(that feels so good)

Chen: “ I’m going to control you tonight.” Cocky little shit. He is going to talk a lot. Asking you if you like it like this? And smirking soo much.

Tao: “ Do you like the way I fuck you, baby? Tell me.” He wants you to be as vocal as him. Things like baby and princess are his vocabulary lol.

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my thoughts at 2am
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> "why there's no new smuts here"<p/><b></b> "taoris is dead I'm crying"<p/><b></b> "I love yifan's palms"<p/><b></b> "He can do a lot of things with those long fingers"<p/><b></b> "WAT THE FUCX STOP"<p/><b>"But there's no new smuts :</b> ("<p/><b></b> "I'm too lazy to go on asianfanfics.com"<p/><b></b> "I'm trash"<p/><b></b> "Baekhyun must be so loud in bed"<p/><b></b> "Why do I think about this??"<p/><b></b> "I'm so stupid ffs"<p/><b></b> "WAIT who would top - Tao or Sehun???"<p/><b></b> "Tao is definitely a screamer and he bottoms when he has sex with Yifan"<p/><b></b> "BUT HE DOESN'T HAVE SEX WITH YIFAN"<p/><b></b> "aaaanyway;-)"<p/><b></b> "Sehun tops if it comes to hunhan but he would bottom here I think??"<p/><b></b> "Would Tao be able to top????"<p/><b></b> "I think he would"<p/><b>"Yay problem solved :</b> ) Now I can sleep well"<p/><b></b> "But waaaait!! who would top - Xiumin or Luhan?"<p/></p><p/></p>
Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Romantic Rivals ~ Sehun Scenario

Word Count: 1030

Type: Confession

Brief: Your group and EXO have are well known rivals in the industry but there’s a secret that both you and Sehun have been hiding from the public.

*Y/G/N = Your Group Name. **Y/S/N = Yours and Sehun’s Ship Name.

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“And the annual Daesang Award for the Best Artist of The Year goes to…”

The nominees for the prestigious award flash on the huge screen behind the MC… Of the selected artists, your group, Y/G/N and the EXO are among that mix of talent and popularity. EXO’s raw skill, passion and ambition make them a strong contender, but Y/G/N and EXO have been close rivals for some time now. This was a major cause of fan wars and despite the constant urging from both sides not to, they still continue. It’s gotten to the point now where your company has to take legal action against anti-fans spreading cruel, malicious rumours without an ounce of truth to them whatsoever. It baffled and surprised you as to how they come up with such ridiculous assumptions, almost to the point of you being impressed. If nothing else, they’re certainly creative. That being said, it also drove you insane. You found it increasingly difficult to force your anger and hurt down inside you.

But being an idol meant being perfect. No mistakes.

Some people don’t give second chances no matter how much you apologise and improve. No mistakes.

That means no being misinterpreted as ‘rude’, ‘disrespectful’ or ‘impolite’, especially to fans who make it their lives to love us and support us, even if the misinterpretation had nothing to do with us and wasn’t our fault. It’s our fault if we make statements or actions that are able to be misinterpreted to start with. That’s how the industry ‘logic’ works.

And now, with EXO being referred to as ‘Y/G/N’s main competition’, there are more malicious rumours than ever before. Dating scandals, fan wars, you name it, it’s most probably happened. And obviously, most of them are untrue with no source given for the information given. Most of them. Most.

There has been an ongoing rumour that you and Sehun are dating, and have been for quite some time. Their reasoning as to why no one has caught on to this ‘obvious fact’ was simply because it was something we hid well.

And for once… They were right.

You and Sehun have been secretly dating for around 7 months now. The two of you were taken by surprise when no one had found out. Nothing on gossip magazines, forums, social networking sites… nothing apart from the odd rumour most fans dismissed. You had wondered if people just didn’t care about the two of you but he was in one of the most popular K-Pop groups of all time… and with that knowledge, your original theory was debunked immediately, leaving you to only assume that quite simply, no one had noticed.

