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"Thought you Ought to Know"

The party was tasked to find a magical artifact that was being kept and used by this snake cult.  They find the hidden entrance behind the waterfall and make it through the relatively empty common room and dormitory with no problem.  When they reach the doorway to the inner sanctum of the cult this beautiful thing happened.

DM (me):  The hallway ends with a large and heavy set of ornate stone double-doors.

Goliath Fgtr (OOC):  Ok. I go to open the doors.

Before the player can even try to see it they’re locked…

Moogle Wzd (OOC):  I use my Wand of Fireball on the door!  BOOM!

DM and G. Ftr (IC and OOC):  What!?

The charge is used and she blasts the door and our fighter for a whopping 33 damage, blowing him to the floor and the doors wide open revealing the whole congregation of the cult inside listening to their leader in the auditorium.  They all stand and turn to look at the party as the dust settles when…


She rolls for a total of 34 on the check…

DM:  *silent cold glare that slowly shifts to stifled hysterical laughter as all but one of the cultists fail their sense motive rolls*  The cult leader and all the cultists, save for one, all look to each other and in a screaming frenzy hurriedly dash for the exit.

Cultist#8 who crit succeeded his save:  W-wait…we don’t even have a-

Cult Leader:  Timothy, what are you doing just standing there babbling like a mad man WHEN THERE’S A BLOODY TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!?

Cultist Timothy begrudgingly follows them out now second guessing himself.

And with that the whole table broke out into hysterics.

Just Some Thoughts

Steve got radiation poisoning, Danny wants to retire, Chin is considering to move to San Francisco, Kono is expecting a child, Lou’s daughter got a offer from a college in mainland, Max has already gone…

Considering that Alex maybe will exit after Season 8, like it or not, it seems that Five-0 Task Force is gonna dissolve at the end of Season 8… Sad, but so much better than someone kills Steve.

I still have hope that at the end of this show, Steve and Danny retire, travel around the world, or run Steve’s together. And they live happily ever after. They deserve it.

I will miss this show.

BB-8 The Matchmaker

Anon asked: hi, i love your work, youre such a great writer! id actually like to make a request where bb-8 finds out poe likes you and you like him, leading the droid to enlist every single droid on base to play matchmaker, including c-3po and r2-d2? thanks for considering it!

Author: Zoe

(A/N: Yasss, I love my spherical little droid baby!)

Plot Summary: BB-8, one of the few people, or well, droids that Poe confides in. The spherical droid rolls around giddily, until Poe makes BB-8 promise to not tell anyone. Especially you. However, when the droid overhears you, General Organa’s right-hand, about your attraction to the droid’s master. BB-8 decides to enlist C-3PO, R2-D2, as well as every cleaning, medical, and war droid to bring the two of you together.

Originally posted by emanuelsantos2

“Well, that was nice. Haven’t had a good chat in a while.” You smiled as Poe walked alongside you to your room, BB-8 rolling in between the both of you.

“Yeah, now that the Starkiller Base is destroyed, we have at least some level of peace.” Poe sighed, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he stopped in front of your room.

“So, I’ll see you tomorrow?” You turned around, facing him with your tablet at your hip.

“Of course! When have I ever let you down?”

“How about when I told you not to get captured on Jakku?”

“Okay, besides that. And I’m still alive, right?” Poe gestured wildly to himself, BB-8 rolling around his feet.

You laughed, walking into your room. “Goodnight, Mr. Dameron.” And with a smile and a wave, the door was closed, leaving Poe to walk back to his own room.

BB-8 whirred at him, asking what was wrong.

“I’ll tell you later, buddy.”

As soon as Poe was inside his own room, BB-8 immediately began to beep excitedly, asking Poe why he was acting so sullen.

“Well, how do you feel about Y/N?”

The droid answered, rather keen on you. It considered you as a part of it’s surrogate family.

“So, I may or may not have… Romantic feelings for her.”

BB-8 squealed happily, circling around Poe once again before rolling towards the door.

“Wait, no!” Poe dived and caught the droid in his arms, keeping it from exiting the room.

“BB-8, you can’t tell her! I don’t even know if she even has the same feelings!”

BB-8 stopped and made a questioning beep.

“Just, wait, okay? I just want to be safe and make sure she’s interested or not.”

His droid gave him a reassuring head-tap with its own, before rolling off to its charging station and powering down.

Poe, on the other hand, lied awake in bed, thinking about you, sighing.

He turned over in his bed, trying to get a good night’s sleep.

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A full and complete collection of every song and audio used in the Space Mountain attraction in the Disney Parks around the world. Comment if I’m missing one, or there is inaccuracies.
Soundtrack listing below:
Track Listing in Chronological Order
1. WDW Space Mountain: Entrance Music 0:00
2. WDW Space Mountain: Star Tunnel Music 4:07
3.WDW Space Mountain: “RCA: Here’s to the Future” Exit Ramp 8:51
3. WDW Space Mountain: “Music Makers” Exit Ramp 16:53
4. DLR Space Mountain: 1977 Com Chat 19:32
5. DLR Space Mountain: 1996 music 26:52
6. DLRP Space Mountain: From the Earth to the Moon 30:40
7. DLR Space Mountain: 2005 Com Chat 33:10
8. DLR/TDLR/HKDLR Space Mountain: 2005 music 40:28
9. DLRP Space Mountain: Mission 2 43:51
10. WDW Space Mountain: Exit Music 46:01
11. DLR Space Mountain: Rockin’ Space Mountain 51:36
12. DLR/HKDLR Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy 54:26
13. WDW Space Mountain: 2011 On Board Audio 57:20
14. WDW Space Mountain: 2011 Exit music 59:58

