The (now exitinct?) bouncy mushroom asset and the wind pipe which might be going too.

You can see sketches and the animatic diagram of how it might look too, I like these but the game has taken a less arcady approach, like I wanted and these were surely only temp, like theyre too classic platform for me :3 (question mark)

hope you enjoy the concepts

ID #98563

Name: Amal
Age: 22
Country: India

Well,to begin with i’m a 22 year old from India. All those colors that come to your head when you hear about the country are just like the images that come to my head when i hear about your country. We have about 100 years to be on this planet,according to Stephen Hawking.I’m not sure i’ll last another decade or even tomorrow,but drawing a line which after crossing human kind is going to be exitinct made me suddenly stay up an entire night while it rained here and flashes of lightning painted my windows to realise how little I know about the other billion billion kinds of people who i share this planet with.This is me reaching out,This is me holding that one end of the matchbox telephone,watching the string dissappear into the internet.If you are there on the other end,and if you can hear,we can start with a Hello.

Preferences: Anybody.