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The One With the Baby Fever

Another one shot coming ‘atcha!! also, side note, I am like so in tune with Brie and Daniel’s baby stuff. Like I watch the youtube videos and stuff, and I’m just so excited for them. and I don’t even know them??

this was roughly 16 pages in my notebook? so  i’m pretty sure this is the longest thing I’ve ever wrote. and I wrote in a bit of Dean’s pov so be aware of that *finger guns*

Dean Ambrose x Reader

While meeting Brie Bella’s new baby, Dean starts to feel some type of way.

There is now a part two!!! this is going to be a mini series.

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Yixing doesn't deserve this.

All OT8 stans take the nasty exit on the left. Yixing is resting. He is taking a long needed break after carrying and spreading Exo’s name in China alone. You have no clue how many times he’s brought up Exo in an interview, talked about being with his group, talked about missing the boys. Even his damn ringtone is set to Call Me Baby in Go fighting. He’s taking a week off for his health after having a hectic schedule in China, something I’m very sure the boys support, remembering Chanyeol’s message to him in the summer. So miss me with this bullshit about him leaving. He’s taking the long deserved break that he didn’t get to have in January like Exo, when he was filming Operation Love and doing other multiple schedules. He’s finally letting himself rest. So please. Just look at how much he loves Exo, all the playful teasing and sweet actions at concerts and how much they love him. Look at how grateful and how much love he holds for Exo-Ls and Xingmi and his promise to us all. Have a little more faith in Yixing guys. He doesn’t deserve this.

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Breathe ~ An Avengers Story (15/15)

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AU Summary: The Avengers go on a mission to save Y/N and destroy the oncoming HYDRA resistance.

Notes: im making this the last one of the first book because the chapter after this one will take place AFTER cap:civil war so yea bucky will be on the next chapter but yeah i hope you guys like this one and would keep on reading more. this means a lot and yea. here goes. “)

Part 14 | Part 15 



“All engines running. Departing from Stark Tower in 5 minutes.”

“Control motors fully operational, weapons system engaged and ready. We are a go, Captain.”

Steve nodded back at Barton and Romanoff at the pilot seats. Then he turned around and saw Dr. Banner recalibrating the device to track down Y/N’s location. Or at least the coordinates of the last known vantage point

“FRIDAY, run a search for any weird gravitational occurrence, unusual magnetic pulls, and gamma ray signals on a 20 mile radius.” Stark commanded the AI as he himself got into one of his suits.

“Yes, sir.” The voice responded.

“Gamma ray signals?” Steve asked. Bruce looked up and explained it to him.

“Since the other guy responded to Y/N’s powers before, we figured there must be at least a hint of gamma radiation on her since it’s somehow connected. There’s a chance but it’s a small one and we’re taking every resources we have right now.” He said. “We’re gonna find her, Cap.”

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Imagine being the Avengers manager of public relations and affairs and they call you Supermom…

Warning: Anger, swearing

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You stood waiting for them to leave the elevator, the numbers climbed slower and slower, until finally they reached this floor. Tony exited first followed by the rest of the Avengers, who were all bloody and beaten from the most recent Hydra fight they fought. “Ah, dammit, who ran to mommy?” Tony whined holding his head, nursing his ringing headache. You growled and your eyes darted to Steve, who had radioed in a few hours ago that they went on an unauthorized mission and got beaten up pretty badly. From that moment you tapped your foot impatiently waiting for them to get their super butts home. “Of course you did,” Tony snapped at Cap.

