exo autograph

So a father of an exo-l received an autograph of kai at a service station

At first, the father wasn’t sure if this man was kai, so he asked “are you exo?”. The man nods yes.

At this point the father of the fan notices that this man has blond hair, so he asked him “are you kai by any chance?” Once again the man nods and gives the father the autograph.  

However, when the fan checks the autograph, it’s PARK KYUNG from Block-B ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

LOL biggest troll ever.

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Cover Your Body with My Autograph

Title:  Cover Your Body with My Autograph

Author:  Kaspian

Pairing: Kaisoo (Kyungsoo / Jongin)

Genres: artist au, daddy kink, age gap, smut, kink, romance

Rated: NC-17

Length: oneshot

Summary:  Kyungsoo loves his daddy. And he likes him rough.

Warnings: spanking, role play, toys, daddykink, age gap / switch

Taken down

[TRANS] 150426 Shinchon Autograph Session - Suho
  • OP: Oppa, when will you show us your six-pack abs?
    Suho: …pardon?
    OP: Oppa’s six-pack abs
    Suho: It’s not yet to be revealed…
    OP: Please give me a promie about when you are going to reveal it
    Suho: it’s typically not something to be shown off so often ^^
  • OP: oppa, what’s your standards for friendship?
    Suho:… pardon? again? (he bent forward to listen)
    OP: Standards of close friends
    Suho: Um..it is necessary to be on the same wavelength, isn’t it?
    OP: I wish that oppa’s bestfriends were all EXO-L
    Suho: Of course!
  • OP: In the program ‘Fluttering India’, I found that oppa is the funniest member.
    Suho: (laughs)
    OP: What did you like to do the most when you were in India?
    Suho:… Going there, the most enjoyable thing to do is hanging out with other casts
  • OP: Junpa!!! Hi oppa!!!
    Suho: Hi~
    OP: Oppa, I saw you lifting up your shirt, showing a sneak peak of your belly please do that in Korea too
    Suho: ahahaha because my tummy was itching~
    OP: In the world, oppa is the person whom I love the most!! Stay strong!
    Suho: Thanks~Goodbye~
  • Suho confirmed that in EXO Next Door Ep.4 the 'Ouch’ sound that happened after the ankle injury of his character wasn’t his own voice. He added that if we are his fans, we would acknowledge that his voice can’t have not sounded that way. Therefore, at the end, fans asked Suho to imitate 'Ouch’ sound but he sat still and didn’t do it for the fans. Thus, fans asked him to do aegyo instead, he then raised his hands atop his head with V sign gesture doing BbuingBbuing, dancing, and singing 'Beautiful’.

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Translation cr: junmapanda