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Imagine being the Avengers manager of public relations and affairs and they call you Supermom…

Warning: Anger, swearing

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You stood waiting for them to leave the elevator, the numbers climbed slower and slower, until finally they reached this floor. Tony exited first followed by the rest of the Avengers, who were all bloody and beaten from the most recent Hydra fight they fought. “Ah, dammit, who ran to mommy?” Tony whined holding his head, nursing his ringing headache. You growled and your eyes darted to Steve, who had radioed in a few hours ago that they went on an unauthorized mission and got beaten up pretty badly. From that moment you tapped your foot impatiently waiting for them to get their super butts home. “Of course you did,” Tony snapped at Cap.

“That’s quite enough Anthony Stark.” You growled. “Do you guys know how much ass kissing I’m going to have to do with Furry to get this expunged and off the record!?” You shouted loudly, making all of them cringe. You may not have super powers and you may not be an official Avenger, but you were their public relations manager and really their manager for all affairs with SHIELD. This title earned you the nickname ‘mommy’ coined by Mr. Stark himself. Your ability to yell should be a super power in itself as Steve always said. You were pretty much the only one he answered to. You single handily had more control over the Avengers then all of SHIELD. A chorus of ‘ooo’s’ chimed in the room as you walked up directly to Steve and pointed a finger at his face, he looked straight ahead, he didn’t dare look down at you even though he had a good foot over you. “Steve care to explain this escapade? Care to explain why I shouldn’t get you all suspended for a month and force you guys to take a break! And for Christ sake!” You shouted, and pointed at Bucky, “He has no clearance to leave the tower! Several countries still want his head on a plate! If they would of caught him overseas I wouldn’t be able to do anything,” Tony was about to make a comment, “Zip it Stark!” You growled. Bucky raised his hands in defeat and looked down rubbing his arm. They hated when you got angry with them. None besides Tony dared to talk back.

“And Clint,” you turned your rant toward him, “Laura has been calling me non-stop for days because you refused to answer her calls! And you what I had to tell her!? Do you?” You glared at him, he shook his head looking down at his feet, “I had to tell her I have no idea where you or the rest of the team is because you snot balls all left without notifying me! You all made me look a moron!” You shouted and they all cringed again. “Oh and let’s not forget the code green I was told about by Steve! You called a code green! Code green! You’re lucky it was a private place and no Camera’s caught you! I would be screwed by press if they knew!” Steve lifted his hand and opened his mouth, “Don’t you fucking dare Rogers!” You growled. “Now, why the hell did you do this,” They all went to talk at the same time, like children do when they’re in trouble. “Steve only,” You yelled, and they shut up immediately. “We caught wind of a Hydra base producing weapons, and wanted to check it out,” Steve answered quietly. “And you could notify me and then leave, I’m literally down the fucking hall Steven! Ten feet away.” You snapped, and he blushed. “For the record,” Bucky spoke up, all eyes turned to him and they looked at him like he was crazy. “I wanted to tell you Ma’am,” Bucky quickly stated. You huffed, you couldn’t help but feel bad for Buck. He was dragged out of his mind and thrown into one weird world. He was not the one you were mad at. You were mostly mad at Steve, and Tony.

You stepped back a few feet and pitched the bridge of your nose and exhaled deeply before looking at the group of adults before you, all looking around like a bunch of children that got caught for something insanely bad. Staring at them, your heart melted, you loved your group of super heroes, and you loved being their manager. You looked at them as your babies that you had to keep safe, even though most were older then you. “You know what, you’re all dismissed,” You turned on you heal and walked out of the room,

“Damn she’s worse than my mom,” Clint expressed quietly. “And she’s younger then all of us!” Wanda mumbled. “I’ve never been afraid of a mortal, like I am of Lady Y/n.” Thor chimed in from the back of the group. Tony sighed, “She’s loud man.” Bucky stared at all of them, “I said we should have told her.’ “Oh no, she was sleeping, you don’t poke a sleeping bear, especially a super hero managing bear, that has more stress coming out of her butt then we care to know about,” Clint told Bucky, who chuckled nervously. “Honestly that was better than waking her,” Nat said patting Bucky’s shoulder, “You’ll learn the ways of approaching her soon enough Soldier.” “I think even the Hulk is afraid of her,” Bruce laughed. “But guys, she only does it because she cares about us,” Steve stated. They all nodded in agreement, “Yeah, good ol’ mom caring too much for her own good,” Tony chuckled earning a laugh from the team.    

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“Road to Home” | Girl In A Coma

Director | Greg Olliver

Featuring  | Amanda Lepore