Sehun reached for your hand under the heavily clothed, over-decorated table. The pair of you had never took such risks before but 7 months of being overly cautious, paranoid and just plain careful had its effects. You both agreed that you didn’t care anymore. In fact, you almost wanted people to find out. Bombarded with hate you may be, but at least you didn’t have to be so careful day in and day out. You’d be free to do as you wish, when you wished.

“EXO!” The booming of the MC announcing your boyfriend’s group as the Best Artist of The Year almost gave you 20 simultaneous heart attacks as you and Sehun quickly detached your hands from each other’s grasp. Sehun and the rest of the EXO members all stood up with nothing other than what can be described as pure astonishment painted on every one of their perfectly made up faces. Even though they have won a fair number of awards already, they are always so surprised and humble when they receive an award. The audience erupted into a sea of applause, with you clapping especially loudly and cheering for Sehun despite him being stood right next to you. Noticing this, he turned and smiled towards you, as if to say ‘thank you’, before making his way towards the stage with the rest of his members.

The MC handed the award to Suho, giving each member an encouraging hug and a few solid pats on the back. Suho gave his meticulously crafted thank you speech which never failed to move the hearts of EXO-Ls before Sehun was offered to speak.

“I just want to say thank you for the unbelievable dedication that EXO-Ls have given to us over the past years. Without your unwavering level of support, we would have never dreamed of being up here and doing what we do today. You were the people who made this all possible for us, so this award isn’t only for us, it’s for the EXO-Ls too! I also want to thank my members and family for constantly supporting me, even when I felt like giving up and a special thank you to my beautiful, amazing girlfriend,“ Sehun focused his gaze on you as your heart-raced so fast you thought you could pass out, “for coping with me and caring for me no matter how stressed or annoying I was. I love you. Thank you, everyone!” He finished, bowing at the audience who immediately cheered and clapped in response to his confession. Your members were nudging you, teasing you as they too cheered and cooed in your ear about how adorable that was and how lucky you were. You couldn’t help but smile as Sehun smiled back at you too from the stage.

“Can’t wait for the headlines and hate tomorrow.” Sehun sighed as he sat back down in the seat next to you. You simply shrugged in response, resting your head on his shoulder. You felt so relieved and free now that you were able to do that without the fear of anyone finding out about your now exposed secret. Sehun put your hands in his, facing down towards you. “We’ll get through it together, yeah?” “Yeah,” you replied, pecking him quickly on the lips with a slight smirk, “but my group will win the next Daesang Award.” Sehun simply chuckled, giving you a small smile. “If you say so.”

~ ~ ~



{Reaction} EXO confessing their feelings

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Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol had stayed up all night, composing a song that he had put all of his feelings and emotions into for you. When the time came for him to finally perform the song for you, he’d be incredibly flustered and shy, his heart beating fast as he concentrated hard on not messing up his words or the chords on his guitar.

Chanyeol: “This is for you {y/n} I hope you feel the same way.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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After receiving the worst possible advice from his fellow members, Kyungsoo decided to take matters into his own hands and put his cooking skills into action. He invited you over and cooked your favorite meal.

During the dinner, you noticed how much shyer than he was than usual.

{y/n}: “Is there something on your mind, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo: Actually, there is something I need to talk to you about…”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun, being one of the more outgoing and forward members of the group came out with his feelings pretty smoothly and quickly, making sure to pull on your heartstrings with that charming smiles as he did so.

Baekhyun: “So… we’ve been friends for a while right? Well, I’m thinking we should take our friendship to the next level. How about we start with a date next Saturday? I’ll pick you up at 6.”

Oh Sehun

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He wouldn’t want to confess, the thought of being denied would be enough to turn his nose up at the idea. But one afternoon, the confession was almost pulled out of him on a rainy walk back to your apartment.

{y/n}: “You should have stayed at home, Sehun, you’re going to catch a cold.”

Sehun: “Do you think I want to be out here getting wet? I’m doing it because I love you, dammit.”

{y/n}: “You… what?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Yixing took the more traditional way to try and win over your heart by turning up at your doorstep with a bouquet of red roses and a charming smile as he asked for your hand.

