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request: Exo reaction to you seeing them crying and you comfort them ❤️❤️? - Anon

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xiumin would feel blessed that he has someone like you to take care of him and make sure he is ok. because he is the oldest he doesn’t have someone to take care of him a lot so he is thankful for you.


he is a very small baby so having someone like you to talk to him at a time like this would really help him and keep him healthy cause no one likes a sick luhan or an unhappy luhan.


he acts like he is very tough and stuff but in times like this, he appreciates your you being there to help him through these rough times. he likes that you can break down his wall and help him sort everything out.


he is the leader of a group of 12 he doesn't have someone to look after him as much as the others do but now that he has you he has that person to take care of him and make sure he is healthy and good.


he misses home a lot so when he is in one of his homesick moods he has you to lean on and to take care of him to keep him healthy and well. you make him feel at home because you are basically him home now cause you care for him like no one else does, well just a lot better than everyone else.


he is the biggest cinnamon roll of them all so when he is upset or is feeling bad you make him feel better by making him food and snacks. all you have to do is make him laugh and he is back to normal.


little boy chen would adore you during this time cause he very rarely is upset but when he is its big time upset so he loves it when your there to make him laugh and make him happy.


this big soft teddy bear needs you during this time when he is upset he just wants cuddles because cuddles make everything better and to him, you give the best cuddles.


because kyungsoo is the quiet type the group never really know when he is upset. all tho you know exactly when he is upset or not feeling well so that’s where you help him and keep him healthy.


the poor child cries a lot as we all know so when you see him crying you just sit there with him and talk to him and keep him happy and maybe just maybe a couple of hugs and kisses every now and again.


the child would just love to lie down with you and talk it all out and have a lot of cuddles like a lot, a lot of cuddles cause it makes him feel better and closer with you.


this baby would try to push you away and tell you that he is not upset. but we all know that he is upset and you force him to let you in and help him, he is thankful to you for that.

The Brave and the Brain

A/N: This is a Harry Potter AU, and I just wanna say that I love Harry Potter so much! It was my first true fandom and it’ll always have a special place in my heart. Also, sorry for the long length! Enjoy my lovelies! :3 -Admin Germane

Summary: The Gryffindor Quidditch captain has to muster up the “daring nerve and chivalry” he has to ask out his Ravenclaw crush.

Word Count: 3278

Quidditch. The standard pass time and favorite sport for witches and wizards of all ages. It’s the sport that can cause disputes and rivalries between even the best of friends. The competitive atmosphere that came with every game would pump adrenaline and excitement through the viewers and players veins, making even the quietest of people scream in encouragement towards their favorite team.

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Quidditch was something not taken lightly between both students and faculty alike. Students would side with certain houses if their house wasn’t competing, adorning the colors of the teams they supported. The professors would take much bigger extremes with bets passed underneath the staff table during breakfast.

And this brisk November morning was no exception as the upcoming match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff approached. Nerves were high between the players as they sat at their respective tables in the great hall, staring at their food instead of eating it because of the butterflies storming in their stomachs.

“Hyung, c'mon, you need to eat something.” Suho looked up from his nearly empty plate to stare at Chanyeol, the one who had spoken to him. Chanyeol and Chen sat across from Suho at the Gryffindor table, looking at him in concern.
“If I do I’m afraid it’d just come right back up.” Suho said, playing with the maroon sleeves of his Quidditch robes.

“C'mon, what’s to be nervous about? You have compiled the best team for Gryffindor this school has seen yet! Besides, Hufflepuff’s Chasers have nothing against you, Minho, and Jackson.” Chen smiled as he placed some toast onto Suho’s plate.

“Yah! Don’t be mean! Baekhyun is a good Chaser.” Chanyeol said.

“You’re only saying that because the two of you are together Channie, he may have the build of a Chaser, but his agility isn’t the best.” Chen snickered, making Chanyeol blush.

“Anyways, hyung, please eat something. You need your strength for the game. Hey? Hyung?” Chen tried to gain back Suho’s attention, but his eyes were glued to the Ravenclaw table behind his friends.

He was staring at a group of girls, two of them wearing Hufflepuff colors and the other one wearing a Gryffindor scarf over her Ravenclaw uniform. Suho’s heart swelled with pride and a small smile spread across his lips.

“Yah!” Chanyeol whined, gently slapping Suho’s cheek. Suho’s attention was refocused on his two friends, who were smirking at him.

“What?” he questioned, picking up a slice of toast to nibble on.

