exits and enterances


Nico was in border patrol, but it was just so he could  be surprised.

Can you believe this could be the first time Nico can celebrate his birthday with people that like him since his mother died? :))

the year of letting go, of understanding loss. grace. of the word ‘no’ and also being able to say ‘you are not kind.’ the year of humanity/humility. when the whole world couldn’t get out of bed. everyone I’ve met this year, says the same thing ‘you are so easy to be around, how do you do that?’. the year I broke open and dug out all the rot with own hands. the year I learnt small talk. and how to smile at strangers. the year I understood that I am my best when I reach out and ask ‘do you want to be my friend?’. the year of sugar, everywhere. softness. sweetness. honey honey. the year of being alone, and learning how much I like it. the year of hugging people I don’t know, because I want to know them. the year I made peace and love, right here.
—  Warsan Shire | on: exiting 2016 and entering 2017
Astronomical & Astrological Events in December 🌌

December 1st: Vesta enters Retrograde, Chiron exits Retrograde
December 2nd: Mercury enters Capricorn  
December 7th: Venus enters Aquarius
December 9th: Ceres exits Retrograde
December 10th: Uranus semi-sextile Chiron
December 11th: Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
December 13th: Full Moon in Gemini (Supermoon), Geminids Meteor Shower
December 14th: Geminids Meteor Shower
December 19th: Mercury enters Retrograde, Mars enters Pisces 
December 21st: Sun enters Capricorn, Ursids Meteor Shower
December 22nd: Ursids Meteor Shower
December 24th: Saturn trine Uranus
December 26th: Jupiter opposition Uranus
December 28th: Saturn square Chiron
December 29th: New Moon in Capricorn, Uranus exits Retrograde 
December 31st: Jupiter quincunx Chiron

“My dearest friend, in whom I trust without hesitation, without doubt─

Come what may, I know you will strive on.

You will strive, and in the end you will triumph, on this journey and the next, and the next, and the next.

And when you have fought the good fight, only to find, yet again, that it is not enough─

I will be there.

This I promise. This I swear.

Beyond darkest night waits a new dawn. I pray you greet her with a smile.

Your friend,

Haurchefant Greystone”

-Letter to the Warrior of Light, Thoughts Unspoken, Tales from the Dragonsong War, 2016

Meditation isn’t about trying to completely cancel out thoughts. It’s a state of surrender where your thoughts exit as effortlessly as they entered. All is flowing and in motion, even silence.

Astronomical & Astrological events in November 🌌

November 4th & 5th: South Taurids Meteor Shower
November 9th: Mars enters Aquarius
November 10th: Saturn semi-sextile Pluto 
November 11th: Venus enters Capricorn, North Taurids Meteor Shower
November 12th: Mercury enters Sagittarius, North Taurids Meteor Shower
November 14th: Full Moon in Taurus (Supermoon)
November 16th & 17th: Leonids Meteor Shower
November 19th: Neptune exits Retrograde
November 21st: Sun enters Sagittarius, Jupiter biquintile Neptune  
November 24th: Jupiter square Pluto
November 29th: New Moon in Sagittarius


Can “Close the Goddamn Door.” be a spell. Like it just slams the fucking door after someone exits/enters.

“Romeo, oh Romeo, where art thou?” A spell for finding lost objects. 

“Why the fuck you lyin?” Is a truth spell. 

“When Pigs fly.” Is a truce spell. Whoever breaks it first smells like a pigsty until the other deems fit.

“[His/her/their] Bark is worse than […] bite.” A common joke spell used by the lower grades, make you bark like a dog until the spell wears off.

“Sugar we’re going down Swinging.” A stamina spell, used for… Well I think you know. But you have to pronounce it all like the singer does. Works better than “A candle in the wind.” But harder and with better results. 

“Leonardo DiCaprio.” curses someone to never win anything truly great (an advanced spell)

الدخول الى قلبي عسير يا سيدي .. لان الخرج منه مستحيل .! - غادة السمان . 

 Entering my heart is difficult sir .. Because exiting is impossible !!

Promise- Thomas Jefferson X Reader

I sat in shock, watching one of my best friends arguing why we shouldn’t send aid to France in their time of need. What shocked me more was that me and Jefferson shared the same view point in our lives, for once.

I looked at President Washington, trying to read his emotions but he was unreadable.

“Uh… do whatever you want. I’m super dead.” Hamilton ended and I clenched my fists, about to stand up.

“Enough.” The president said and I took a breath in relief. “Hamilton is right.” He said and my mouth almost dropped open.

“Mr. President-” Jefferson tried but one glance from Washington shut him down.

“We’re too fragile to start another fight.” He said and I stood up, my anger blinding me and I exited the room. I entered the hallway and I felt tears about to make their way out of my eyes. I stayed out there in the hallway, pacing for a good half hour and I turned to walk towards the exit when I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Alexander.

“What?” I asked him venomously and he looked at me, taken aback.

