People are cynical about writers. They say, “How can he know so much about life or the world if they sit in a room until the dawn, scribbling in journals?” They say, “What is the worth of reading another’s words when that time could be spent in Real life?”

Existence is perception, emotion, insight, instinct and intellect. If one has the ability to understand and put into words the feelings, experiences, and meanderings of the human mind; lessons uncovered and mysteries solved, what right does an inactive mind in the physical world have to criticize one who masters insight? Is it not naive to underestimate the power of words, the power of language, and the wisdom that comes from making intangible thoughts tangible?

Mr. Wilde clearly knew some ****. ‘Scuse my french, I’m feeling liberated today. ;)

Dream big. Live large. Love with your heart.



Cant afford it, her heart too much dime,
only one population of a time,
social devetation of us devide by two gods
dont believe it true any of odd,

Let be what gonna be, see the future crawl,
coin by coin truth or dare,
simply mind clevage binding our soul,
nor my heart too poor to care,

100 is score to high, even for me before die,

Thank to shadow hide my heart,
your exixtence one of kind art,
wonderfull shining smile bluring path,
even mankind cant do the math,

Love for you is audible kind,
im just joking around not to tell,
until someday i made my mind,
you the only thing that i ever call,
rude to avoid the wind,
we never be togather forever at all.

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So my brother is playing halo 2, and a marine threw a grenade at a jackal and shouted: “Dont open until Christmas!”

i completely forgot about the beat halo in exixtence