“Hyung, just ask her out already! We see the way you look at her.” Chen encouraged.

“I mean, you can barely keep your eyes off of her during Charms and Herbology.” Chanyeol snickered, making Suho’s eyes widen.

“Is it…that obvious?” he asked.

“Dude, even the students at Mahoutokoro Academy can see it all the way from there.” Chen said. The two friends turned behind them to look at the girl Suho has had a crush on since the beginning of fourth year. They laughed and turned back to their friend.

“Ooo. She’s wearing our colors.” Chanyeol teased.

“Doesn’t that just make your heart swoon.” Chen teased, swaying back and forth in his seat.

“Guys, stop it’s not funny, and I have to focus.” Suho blushed as he watched her leave the Great Hall.

“You only need 400 points to get above Slytherin hyung, it won’t be that hard to get first in the leader boards.” Chen said.

“Now I don’t know about that, because I know we’re gonna flatten Ravenclaw in next week’s match so don’t count on staying in first for long.” a voice said behind Suho. He turned around and saw Sehun standing there, a smirk etched on his lips. Even though the two were sorted into rival houses, their teasing banter made them close friends even though Sehun wore the colors of emerald and silver.

“Good luck with today hyung, just don’t win too much.” Sehun said, patting Suho’s back in encouragement before strutting out of the Great Hall, his blonde hair glistening in the sunlight. Suho sighed and stood up, dropping the barely eaten piece of toast on his plate.

“I should get down to the pitch and draw up the strategy plan for the team.” Suho excused himself.

“Knock ‘em dead Captain!” Chen told him.

“And hey, tell Jungkook to stop purposefully hitting bludgers towards Baek.” Chanyeol said.

“No promises Chanyeol.” Suho teased lightly, sending his friends a forced smile as he made his was out of the Great Hall.

He walked out of the castle, inhaling the cool November air. Suho ran his fingers through his hair out of nervousness as he walked down the hill to the pitch, strategies and techniques running through his head as he thought about the impending game. He was so distracted however, he didn’t notice the person in front of him, running into them and making them both fall to the ground. Suho instinctively wrapped his arm around the person, trying to protect them from the hard impact of the ground.

“I’m so sorry, I wasn’t paying attention and-” Suho’s words were cut short sort as he looked down at the person he was holding. It was Y/N, his Ravenclaw crush. Suho blushed a bright pink and got off of her body, realizing just how close their faces were.

“I-I’m sorry! Here, let me help you up.” Suho said, grabbing the girls hand into his own as he pulled her up off the ground.

“Thank you.” the girl smiled, brushing the dust off her robes.

“S-So you’re supporting Gryffindor?” Suho stuttered, his blush becoming more apparent as his heart beat picked up.

“Yeah, I always support Gryffindor if Ravenclaw isn’t playing.” Y/N said as she played with the tips of her Gryffindor scarf. Suho sent her a shy smile, his hand going to rub the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“W-Well I better get going. Umm…maybe I’ll see you around later.” Suho said, ducking his head to try and hide his blush as he continued his walk to the pitch. Suho heard Y/N giggling behind him, making a new wave of embarrassment wash over him.

’Idiot, idiot! Gosh, what were you saying? She probably thinks I’m an idiot now,’ Suho thought to himself.

Suho walked into the locker room and drew up the plans for his team. He could hear the students start to put into the pitch, chanting and cheering for their team as the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team came in to change into their maroon robes.

“Alright guys. We need to score at least 400 points in this game, otherwise we won’t be able to catch up to Slytherin which will ruin our chances in getting the Quidditch cup. Now, Minho, Jackson, watch out for Hoseok and Youngjae. They’re fast and agile, and they both can sneak up to try and steal the quaffle from under you, Baekhyun isn’t the main priority unless he’s holding the quaffle in his hands, focus on the other chasers. Jungkook and Hyuk, keep those bludgers off of us. Kris, keep your defense up at the posts and Heechul, don’t catch that snitch until we’re 250 points up.” Suho told his team mates as they walked out onto the field.

The cheers of the crowd wrapped around them as they approached the center of the field, the Hufflepuff team walking out to meet them in the middle. Suho shook hands with the Hufflepuff captain before mounting his broom with the other players and the coach, kicking off the ground and rising into the air.

And so the match began! Suho had caught the quaffle that the coach had thrown into the air, speeding off towards the goal posts. He could feel the wind whip past him as he got closer and closer to the posts and-

“And Gryffindor’s Captain shoots the first score for Gryffindor! And in record time as well!” the commentator announced, cheers from the Gryffindor side growing louder at the goal. Suho had a feeling that  beating Hufflepuff this time around wouldn’t be as hard as he thought.


