So the Takara-Sunrise Brave series shares more than a few connections with Transformers. Sometimes they were big and obvious, like when Deathsaurus was recycled into Red Geist. Other times, the connections were less straight-forward. Take the four Geisters - Armor Geist, Horn Geist, Ptera Geist and Thunder Geist - who were the henchgoons in Brave Exkizer (sic, but that’s how I’ve seen it officially rendered most often). Each of them is based on the “engineering” of one of the four non-Grimlock G1 Dinobots, transforming in the same ways as their counterparts Snarl, Slag, Swoop and Sludge, but the Geisters’ physical detailing and colorations are completely different from their progenitors. I’m not entirely sure WHY this was done - there were never toys made for the Geisters - but I think it’s a fascinating historical footnote, and made sure the information made it onto the Transformers wiki.

Model scans made by a friend from a book on Sunrise robots, screenshots taken from various episodes.

  • goddamnit blue:HES TOO SHY
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:sdfjhdsdfsjhf
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:HES GOTT A MAN UP
  • goddamnit blue:fsDFSKFSDF
  • goddamnit blue:TO GET THE GUY
  • goddamnit blue:YOU MUST BE FULL OF COURAGE
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:fSDFSDFSDFSDF
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:EXACTLY
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:YOU MUST
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:LIVE
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:BREATHE
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:AND EAT
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:COURAGE
  • goddamnit blue:oH
  • goddamnit blue:CANT GET TOO CRAZY
  • goddamnit blue:NOT IN THIS EPISODE--
  • assassin silky thunderbutt:fSDFDSpfsdfsDf
  • goddamnit blue:8)