“That’s quite enough Anthony Stark.” You growled. “Do you guys know how much ass kissing I’m going to have to do with Furry to get this expunged and off the record!?” You shouted loudly, making all of them cringe. You may not have super powers and you may not be an official Avenger, but you were their public relations manager and really their manager for all affairs with SHIELD. This title earned you the nickname ‘mommy’ coined by Mr. Stark himself. Your ability to yell should be a super power in itself as Steve always said. You were pretty much the only one he answered to. You single handily had more control over the Avengers then all of SHIELD. A chorus of ‘ooo’s’ chimed in the room as you walked up directly to Steve and pointed a finger at his face, he looked straight ahead, he didn’t dare look down at you even though he had a good foot over you. “Steve care to explain this escapade? Care to explain why I shouldn’t get you all suspended for a month and force you guys to take a break! And for Christ sake!” You shouted, and pointed at Bucky, “He has no clearance to leave the tower! Several countries still want his head on a plate! If they would of caught him overseas I wouldn’t be able to do anything,” Tony was about to make a comment, “Zip it Stark!” You growled. Bucky raised his hands in defeat and looked down rubbing his arm. They hated when you got angry with them. None besides Tony dared to talk back.

“And Clint,” you turned your rant toward him, “Laura has been calling me non-stop for days because you refused to answer her calls! And you what I had to tell her!? Do you?” You glared at him, he shook his head looking down at his feet, “I had to tell her I have no idea where you or the rest of the team is because you snot balls all left without notifying me! You all made me look a moron!” You shouted and they all cringed again. “Oh and let’s not forget the code green I was told about by Steve! You called a code green! Code green! You’re lucky it was a private place and no Camera’s caught you! I would be screwed by press if they knew!” Steve lifted his hand and opened his mouth, “Don’t you fucking dare Rogers!” You growled. “Now, why the hell did you do this,” They all went to talk at the same time, like children do when they’re in trouble. “Steve only,” You yelled, and they shut up immediately. “We caught wind of a Hydra base producing weapons, and wanted to check it out,” Steve answered quietly. “And you could notify me and then leave, I’m literally down the fucking hall Steven! Ten feet away.” You snapped, and he blushed. “For the record,” Bucky spoke up, all eyes turned to him and they looked at him like he was crazy. “I wanted to tell you Ma’am,” Bucky quickly stated. You huffed, you couldn’t help but feel bad for Buck. He was dragged out of his mind and thrown into one weird world. He was not the one you were mad at. You were mostly mad at Steve, and Tony.

You stepped back a few feet and pitched the bridge of your nose and exhaled deeply before looking at the group of adults before you, all looking around like a bunch of children that got caught for something insanely bad. Staring at them, your heart melted, you loved your group of super heroes, and you loved being their manager. You looked at them as your babies that you had to keep safe, even though most were older then you. “You know what, you’re all dismissed,” You turned on you heal and walked out of the room,

“Damn she’s worse than my mom,” Clint expressed quietly. “And she’s younger then all of us!” Wanda mumbled. “I’ve never been afraid of a mortal, like I am of Lady Y/n.” Thor chimed in from the back of the group. Tony sighed, “She’s loud man.” Bucky stared at all of them, “I said we should have told her.’ “Oh no, she was sleeping, you don’t poke a sleeping bear, especially a super hero managing bear, that has more stress coming out of her butt then we care to know about,” Clint told Bucky, who chuckled nervously. “Honestly that was better than waking her,” Nat said patting Bucky’s shoulder, “You’ll learn the ways of approaching her soon enough Soldier.” “I think even the Hulk is afraid of her,” Bruce laughed. “But guys, she only does it because she cares about us,” Steve stated. They all nodded in agreement, “Yeah, good ol’ mom caring too much for her own good,” Tony chuckled earning a laugh from the team.    

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Since the two of us were talking about Yondad and Space Son related angst, how about a small fan fiction full of pain. Where Yondu has to deal with his worse fears brought to light, and a younger!Peter is fatally injured on a mission while protecting Yondu. And Yondu holds him and tries to keep him awake, and alive, and yet he just falls apart BECAUSE WHERE IS THE REST OF THE CREW WITH HELP DAMMIT (Yondu calling Peter "son" or "his boy", and Peter calling Yondu dad optional!)

lmao i finally got to this prompt,,,, time for some angst!!!

Peter Quill is an idiot.

Even at the age of ten, Yondu’s convinced the kid doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing half the time, always getting into trouble for this reason and that. He’s useful for stealing, of course, but when left to his own devices, he almost always manages to stir up some sort of drama, stepping on somebody’s toes for whatever odd reason, prompting Yondu to come save his ass.