“GRYFFINDOR WINS!!!” the commentator shouted as the people in the stands cheered below. Suho smiled and high fived his team mates, all of them doing a victory lap around the field before landing back down onto the ground. The team smiled and waved to the students as they headed towards the locker rooms.

And as Suho was smiling up to the students, he had spotted Y/N in the crowd, cheering and clapping along with the others. Suho caught her gaze and she waved back, hiding her smile behind her other hand. Suho’s heart seemed to leap into his throat, his cheeks that were already red from the cold wind just glowed as he sent a dazzling smile to the Ravenclaw student.

He was so caught up in looking at her that he accidently tripped, stumbling over his own feet as he fell and rolled onto the ground, landing on his back. His eyes never left the girls, and he could see her shake with laughter as Jungkook and Minho helped Suho to his feet.

“Are you alright Captain?” Jungkook asked. Suho turned to look at the younger with a pleased expression on his face.

“Yeah, never better.” he said, his steps a little lighter than they were before as he walked into the locker room, heading towards the showers. He must have been in there for a long time, because when he went back out to the lockers to change, everyone else was gone.

’They must be celebrating up in Gryffindor tower,’ Suho thought as he pulled a spare change of clothes out of his locker. He threw on a grey jumper with a pair of jeans, drying his hair in the process. He threw on a nice pair of sneakers before exiting the locker room, locking up the door as he left. Suho entered the castle just as the sun was starting to set and was about to make his way towards the main staircase when he once again ran into someone, making the other person drop a small pile of books.

“Really? Either you’re really clumsy or fate is trying to tell us something.” Y/N laughed as she bent down to pick up her books. Suho blushed lightly and bent down to pick a few up that landed by his feet. He handed the books to her, making their hands touch slightly in the process. Suho felt his heart skip a beat at the brief moment of contact.

“So, where are you heading with all those books?” Suho asked her.

“The library.” she said, pulling the books close to her chest as she tried to refrain from giggling.

“Right, of course the library.” Suho said with a smile, although Y/N could tell it was a sheepish kind of smile.

“Would you like to accompany me? I just have to return them.” she offered. Suho stared at her for a moment before nodding his head cutely.

“Y-Yeah! Yeah, I’d like that a lot.” he told her before the two of them set off down the nearly empty halls.

“I was really impressed by your performance today on the field, you scored nearly half of the points by yourself. That’s very impressive.” Y/N said as they walked down the hall, turning right. Suho smiled with pride.

“It’s nothing really.” he said shyly, trying to brush aside the fact he was one of the best Chasers Hogwarts had seen since since the Great War.

“Well the way you were flying around the field and stealing the quaffle during today’s game wasn’t nothing.” Y/N teased as they entered the library. Suho smiled and bit his lower lip, trying to keep himself from laughing. He knew Madame Pince didn’t allow such atrocious noises in her library.

As Y/N moved between the shelves to put the books away, Suho watched her every movement as he followed her. He admired the way her hair would sometimes fan out behind her from walking too fast, and the way her hips would slightly swing as she walked. He was so caught up in how beautiful her body was that he didn’t notice her standing on her tiptoes trying to put a book back on a high shelf. Suho flushed and moved closer to her, bending his head down to whisper into her ear.

“Would you like help with that?” he asked. He could hear Y/N’s steady breath falter, and Suho suddenly realized that behind her calm façade, she really was just as nervous as he was. Suho smiled and leaned away from her ear, grabbing the book from her hand.

“This shelf?” he asked, looking back behind him at her wide eyes and slightly parted lips. Y/N nodded and licked her lips.

“Yeah, between the big black one and the purple one.” she whispered as Suho placed the book back in its rightful spot.

The two of them left the library in silence, Y/N was playing with her hands as the two of them walked and Suho was nervously biting his lips as he rubbed the back of his neck.

‘Maybe that was to forward? What if she didn’t like that and that’s why she’s so quiet,’ Suho wondered. They walked up the main staircase, until Y/N suddenly came to a stop at the third floor, making Suho halt as well.

“Well, Ravenclaw tower is down this way. We have our own separate stairs.” Y/N explained, a small smile adorning her lips as she looked at Suho.

“Oh, okay. So I’ll uh…see you in Charms tomorrow.” Suho said awkwardly.

“Yeah, I’ll see you in Charms.” Y/N sighed before turning away.

