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So a father of an exo-l received an autograph of kai at a service station

At first, the father wasn’t sure if this man was kai, so he asked “are you exo?”. The man nods yes.

At this point the father of the fan notices that this man has blond hair, so he asked him “are you kai by any chance?” Once again the man nods and gives the father the autograph.  

However, when the fan checks the autograph, it’s PARK KYUNG from Block-B ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

LOL biggest troll ever.

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jungboogie  asked:

i dont know if this is already in effect but i have a suggestion! Why not make a human barricade for exo members at airports by linking arms to make a clear path that is safe. I know it might seem nonsense and impossible but its a suggestion. :) love your blog xoxo

It’s not nonsense and it’s not impossible! It was already done by fans!

I would always remember when EXO went to Russia to perform for the Kazan Summer Universiade… the Russian EXO fans welcomed EXO and their staff like THIS:

Some fans are acting like gates in order to create this space between the fans and EXO (they told fans to scoot back more to create an even more bigger space). Some fans say SHHH! It was refreshing to not hear fans scream until the group members destroy their eardrums! The best thing is that when EXO already passed through, people were clapping and cheering!

EXO was surprised by this and they clapped to the fans, as well! 

You can watch the video here <3 (best fancam of EXO EVER)

This was the day when the EXO managers became SOOOO NICE! When EXO had time to shop around Russia, they even let Russian fans talk, take pictures, and get autographs with EXO!

To be honest, no fans have ever gotten THIS close to the members…this just means that GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO DESERVE THEM.

If all fans are very welcoming like this when EXO visits their country, I assure you that SM and their managers will give EXO freedom to reach out closer to their fans! But I think fans will only get this ONCE THEY PUT EXO’S PRIVACY AND SAFETY IN MIND.

Thank you for loving the blog!

~Admin Mercydel

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D.O - 141216 Junny Jung’s twitter update: “아빠노릇 참 힘들다. 협연 준비에 힘들어하는 딸내미를 위해 엑소 싸인 받겠다고.. 딸내미가 안믿을테니 셀카 하나 찍어달라고 조심스럽게 부탁했더니 흥쾌히 찍어준 도경수씨께 정말 감사드린다.”

Translation: “It’s hard being a father. Since my daughter has been working so hard for her competition I told her I would get an EXO autograph.. As my daughter probably wouldn’t believe it, I cautiously asked Do Kyungsoo to take a selca for me, thank you so much.”

Credit: Junny Jung.

Miranda Kerr thanks EXO’s Sehun for his special gift

Idols it seems, have biases of their own and Sehun of EXO received a pleasant surprise from none other than Miranda Kerr.

On the 13th of April, Miranda Kerr uploaded a picture of an autographed EXO album. She stated, “Thank you @oohsehun for my surprise signed album!”

In the picture is Sehun’s version of album signed by himself with the note, “Check out our album, I’m a big fan”

Sehun has mentioned multiple times that he was a big fan of Miranda Kerr and after this post was shared, many EXO fans have taken to calling Sehun a “successful fanboy”.

source: koreaboo

I met Luhan once and he wasn’t mean but he wasn’t the nicest person ever. While his fellow Exo-M member autographed on the Exo-K mama album (which was the only thing I had at the time), he refused because he wasn’t on it and his overall attitude that day was weird but maybe it was because he was tired?. I expected Sehun to be a brat, and though he is my favorite member, I didn’t want to meet him because I felt as if he was going to ignore me. He was actually one of the nicest guys there that day. Just everything he said and did was so nice. And that one manager is probably one of the sweetest managers out there because some managers are such bitches

[TRANS] 150426 Shinchon Autograph Session - Suho
  • OP: Oppa, when will you show us your six-pack abs?
    Suho: …pardon?
    OP: Oppa’s six-pack abs
    Suho: It’s not yet to be revealed…
    OP: Please give me a promie about when you are going to reveal it
    Suho: it’s typically not something to be shown off so often ^^
  • OP: oppa, what’s your standards for friendship?
    Suho:… pardon? again? (he bent forward to listen)
    OP: Standards of close friends
    Suho: Um..it is necessary to be on the same wavelength, isn’t it?
    OP: I wish that oppa’s bestfriends were all EXO-L
    Suho: Of course!
  • OP: In the program ‘Fluttering India’, I found that oppa is the funniest member.
    Suho: (laughs)
    OP: What did you like to do the most when you were in India?
    Suho:… Going there, the most enjoyable thing to do is hanging out with other casts
  • OP: Junpa!!! Hi oppa!!!
    Suho: Hi~
    OP: Oppa, I saw you lifting up your shirt, showing a sneak peak of your belly please do that in Korea too
    Suho: ahahaha because my tummy was itching~
    OP: In the world, oppa is the person whom I love the most!! Stay strong!
    Suho: Thanks~Goodbye~
  • Suho confirmed that in EXO Next Door Ep.4 the 'Ouch’ sound that happened after the ankle injury of his character wasn’t his own voice. He added that if we are his fans, we would acknowledge that his voice can’t have not sounded that way. Therefore, at the end, fans asked Suho to imitate 'Ouch’ sound but he sat still and didn’t do it for the fans. Thus, fans asked him to do aegyo instead, he then raised his hands atop his head with V sign gesture doing BbuingBbuing, dancing, and singing 'Beautiful’.

Source: 1234_ohohoh, mingbubsa, zwionjjii, chenini25, neverland0408
Translation cr: junmapanda