And now this job’s a bust, because Yondu’s only crew member present is the boy; they’d been separated from the others in the chaos of the firefight with the Xandarian guards after retrieving the artifact they’d been hired to steal. What had started out as an easy task quickly turned into the clusterfuck it is now, leaving Yondu and Peter running from a handful of guards with no backup.

Peter had been carrying the damn thing they’d stolen when he tripped, of course, because he’s a clumsy ass kid, and Yondu narrowly managed to pull him back up to his feet when one guard got in a good shot, and—

“Yondu, look out!”

Then suddenly Peter’s falling again with a cry of pain, the artifact slipping from his fingers. Yondu catches him with one hand while taking out the few guards still chasing them with his blaster in the other, before he finally gets his bearings straight and realizes what the fuck just happened.

Because now Peter’s gasping for breath through tears, his chest bubbling up red as he clings to Yondu’s shirt.

“Boy, what were you thinkin’?” Yondu scolds, laying Peter down carefully on the ground. He grits his teeth together as he studies the wound. “You could’a gotten yourself killed!

“I’m sorry,” Peter manages quietly through tears, and, and—since when has he been so small? Yondu suddenly feels as if he’s cradling an infant as he holds Peter still, pressing his hand over the wound. “He was gonna shoot you.”

“Shut it, son,” Yondu snaps, but his voice is drained of any real anger, because Peter’s bleeding out, and where the fuck is the rest of his crew for backup? “Keep quiet. Save your strength.”

Within a few moments, Peter’s expression changes, and it’s clear that he’s slipping. His grip on Yondu loosens as his eyes start to flutter. Yondu presses down on his chest harder.

“Stay with me, boy!” Yondu all but yells in his face. An unfamiliar uneasiness crawls up his spine, clawing at his heart as Peter closes his eyes. “Peter!”

Peter opens his eyes, looking at Yondu tiredly. “’M’sorry…”

“Son, don’t,” Yondu says, looking around wildly. “Kraglin! Where are ya? Get over here now!

His hands are completely stained red by this point, the sticky, warm fluid mocking him. Peter’s slipping again and no one from his crew is in sight. At this rate, Peter’s going to—


Yondu snaps his gaze back down to Peter then, meeting Peter’s exhausted eyes with his own. Despite the tears, Peter’s got this small smile on his face, as if he’s proud of what he did, throwing himself into the line of fire like an idiotic fool.

“No boy of mine gives in,” Yondu says strictly, hardening his gaze. “So you better stay with me, son, ya hear?”

Peter seems to struggle to focus his eyes on Yondu, but he mouths something that looks like the word “trying.”

Kraglin!” Yondu resumes screaming, looking around. “Get the hell over here!”

Thirty uneasy seconds pass before Yondu makes out Kraglin and some of the other crew members approaching them in the distance, looking frantic. Yondu glances between them and Peter, whose eyes have closed again as his breathing slows.

“Cap’n, we’re—“ Kraglin cuts himself off as he skids to a stop beside Yondu and Peter, looking down at Peter’s bloody form. “What happened to—“

“Where the hell were ya?” Yondu yells, glaring at the group of four. “We need to get the boy back to the ship now!

“Yes, Cap’n,” Kraglin says quickly, crouching down to help.

Peter’s head lolls lazily to the side, toward Yondu.

“Stay with me, Peter!” Yondu reminds, shaking Peter lightly. “That’s an order!”

Peter comes to in a bed he doesn’t recognize as his own. He squints against the low lighting for a few moments before the ceiling comes clearly into focus. It’s a familiar ceiling, one he’s only seen a handful of times—

His breath catches in his throat as he recognizes it as Yondu’s ceiling, in the captain’s quarters.

When he makes a move to sit up, a hand on his chest stops him. “Whoa, Pete, I wouldn’t do that if I were ya.”

He manages to turn his eyes to the figure standing beside the bed. “Kraglin, what…?”

His voice sounds all scratchy. Kraglin presses his lips together. “Ya got hurt real bad on the last job, Pete. Ya gotta take it easy now.”