Yixing: “I know it’s short notice, but I thought we could spend the day together. I also have something I want to talk about with you.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok would drop the bomb on you on  random afternoon you’re spending out together (more than likely in a coffee shop.) He’d be sipping his coffee before looking up at you with nervous eyes and and adorable smile before admitting his feelings honestly and directly.

Minseok: “I’ve liked you since the day we first met, but only now do I feel confident telling you how I feel so… should we consider this our first date?”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Before going on tour would be when Chen decides to confess to you. He’d be so worried about you not feeling the same way that he would purposefully tell you before he’s about to leave in case you found it weird and needed time to think. His way of confession would make up for the time of the confession though.

He’d work on a video, filming all the members saying how much they’ll miss you while their away before presenting himself at the end, confessing fully to his inner thoughts in the hope that he can claim you as his as soon as he returns from tour.

Jongdae: “I know I was a coward, leaving it until now to confess. But it’s because you mean so much I can’t face the thought of losing you. I love you {y/n} and I hope you feel the same about me.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would more than likely, like Kyungsoo, ask the others for help and get rubbish in return. So, he’d decide on something sweet and original. He’d go into your place while you’re out and leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the living room. In the living room at the end of the trail of petals would be a bouquet of roses and a little note that explains everything.

I’m so nervous to tell you how I feel in person, so here is the next best thing. I love you {y/n} I always have and I always will. I hope you will accept my feelings and let me take you out on a date next weekend.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho is a sweetheart, and so will his confession. He’d decide on doing something more traditional too. He came to pick you up before driving you to a pretty beach just before sunset. When you’re finally walking through the lapping ways would he bring himself to bring up the topic.

Suho: “So {y/n}, Have you ever wondered what it would be like for us to date?”


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Luhan wouldn’t take the same route of confessing as the other members. He’d think pulling something romantic would be pointless. Buying pretty flowers or staying up all night to write a song wouldn’t make you like him anymore in his eyes, so he decided it would be more practical to take the more direct option.

You and him were sitting in his apartment, his arm wrapped over your shoulder as the two of you watched his new film.

Luhan: I like you, {y/n}, I think we should date like this more often.”

You: “This is a date?”

Luhan: “Do you want it to be? Because I do…”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would use his dancing to his advantage for this one. He’d decide on buying you both tickets to a professional dance performance to watch together and wait for the perfect moment to confess.

You: “The dancing is so amazing, almost like they’re really in love. It’s a shame it’s all just an illusion.”

Kai: “If you date me I can prove that not all dance partners love is just an illusion. I can show you some of my moves, maybe some of the more sexual ones, but perhaps not on the first date.” *winks* 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris wouldn’t be shy about his feelings, he’d come out straight forward with how he feels and as he doesn’t think that sentiments will help the value of your feelings. Like Luhan, he doesn’t think these big gestures will make much of a difference, if you like him, then you do, if you don’t, then no big romantic gesture is going to change your mind. 

Kris: “I know this is sudden, but I’ve liked you for a long time now {y/n}… So, I was wondering how you feel about going to the cinema this Friday night?”

When your  dirty mind cant keep quit....
  • Cutenoona : "I want write a short story."
  • brain : "ok about what"
  • Cutenoona : "dont know ......."
  • brain : "i got it how about something nsfw like boyxboy or boyxreader"
  • Cutenoona : *blushing* um......"
  • Brain: you have philxdan ,jikook,namjin exo x readers ideas
  • Brain : " and ...."
  • Cutenoona : heavy breathing "Okay stop It. I can think with all the smut stuff your saying my heart cant take it "

No one asked but i gladly tell you guys that my ships other than Kaisoo are Xiuhan and Taohun. Coz many people expected i ship Hu*han just bcs i ship Kaisoo. It makes me sad tbh TTTT. Like, Cmon, Taohun and Xiuhan are soo fucking good together too, in fact they’re the most adorable sight for me after Kaisoo TTTT oh and Fanxing too.. i just didn’t have their photo in this moment hehe.. u don’t have idea how much i love underated pairing like them, ❤❤