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Sheila, I saw the post for Combat Mercy that you guys posted on your insta, and I'm always impressed with how much you're able to accomplish super short build times! Do you have any tips for how you're able to work so quickly? (I ask while in the middle of cosplay procrastination...)

Sheila’s Tips for Finishing stuff FAST™

-Think in terms of waiting vs not waiting. 
A lot of the cosplay process is waiting. Usually waiting for something to dry, waiting for the iron to hit up. Etc. Set up your wait times to align with other tasks. EXMP. I usually make all my foam armor first, so that way once I set it aside to seal and paint, I can pattern and draft while its drying, in between reapplying coats. Or I throw the glue gun on to get hot and while I wait, I cut and style a wig. 

If you start doing this, you’ll get used to thinking ahead in terms of “what will I need to do later, and what can I do now to set up for it.” 

-When something gets frustrating, move on. 
Yesterday I tried making my leggings and nearly started screaming with how annoying the machine was being. So I dropped it, and started doing the dress details instead. Its funner, easier, and it doesnt make me want to QUIT. There are tons of tasks we hate doing enough that it makes us work slower, or stop working altogether. Instead, drop the hard thing, do some easy things, come back to it later when youve had time to mull over how youll tackle it. Ie. I tried sewing my leggings, but it was hard, so i worked on the dress and during that I decided to buy leggings and paint them instead. :) 

-Try to buy everything you know youll need now. 
Nothing takes more time then a “quick” trip to walmart for paint brushes. Cause then your hungry, then you also need groceries, then you shoud also— no. Make your whole list before your build. AND if you want to wait on supply stocking cause your trying to budget, then create a 2nd shopping trip to closer when 50% of the costume is done. I.E. One shopping trip for all the armor and fabric, 2nd trip for all the attachments of the armor. And if you find you do need that one thing, think about everything that still needs to be done. Can you do any of it without that one thing? Then work on that instead of going out. GO OUT LAST. 

-Don’t watch anything new. 
I love playing movies in the background, because the progression and narrative of that movie makes time seem to go faster AND I can measure my time. One more is about 2 hrs. One episode is a half hour, etc. But they key is to, DONT WATCH NEW STUFF. Cause then youll find yourself stopping and watching. You gotta rewatch stuff youve seen a million times. Or just throw on music. 

-Put your phone in a different room
Just avoid the distraction. 

They are! Especially when you need a motivator. Lunchtime or dinner is a great one. Cause you can sit, eat, watch something or play a game. Usually I try to make it correlate to the costume. I play overwatch on a break if Im working on mercy. I watch Convenion Cosplay videos on youtube if its something like Miku. Anything to keep my excitement of wanting to finish my build. AND SET A TIMER to go off after an hour or so. Dont let yourself get sucked in. Unplug the thing and put it in the closet if you need to. 

-It doesnt have to be hard to be good. 
Yeah, worbla is great. And cutting plexiglass is impressive. But if you have 4 days till the con, remember what your working with and remind yourself that using foam can be just as good. Don’t set yourself up for failure by starting to fiberglass a pepakura armor build 3 days before the con. Its just not gonna happen and youll be dissapointed when it does. And accept that its okay to have some things shortcut for the finish. Maybe you dont get the gloves done. Oh well! Thats okay! At least its finished aside from that, and then you have months to get and make them the way you want after for the next con cause everything else is already done. 

Hope this helps!! 

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What would happen if Kakei saw something that reminds him of strawberry? exmp. The inklings/octoling hair is strawberry shade and has a green dye only on top of the head or maybe that person has an accessory or similar to that. I can only imagine he would nom someone's head or maybe he would look at them very intently OqO) till that said person starts walking away slowly before he/she gets nomed (sorry for the wall of text it was a random thought that occurred to me hehe)

welp he would so nom lovett 

Halloween Special??

So I was thinking since today is Halloween, should I do a Halloween Special? Where I’ll do ships and such but Halloween inspired and like, Halloween inspired requests? It’ll go on until a week after Halloween, too. 

Since I’ll be actually trick-or-treating (as Richie Tozier ha), I won’t be on fast, but I’ll have until like, 4pm to get the first things done! So, what’s gonna happen is this, you’ll send in something so I know that you want to do the special and you get a Couples Halloween costume and you also get a small fic! 

Here are the instructions!:

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