“Am I gonna be okay?” Peter asks, feeling the dull pain in his chest. His memories are a bit hazy, but, but—was he shot? What the hell?

“Yeah, as long as you rest.”

The door opens then, and Peter sees Yondu come into view, holding a cup. Ah, geez, Yondu’s probably about to hand him his ass for getting hurt and losing the thing they were stealing; Yondu doesn’t let crewmembers get away with stuff like this, ‘cause it hurts the reputation of the clan as a whole, makes them look weak.

“I’ll take it from here, Kraglin,” Yondu says simply, dismissing Kraglin from the room. Kraglin leaves with a nod, and Yondu soon takes his place beside the bed.

“I’m sorry, Yondu,” Peter says quickly, swallowing his fear. “I-I didn’t mean to lose the thing, I swear. It was an accident.”

“Enough.” Yondu holds up a hand, signaling for him to stop. “That don’t matter now. All that matters is yer safe.”

And here comes the punishme—wait, what?

“Just don’t pull that funny self-sacrificin’ business in the field again, boy,” Yondu continues, looking at him sharply. “Clear?”

Peter nods quietly.

“Good.” Yondu sets the cup, which probably holds water, down on the nightstand, along with two small pills. “Now take these and drink up and go the hell back to sleep, son. Ya need to regain your strength.”

Yondu turns to leave then. Before he can make it out the door, Peter clears his throat and calls out a hasty, “Thanks, Yondu.”

“Rest, boy,” is all Yondu responds before exiting, closing the door softly behind him.

Peter smiles as he lays his head back against the pillow, relaxing his entire body into the large bed. 

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2+7 Youngjae fluff

“Whose kid is this?” & “Yeah, but how do you know him?“

Finally… silence. With a soft sigh, you snake your arms under the small boy’s back and pick him up from the couch. You could feel his deep sleepy breaths against your arm as you carried him to your bedroom. The little angel had been running around exited all day, and had now finally fallen asleep, giving you some rest. Your best friend’s 3 year old Doyoon was probably the cutest baby boy you had ever laid eyes upon. 

So when she came by your house with an emergency, you immediately said yes to watch him. Over all, Doyoon was just an angel. You guys had played around the entire day. He had helped you bake a cake, well… he had sifted the flour in a bowl with half of it ending up on the floor, he had eaten his lunch with a big smile, you two had gone to the park for a bit and the rest of the day had flown by in a second. 

Your grip on him tightens just a bit when he wiggles around in your arms. Somehow, he started sliding from your arms, so you reposition your arms around his small waist and lay his head on your shoulder. Luckily, the baby was too tired to wake up. With your foot, you push open the door of the bedroom. You were not planning on leaving him to sleep on the couch, so your bed it was. Your bestie had sadly not answered your message yet, but you didn’t mind. You would watch the boy for as long as necessary. 

With one hand to support his head and the other under his butt, you gently lay him down on the bed and tuck him in. Doyoon stirred a bit, but then kept sleeping soundly. As you sit on the edge of the bed, you look at his tiny little face. His soft features totally resembled his mother. You went to stand up, but his small hand wrapped around your thumb, preventing you from leaving. You sat back down slowly and ruffle his short black hairs a bit. 

It would probably be best if you stayed here a while anyway, he might wake up and not recognize where he is or something. Would a 3 year old be able to tell that? Yes, probably … definitely. So staying here it was. After a while his grip on your thumb weakened, but you stayed there anyway. You hadn’t really thought about kids before. You were still pretty young, and your boyfriend had never mentioned kids ever, so you figured he wasn’t ready as well. 

Which is fine by you … or it was. Seeing little Doyoon here, you somehow started getting this feeling. Like you would protect him no matter what. The kind of feeling that you wanted a baby yourself. But you still had so much time, right? You were busy with work and traveling and your boyfriend and your house and- A small frown appeared on Doyoon’s face, knocking you out of your thoughts. His brows knitted together and he scrunched his nose a bit, like he was smelling something weird. His small hand grabbed the sheets tightly. 