’Was that sorrow in her voice?’ Suho thought. ‘C'mon Suho, you’re letting her slip away, say something to her! Anything!’ Suho’s thoughts screamed at him.

“Hey! Wait!” Suho called out, running towards Y/N. Y/N turned around and waited for Suho to come to her.

“I’ve seen you around so much, and you probably know my name because of Quidditch and everything. But after all this time I never did catch your name.” he said sheepishly, rubbing his arm in embarrassment. Y/N smiled.

“It’s L/N. Y/N L/N.” she said. Suho smiled.

“Y/N. Wow.” he said softly in awe, making Y/N blush.

“It’s that all Suho?” she asked.

“Well u-um…if you want to there’s the trip to Hogsmeade tomorrow, if you’d like to go with me? A-And if you don’t want to I understand! Y-You probably already have plans with your friends and-” Suho’s words suddenly failed him when he felt a soft pair of lips press against his cheek, making his face flush in color. Y/N leaned back and giggled, her own blush rising up to her cheeks.

“So I’ll take that as a yes then?” Suho said, making Y/N nod in affirmation.

“I’ll see you tomorrow in the courtyard then?” Y/N asked.

“Yeah, yeah of course.” Suho smiled, watching Y/N turned around and walk down the hall.

He waited until she was out if sight before celebrating, jumping up in accomplishment as his wand admitted pink and gold sparks from the tip. He laughed and tried to calm himself down as he ran up the stairs to Gryffindor tower. When he entered the celebration party was in full swing with food and drink littered over every surface.

“Dude, where were you?” Chen asked him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Chen walked him to one of the loves seats in the common room. Chanyeol had snuck in Baekhyun, and the two of them sat cuddled on the couch next to Xiumin, another Hufflepuff that Chen was infatuated with. Although none of the Gryffindors seemed to notice them without there black and yellow robes on, either that or the firewhiskey was making their minds fuzzy. Chanyeol looked up and smiled at Suho before his face turned into one of worry.

“Hyung, are you okay? You look as if you seen a ghost.” Chanyeol stated as

Suho sat down in between him and Xiumin. Chen sat on the other side of Xiumin, throwing his arm over his shoulder. Baekhyun leaned over to look at Suho’s flushed, smiley, and blank expression and laughed knowingly.

“Oh Channie don’t you see it?” Baekhyun said happily, shaking his boyfriends arm out of excitement.

“What?” Chanyeol said, trying to find the missing puzzle piece in his mind.

“He probably needs a drink to bring his mind back.” Chen said, standing up to go grab a few butterbeers. Xiumin placed his hand on Suho’s forehead like a mother would to her sick child.

“He’s really warm you guys. Suho, do you need to go to the hospital wing?” Xiumin asked. Suho finally broke out of his dazed state, a wide smile etched on his face.

“No Xiumin, I’m never better actually.” Suho said as Chen shoved a butterbeer into his hand.

“You guys are so stupid! It’s plain as day!” Baekhyun whined, moving Chanyeol aside to grab Suho’s cheeks.

“He’s flushed, dazed, and has that silly smile on his face. Suho is in love!” Baekhyun exclaimed, squealing in excitement.

“But Baek, my love, we already know Suho’s in love.” Chanyeol explained.

“Yeah, he’s in love with that Ravenclaw girl in our year.” Chen said, teasingly shoving Suho’s shoulder. Xiumin suddenly gasped.

“No,” he said, looking at Suho with wide eyes.

“Babe, what is it?” Chen asked.

“But you’re so shy! Man, I don’t believe this! Good for you.” Xiumin said excitedly, patting Suho on the back.

“…huh?” Chanyeol deadpanned. Baekhyun hit his boyfriends shoulder.

“Honestly Chanyeol. I love you but you can be so stupid sometimes.” Baekhyun sighed.

“Suho finally asked her out!” Xiumin said. Chen spat out the mouthful of butterbeer, and Chanyeol gasped.

“No way!” Chen exclaimed, a smile spreading across his face.

“Yeah, we bumped into each other in the hall as I was heading back up. We’ve been doing that a lot lately. But she dropped her books and I helped her pick them up and our hands touched. I thought my heart would explode and then she asked if I wanted to walk with her to the library. So we did and she had some trouble putting this book back and so I leaned in close and asked if she wanted help. Her breath faltered and she nodded and I put the book back for her. Then we walked up the stairs until her floor, and she almost went away but I stopped her and asked for her name. It’s Y/N, isn’t it the most beautiful name you ever heard? Just hearing it seemed to light my soul on fire. And then I asked her if she wanted to go to Hogsmeade tomorrow and I guess I was rambling do she kissed my cheek! Right here, I swear I can still feel her lips there.” Suho gushed, holding the cheek that Y/N had kissed. Xiumin and Baekhyun squealed in excitement, while Chen and Chanyeol groaned.

