exit skate shop

skater heart;

member- taehyung

genre- au, fluff

words- 2, 000

summary- the boy with the scuffed up knees and kind heart falls for the girl with a witty mind and cute smile. skaterboy!taehyung

a/n- sorry i havent posted in a while, im just really swamped with school work! i’ll be working on requests soon though. but i actually really like this??? tell me what you guys think.

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You grew up in this tiny town. You grew up with the faded playground, with the family-owned ice cream shop, with the same group of friends since elementary school. You grew up reading on your grandma’s porch while it rained, you grew up here…with Taehyung, the boy you’ve had the biggest crush on since junior high. 

He grew up here too. He grew up skating with his buddies on the dingy but usable skate park, with bruises constantly on his knee, with the same skate shop that sold the raddest wheels. He grew up doing 360’s off of whatever was available, he grew up here…with you, the cute girl who he had always saw reading on the front porch at the house down the street from his. 

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Koji performing “Giants Sleeping” at Exit Skate Shop in Philly for his “Crooked in My Mind” record release show. He is pretty much flawless live.


Modern Baseball performing “Re-Do” at Exit Skate Shop in Philly for Koji’s “Crooked in My Mind” record release show.