Was he having a bad dream? You quickly place your hand on his small cheek and start rubbing little circles on his face to relax him. It seemed to work, but his hands were still tightly gripping the sheets. So with a soft voice, you started humming the first children’s song you could think of. After about two minutes, his frown was completely gone, and his hands had let go of the sheets, so you stop humming. You rubbed his temple softly again, when you heard someone clear their throat behind you. 

“Uhm… babe- W- Why is there a baby in our bed?” You turn around to see your boyfriend Youngjae standing in the doorway with big eyes. He was sweaty and his hair was slightly messy from practice, with strands falling over his face. You quickly put a finger over your lips, motioning him to be quiet and then pointed at Doyoon. His voice was now softer, and he was doing his best to whisper. “Whose kid is this?” You giggle at him. 

What was going on in his mind? That you had kept a three year old hidden from him? Or did he think his was your– Instead of answering, you motioned with your head for him to sit down. He did, and the bed dipped down a bit next to you. With big but serious eyes, he looks at you, clearly waiting for you to begin explaining. With a small smile, you look back at the baby.

“Isn’t he the most adorable thing you have ever seen?” You whispered, your eyes still on the puffy cheeks of the sleeping baby. “Yes… But how do you know him though? Is he- is he yours? Or- IS HE OURS?” You look back at him with a grin. Youngjae did know how birth control worked, right? A soft chuckle left your lips as you look at your confused boyfriend. Finally, you give in. “No. This is Doyoon. He is my best friend’s baby.” His face looks relieved, and then he looks back over to the baby. 

“Oh… You know… I- I actually g-got exited for a moment.” You now look at him with big eyes. “What? I think we would be great parents, that’s all.” With a smile on your face, you nuzzle your face in the crook of his neck and give him a small kiss, and then one on his lips. “I think so too.” He leaned down to kiss you again, his soft lips against yours. The both of you just sat there for a bit, and you prayed that your bestie would let you babysit again soon.

Untitled underworld fluff lightbrite_rebel


Underworld fluff and captain swan

Work Text:

They are all so tired and worn down as they walk into the house, the one Killian had picked out for Emma and himself, the underworld version of it atleast. It’s not in much different shape than the loft had been, everything was covered in sheets and a pictures of Killian and Emma sits on a table by the door. Snow is leaning heavely on David followed by Henry who is just about walking in his sleep as Regina guides him into the living room with Robin not far behind. They all turn towers Emma as she walks in the door with her arms around Killian’s waist supporting him as he clings to her aswell.

“There are plant of room here so take one and gets some rest and we can plan and exit tomorrow after we’ve all had some rest.” Emma tells everyone as she heads for the stairs and up to the master bedroom, she may have healed Killian but he is still so exhausted. Once in the room she leans against the door closing her eyes, Killian lays against her right arm around her waist and his left braced on the door by her head. He leans his forehead against hers sighing.

“I love you so much. You don’t know how brilliant you are making your way here for me. I’ve missed you.” He tells her leaning in to capture her lips with his. She puts her arms around his neck pulling him closer and relaxing completely against the door and into the kids.

“I love you too, and I just couldn’t do it without you” she tells him with tears in her eyes

“I’m here now and have no plans of leaving you anytime soon, or ever if I have any say in it” he says brushing a kiss along her lips and pulling her towards the bed waiting down on the edge.

“We can talk later right now we really need to get some rest” she says tells him putting her arms around his shoulders and leaning in for another kiss.

“Sounds wonderful” he mumbles against her.lips and sliding his arms around her waist and his hand down into her back pocket.

“Just give me a…” he cuts her off with a

“What’s this?” Pulling out a picture from her pocket


“I’ve seen this before, Robin had it on his phone. Said it was from Selena of their baby.” He says looking at he with an odd expression “ why do ypu have a picture og Robin’s baby with you?”

“It’s…its not…not Robin’s ” she says quietly looking down

“Emma.. this says Jones at the top.” He says standing to move next to her but she didn’t look at him “ Emma look at me” putting his hook under her chin to tilt her head up to look at hime. She does and is surprised to see happiness and hope in his eyes.

“Are you pregnant? Is this mine? Ours?”