“Aww, how cute you two are!” Baekhyun said.

“And you managed to snag a date?! This one over here waited too weeks before formally taking me out.” Xiumin said, nudging Chens shoulder.

“Hey, I wanted to make sure you were comfortable.” Chen mumbled. Xiumin smiled and placed a kiss on Chens cheek.

“And that was sweet of you.” Xiumin told Chen.

Suho smiled and leaned back against the couch happily, toning out the happy couples beside him because now he had someone that he could call his own. And the rush and exhilaration that came with Quidditch couldn’t even match with what he was feeling now; true love.

Alone (6)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six;

Chanyeol dragged his feet through his front door, throwing his jacket on the bench in the hall in frustration. The date had been going so well up until he mentioned the bond. He knew it was the best thing that could happen to him, finding his soulmate after waiting for so long, but the bond seemed to hinder more than help him when it came to winning you over.

As he trudged into the kitchen, he found Baekhyun and Sara sharing a tub of ice cream together on the countertop. Exactly what he needed to see, a happy couple flaunting it right in front of his eyes when his own soulmate didn’t want to speak to him. Sighing wistfully, he opened the fridge and took out a bottle of water.

“How did the date go?” Baekhyun asked, pulling his eyes away from his girlfriend long enough to see Chanyeol’s face and know the answer to his question in an instance. “That bad huh?”

Leaning against the fridge, Chanyeol finished off half of the water with a loud sigh. “It was perfect, up until the end where I messed it all up,” he muttered, running a tired hand through his hair.

Sara pulled her spoon out of her mouth. “Oh no, what happened?” she asked Chanyeol, turning her body away from Baekhyun to face him. “I’m sure you didn’t mess it up as bad as you think. Baekhyun poured boiling hot coffee on me on our first date.”

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Hello , could you do EXO gif reaction where their girlfriend hits her foot against ( idk pheraps chair ) & start to swar & moan really loudly ?

Exo reaction to their girlfriend hitting her foot against something and she started swearing and moaning.

Sorry for Tao’s gif tumblr won’t let me post it! And sorry for the looong wait!! -Ocean

Exo K
Looks at you with a shocked and awkward expression when you start swearing and moaning not realizing that you hit your foot against the bookshelf.

“Hey (y/n) watch out for the— “
You proceed to hit your small toe on the coffee table which leads you to start moaning and swearing.
“Well I tried to warn you” continues to drink his milk

Somehow you managed to hit both foots against the couch making you sit on the floor swearing and moaning. Baek would come from the bedroom and see you on the floor making him smirk.
“I know we just finished but damn (y/n) was I that good?”

Originally posted by pangguk

Walking into the kitchen you hit your small toe against the table. You start moaning and swearing resting your arms on the table. He would stand next to you and peering into your face. “Um (y/n) I got two questions for you. First are you okay and second is it bad that I just got turned on by that?”

*Activate shy turned on puppy*
“A-are you okay? Need my ‘help’ (y/n)?”

Cocky maknae would not even notice you hit your foot but would enjoy hearing you from across the room. “Well I am needed~”

Exo M
“That sound you are making jagi is my style”

Would look at you with a shocked expression when he heard a small bang which came from you hitting the chair. “(y/n) you okay— “
You start swearing and moaning silencing him. Would then go up to you and whisper seductively “want me to make you feel better jagi?”

“Keep that up (y/n) and that coffee table won’t be the one to make you swear and moan anymore”

Sweet Lay would help you immediately from you hurting yourself but hearing yours swears and moans would stay in his head replaying over and over. Later that night he would truly make sure to heal you ;)

Honestly you thought he would start making fun of you hitting yourself but all he did was tap your shoulder making you face him. “I’ll meet you in the room in 5 minutes” He would leave with a smirk. You are so going to get teased!

Looks at you shocked by yours swears but turned on by your moans.


HE REVEALED HIS ABS, GUYS!!!!!! I CAN’T EVEN!!!!! I’M DYING!!!!!!! PLEASE SEND HELP!!!!!!!😱😱😱😍😍😍😻😭😭😭😿💋💘❤💕💙💚💛💜💓💖💗💝💞💟❣💌

Here’s the video:

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