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EXO at the Beach


This boy would be very excited to try out his swimming “skills” in the ocean, however you weren’t quite as excited. To convince you, he brought out his best aegyo skills, making you agree quite easily. You didn’t regret it, as the splash wars you two had were unmatched. 


Chen’s favorite thing would just be to walk along the shoreline, talking, taking selfies, and enjoying the view.  A secret romantic, he would make an effort to take many cute selfies with you to remember the moment.


From water fights to building sand castles, Baekhyun would do everything there is to do at the beach. However, at the end of the day, Baekhyun would be more affectionate, pulling you into a romantic beachside-cafe and playing you a song–a perfect way to end a tropical day at the beach.


Chanyeol would enjoy a more peaceful take on the beach: walking the edge of the shore, taking pictures, and reclining in the shade.  He’d be open to do whatever you wanted to, and the two of you ended up sculpting a fantastic sand castle together.


For the first half of the day, everything went as planned: a cute lunch at the boardwalk, enjoying the warm weather, watching the waves lapse over the sand. However, Lay decided that there was no harm in exploring, which inevitably led to you two getting lost, not returning to your car until late at night, giggling with tiredness.


D.O would be uncharacteristically excited to get to the beach, ready to escape city life for a few hours with you. When you arrived, he grabbed your hand and led you to the middle of the beach, staring out at the waves with anticipation. Once you two entered the water, you didn’t stop laughing until late into the night.


Suho would have the entire day planned out a week before you guys got the beach. It started would start out with swimming and sand castles, and ended at a nearby fair on the boardwalk. He’d smile at you, the carnival lights reflecting in his eyes, and it was obvious the two of you would remember this day for many years to come.


Not much for cheesy romance, Kai would treat the day at the beach as more of a “playdate” than a romantic date. He’d grab your hand and lead you onto the long stretch of beach. “Okay, where do you want to go first?” he’d ask, pointing in several different directions, his excitement obvious.


Being a fan of swimming, Sehun would immediately go for the water and swim out as far as he could, beckoning you to come with him with a smile and wave. After the two of you had swum so much you could barely move, you sat under the shade of the umbrellas, enjoying the sunlight.