“Are you alright?” He asked slowly.

“You never asked my last name, Alex. You never once pieced together that Lafayette is my brother. You never once assumed even though me and Lafayette were so close the entire time he was here that he’s my brother and that you’re breaking your promise to him.” I told him, trying to keep control of my emotions. I didn’t cry, no matter how much I wanted to because I knew that he would use that to his advantage.

“Your brother’s a smart man, he’ll be fine.”

“It’s not him I’m worried about- it’s the people he’s leading.”

“Exactly they’re unfit to fight!”

“Much like I thought America before the war.”

“But we won-”

“With Frances aid.”

“We’re too fragile to fight. The statement of neutrality has been made.”

“I’m going to France then.”

“No. I promised your brother I would keep you safe.” He said.

“You can’t force me to stay.”

“You could be killed.”

“He might be dead so why would my life matter?” I asked him and he paused.

“Jefferson!” I heard him call out and I spun around to see Thomas Jefferson looking at him quizzically from the other end of the hall and he walked towards us.

“If you called me here to rub your victory in my face, I do not appreciate it.” He said cooly.

“What? No. Not yet anyway. I have a question.” He said. “Lafayette has a sister, right?” He asked and Jefferson nodded.

“Yes but she came to America several years before him. Why?”

“Would Lafayette allow her to fight in the French Revolution?” Alex asked and Jefferson looked shocked to say the least.

“No. He made me promise to try and protect her.” He said and I rolled my eyes, knowing that is something that Laf would do.

“Why you?” Alex scrunched his nose up.

“Well maybe because-”

“Alex it doesn’t matter. My brother isn’t here in the first place.” I told him and Jefferson turned over to me and looked at me in shock.

“You’re Lafayettes sister?” He asked and I nodded, a bit annoyed.

He kissed my hand, his eyes never leaving mine. “I suppose since you are friends with Hamilton that you already know who I am?” He asked and I nodded.

“Jefferson can you convince her to stay here? President Washington needs me.” Alex said and he walked away without another word.

“I hope that he has not spread too many bad rumors about me?”

“He has but I’ll try to put them aside for conversations sake.” I told him and he smiled at me genuinely.

“Thank you, Miss. Lafayette. I appreciate it.”

“Please, call me Y/N.”

“Whatever you wish.”

i. choir boys
their gaunt faces are like old victorian paintings hung up in grimacing grey museums on good fridays going on sale for twenty-four hours only, their voices catch hold of clouds, drift up into the sky and budge stars. hymns of holiness and pink boyhood scars and melodies of how they bite into their own knees, tear each other apart, leave the dirty meanings of their names scrawled in red ink across glazed church skin. 

ii. exit wounds
i enter you as if stepping out of orbit and being engulfed by the appalling lack of gravity, the seashell shift of the atmosphere, the milky way a carpet stretched into infinity. i enter you and the blood whorls back into my mouth and the sky is unstained by my shapeless body and the bandages don’t stick anymore. here i can scream for an eternity and the only sound will be my own voice calling back to me, a vicious unending end. 

iii. vengeful ghosts
they turn the coffee pot on by itself, they lay waste to the kitchen floor, someone trips on the bathroom curtains after encountering an apparition in the mirror with gold teeth and a soulless face. the lights flicker as dark dooms the town, they’re the glue that hold the moon and the stars together. faint screams coming from the attic, a cat missing an eye in the backyard. footprints where nobody sleeps, a staircase like your heart, leading nowhere.

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Imagine going to a crime scene with Sherlock

“Ah, here they are.” Lestrade exclaims as you and Sherlock exit the taxi and enter the crime scene.

“Where is the body?” I looked at Sherlock, then back at Lestrade.

“Where’s John?” Lestrade asked. Sherlock rolled his eyes, and I couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

“John is with Mary at the moment, this is Y/N and she will be accompanying me for this case. Now where is the body, you are ruining my Christmas.”

“In the first room , but be careful. Anderson and his crew are working in there.”

“Really Lestrade, why do you let him near when you know I am coming? In fact why do you let him near a crime scene at all?”

“Sherlock, play nice. After all, everyone deserves something on Christmas.” You wink at Sherlock and move past him to go into the room.

“I like her.” Lestrade says as he walks away as well. 

“Who wouldn’t.” Sherlock smiles to himself before following you to the room to investigate the body.

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How do people like... walk up to automatic doors clearly labelled enter and exit and try to enter through the exit door? Or they wait until someone comes through on the other side and annoy everyone. Like dude. Its literally less than a foot away. Are you stupid.

Apparently the ladies did not get the memo that my shirt stood for #SUPERWOMAN and not #Superman. Because it happened again. There I was, in the change room, minding my own business, putting on my sports BRA and a lady did the same enter, exit, check the sign, and repeat. Because, “You can’t be too sure, right?” Yes, I my hair is short and my muscles are big, but last time I checked, I’m still a girl. ———————————————