He sounds so hopeful she couldn’t do anything but nis. Words not working for her right now. Next thing she knows she’s being pulled in for a hug and kiss and he’s letting out a string of happy words that she can’t make out to focused on the joy coming off of him. He falls back onto the bed taking her with him.

“This is wonderful you have made me the happiest man ever.” She responds by kissing him.

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What exactly was the voice actors' reaction to The Last?

Well the only one exited was nana mizuki ( hinata seiyuu) all the rest was either passive or surprised in a bad way ( Naruto’s Va) about Naruto’s feelings about hinata popping about of nowhere.

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Hey hey hey! Could I request an oisuga fic of suga interacting with the players in aobajousai? Like, could you just imagine suga making fun of oikawa with mattsun, makki, and iwaizumi hahaha :3

Tooru pales in the middle of sweeping the Aoba Jousai gym floor with a broom.

“Koushi,“ Tooru pleads, “Koushi, I adore you to the ends of the Earth, but you shouldn’t be here.”

He pauses in his cleaning as he stares at Koushi, standing by the entrance with the widest, most wicked grin he’s ever seen. That grin never means good things for Tooru. It sets off both wedding and warning bells in his head.

It’s not like Tooru isn’t excited to see Koushi, especially after a long day of class and practice. He is, and he always will be. Except—

“Nonsense, Tooru,” Koushi laughs, readjusting the strap of his messenger bag. As he approaches Tooru, he waves at Watari, who shyly calls out a hello, Sugawara-san. “There’s no reason I can’t walk my boyfriend home from school!”

“Koushi,” Tooru starts, just as a resounding “Oi!” echoes from across the gym. Tooru whips around in horror. It’s too late. Koushi has been spotted.

“Suga-kun is here!“ Hanamaki cheers, waving his towel in the air. Tooru can only stare helplessly as Hanamaki jogs to Koushi, a sleepy-eyed but smirking Matsukawa trailing after him. Suga beams at both of them, his expression fond.

“Hi Makki, Mattsun,” he greets, raising both his loosely curled hands for their customary fistbumps. Hanamaki and Matsukawa each send Tooru a sly glance, which makes Tooru shiver.

“Koushi,” Tooru whines, gripping the broom handle in his clasped hands. “Koushi, have mercy.”

Koushi only smiles, the picture of innocence, before reaching up for a one-armed hug. Iwaizumi materializes from behind Tooru, startling him out of his mind.

“Hi, Iwa,” Koushi says as Iwaizumi bends a bit to return the embrace.

Tooru groans.

For all of Tooru’s complaints about Koushi being at his school, Tooru still insists that Koushi wear Tooru’s volleyball jacket. Tooru reasons, you need to blend in with us, Kou-chan, or you might get in trouble! Which is a terrible excuse, really, considering Aoba Jousai isn’t too strict on security, and almost everyone has already gone home. Still, Koushi pulls the too-big sleeves over his wrists as Hanamaki pretends to gag.

“So, Suga,” Iwaizumi begins just as they all exit the gates. The rest of the Seijou third years surround Tooru and Koushi as they walk down the deserted streets of the neighborhood, and Tooru is vaguely reminded of a pack of hyenas. “Anything interesting happen to both of you last weekend?”

Tooru gasps. “Kou-chan, don’t you dare!” Tooru wails, covering Koushi’s mouth with his hand. Koushi, entirely familiar with Tooru’s antics, doesn’t even blink. He licks a wet stripe across Tooru’s palm, causing the latter to flinch away.

“Ew,” Tooru whimpers, as Iwaizumi scrunches his nose in half-amusement, half-disgust. Koushi’s expression is smug as he receives Makki’s enthusiastic high-five.

“Cooked him a new tofu dish. Forgot to mention that I put a fair amount of chili powder in there,” Koushi relays, looking way too pleased for someone who has made his boyfriend suffer. Tooru levels Koushi with a look of betrayal, a pout already forming on his lips.

