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you guys are incredible….i am speechless…..what on earth ??? I still really shocked that people support me ??? Okay supporting Admin N is no problem because she is amazing but I’m running this for now because she’s on hiatus because of school rip
So you guys have been listening to all my bullshit :“) yet you guys still request and leave adorable asks which makes me burst into tears and sobs for hours.

I’d genuinely like to take time to thank everyone who has messaged me, become mutuals with me, drops me cute asks. I love my mutuals, @lai-gvanlin @woojiniee , @pupniels , @woojinstinygf , @wannabl , @pinksausageduo , @mochamark , @perkwoojin , @alliwannado-w1 , @fromwannaone , and more who I don’t really talk to [ dw, I will once I’m done with exams. I haven’t talked to anyone in a long ass time either 😭 missing you guys so much ] Just know that I really treasure all of you even if I don’t always show it 💓

Huge s/o to everyone who has requested, dropped in asks, ideas, sent cute messages etc. you guys have made mY ENTIRE DAY countless of times and I really couldn’t be more grateful for that :”) * is emo * I’ll never be able to comprehend it. Our blog is growing and I really don’t know why because Admin N and I never planned it out properly and I was a mess majority of the time with managing it so it’s crazy that people recognise us. It’s also crazy that we have inspired other blogs to start writing ??? I’m going to start crying someone hold me. 😭❤️ My heart is exploding. I genuinely have so much love and adoration in my heart for you guy. I’m emotionally attached. I get super excited when someone drops something nice in our inbox ☺️

Drop three things in our ask box, 

1. What you love about our blog
2. Why you followed
3. How we can improve / what you want to see
because we’re all about growing and improving with you guys 💕💝

- Admin L 

days til Admin N gets off hiatus: 10-11 days

days til Admin L’s first finals paper: 2 days itsamiracleimstillalive

Looking for blogs!

hey guys! ^^ i haven’t had much time to take care of my blog since school started, and since I’m on break right now, I thought I would seize this opportunity to tweak a few things. My dash is really quite slow, so I realized it’s time for me to open up to a following spree. Please reblog (or like), so I can check out your blog regardless of your blog type. It would be best, however, if you post any of the following: 

- exo / exo graphics 

- pale / pastel anything; 

- wuyifan ♥  

Psst y’all are beautiful and lovely human beings. ;; 


im kinda in need of some new kpop blogs to follow so PLEASE reblog this if u post
• GOT7
• Block B (by any chance bc they havent done shit in a year like cmon)
• Seventeen
• The Ark
yeah thats all. would be nice if u gave a follow back since i post the same stuff. thank you~


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