“Oikawa never learns,” Matsukawa says sagely, poking Tooru’s side. Tooru swats his finger away, glaring at his snickering friends. Even Koushi is having a difficult time keeping his giggles at bay as he hides his mouth behind the large, white sleeve.

“Bet you made this baby cry.”

“Iwa-chan, I did not!”

“I did make him cry.”


“Kou-chan,” Hanamaki drawls in a whiny, high-pitched imitation of Tooru’s voice, “Kou-chan is so mean!”

Iwaizumi and Matsukawa crack up at that, and Koushi actually has the gall to laugh at Makki’s awful mockery of Tooru’s lovely expressions. Tooru crosses his arms and looks away, grumbling.

“You’re all awful. Why do I even hang out with you guys? Honestly.”

“You love me, at least,” Koushi singsongs, before reaching up to kiss Tooru’s cheek.

“Bleh,” Matsukawa intones, even as they all grin at Tooru’s beet-red face.

Iwaizumi says goodbye as soon as they pass by the corner store, mentioning something about picking up milk for dinner. Hanamaki and Matsukawa turn the corner after, making excuses about doing homework together, but really just waggling their eyebrows at both Tooru and Koushi. They’re only a few blocks away from Tooru’s house, so Tooru takes the time to relish in the quiet and Suga’s sure presence beside him.

“Aren’t you glad I walked you home?” Koushi teases, breaking the silence. Koushi nudges Tooru’s waist with a gentle elbow, the smile on his face soft as he turns to look at Tooru. Tooru just can’t shake how natural this all feels, as if Koushi laughing along with Tooru’s friends had always been meant to happen. A year ago, Tooru would have never imagined this easy companionship, and now Tooru can’t imagine going without it.

The thought overwhelms him, so Tooru chooses to drop a kiss on the crown of Koushi’s head instead of replying. Koushi laughs because he knows what Tooru means anyway, huddling closer to him and drawing Tooru’s jacket tighter around his shoulders.

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I DONT KNO IF U GOT ANY SO makoharu and "I’m not cut out for this."

Haru was in the middle of making dinner – green curry, Makoto’s favorite. He’d made mackerel several times already that week, and although Makoto had never complained, Haru knew that he was getting really sick of it.

He wanted to make that night’s dinner special. It was their sixth month anniversary of being married, and it had been the happiest six months of Haru’s life. He was the owner of a small seafood restaurant and Makoto was a firefighter, so they made enough to live in a small house. Haru was absolutely fine with that – in fact, he liked having a small home. It was comforting, in a way. And it was only a few minutes away from the beach.

He’d known Makoto his entire life, so when they married he didn’t think it would be that different. It was the practical decision, given that they spent all their time together, they may as well live together. But it turned out to be so much more than he had ever imagined.

Coming home to Makoto’s smiling face, being the one to greet him with a kiss at the door, cuddling every night, it was wonderful – but what Haru loved most of all was being able to say that Makoto was his. This sweet, amazing, gentle, brave, beautiful man was his.

To be honest, Haru had been worried when Makoto got the job as a firefighter. Makoto had always been a bit of a scaredy-cat, and while his fear of the ocean had decreased over the years, he was still frightened very easily.

But his desire to help people was stronger than his fear. At least, that’s what he told Haru.

Haru didn’t notice time slipping by as he immersed himself in perfecting the curry. It was only when he ladled some into the bowls that he let himself look at the clock.

Makoto’s late…

He was only a few minutes late, so Haru told himself to stop worrying. But ten minutes turned into twenty, then thirty, then an hour and Makoto still wasn’t home and the curry that Haru had worked so hard on was cold.

He was about to slip on his shoes and head out the door to search for his husband when the door opened suddenly. Makoto stepped over the threshold slowly and closed the door behind him. Then, without looking at Haru, he leaned against the door and slid down to the floor, arms wrapped around his knees and head in between them, like a child.

Haru could see him shaking.

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I was the most unfortunate.
I knew that there was no exit out of this maze.

Then, he was the next unfortunate.
He did not know that there was no exit out of this maze.

But all the rest weren’t so unfortunate.
They didn’t know that they were in the maze in the first place.

—  Frederica Bernkastel