30 Things To Do and Not To Do at the Mukami Mansion

1: Try to find out as much as you can about the Mukamis’ “Adam and Eve” plan. Reiji would want to know all about that when Ayato takes you back.
2: Even if it pains you, you might just want to cut Azusa and be done with it. He might leave you alone.
3: If you volunteer (forced) to help Yuma with his garden, don’t touch ANYTHING without him telling you first. He could get mad if you touch something your not supposed to.
4: While you’re there, you might want to carry some bandaids or a small medical kit. Since they’re not full vampires, they won’t heal you.
5: When Kou is trying to be nice to you, he expects you to be nice back. Try to come up with a reasonable excuse, like a fake allergy, to not accept his offer (the roses, for example) and he might not get your blood.
6: While you’re at the mukamis, you don’t necessarily need to be as “on guard” as you would at the Sakamakis’. Since they’re not fully vampires, some of the abilities the Sakamakis have could be lacking to the Mukamis. Which means you can do other things there that you couldn’t do at the Sakamaki mansion, like hiding.
7: Since the mukamis don’t let you go to school for a while, make use of that time and scope out the area for useful things like weapons, exits, and hiding spots.
8: Don’t get offended by the nicknames they give you. It will annoy them.
9: Don’t outwardly compare the Mukamis to the Sakamakis because it angers them. But you can compare them inwardly, if you want. They’re not telepathic.
10: You might as well claim to believe them unless you want to get off on a bad start. Yui tried to back-sass them and it only made matters worse.
11: If you still have your contact device that you were supposed to keep hidden and you want to go back to the Sakamakis’, now is a good time to use it.
13: In addition to that, you might want to ask for a list of things you shouldn’t do, or at least, what you shouldn’t do with them around.
14: If you’re thinking about escaping, do it when the Mukamis are at school. No one can stop if they’re not home, now can they?
15: You don’t have to worry about drinking cranberry juice. I doubt they have any.
16: Just roll with whatever they say. Just roll with it.
17: If you’re trying to run away from one of them trying to suck your blood, don’t run and take a break two feet away. Keep running like your life depends on it, ‘cause it does. (pun is intended.)
18: When Azusa asks you to come to his room where he shows you the knives, you don’t have to accept his offer. He’s not like the others so he won’t drag you to the floor and forcefully take your blood right then and there. But if he comes back you could easily retaliate saying “you left before I could reply” or some better excuse.
19: If you think Sakamaki perverts peeking in on you were only at the Sakamakis’, you’re dead wrong. It’s best to wear a bathing suit while you bathe here, too.
20: Don’t ask questions. They don’t like that. Try to piece everything together yourself. Unless you want a free tomato.
21: You might want to get used to falling unconscious here. The Sakamakis at least knew when to stop, but the Mukamis surely don’t.
22: Don’t say anything about being anemic unless you want mama bird (Yuma) to feed you mouth-to-mouth sugar.
23: Don’t trust anything they say about being friends or friendly acquaintances. I’m sorry, but, this story isn’t a happy princess fantasy.
24: An extention to 5 - If you don’t want to fake an allergy, at least try to understand the concept of Kou’s “give and take” world. Keep some candy in your pocket or something to present to Kou as a thank you gift for anything he gives you. I’m not sure if he’ll like it, but your still giving him something for receiving, right?
25: If you don’t want to see to much male skin (*cough* Kou *cough*), look at the different objects around the room to make it look as if your interested about what color the wall is.
26: While you’re in an anemic state, stay close to walls and railings to avoid loss of balance or missteps.
27: You might want to get used to that fact that all the Sakamakis you see are probably going to say you “betrayed them” or are a “traitor” in general. Just brush it off. It’s not your fault you’re forced to jump between two houses.
28: You might really want to carry some 5-hour energy and nausea pills. You’re going to feel like crap later on and those will be extremely useful.
29: Like the Sakamaki list, this isn’t peticularally made for just avoiding them. You can use many of the points from the Sakamaki list at the Mukamis’, too.
30: Be careful, stay sharp, and good luck!

Jennifer Morrison to Exit 'Once Upon a Time' Ahead of a Potential Season 7
After six seasons at the center of Once Upon a Time, Jennifer Morrison will exit the drama ahead of a potential seventh season, EW has learned. Though Once Upon a Time has not yet been renewed &#82…

May 8, 2017


14m long Yowamushi Pedal visual at Shibuya station now on display to commemorate the start of the 2nd Interhigh (in the anime which will air later). It will be in place from 1st-7th May and is located near Exits 7-8 on B2 of the Shibuya station.

Excerpts from the world's greatest flight attendant

Excerpts from the best flight attendant ever:

“If you cannot operate a seatbelt you should not be allowed in public unsupervised.”
“If there should be a drop in cabin pressure please stop screaming and grab a mask.”
“If you are traveling with a child or someone acting like a child, place mask over your own face first. If you have multiple children please assist your favorite child first.”
“Attendants will be coming through the aisles to ensure that you outfit matches your shoes.”
“We will be lowering the lights to enhance the beauty of our flight attendants, if this does not help, we have alcohol available.”
“There are 50 ways to leave your lover, but only 8 exits on this plane.”
“Please review the safety information as there will be a test.”
“If your flight plans did not involve a layover in Atlanta, they do now.”


@my-man-syd tagged me to list the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle.

1 That’s What Jazz Is To Me - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, B-Sides & Rarities
2 Ivan Meets GI Joe - The Clash, Sandinista!
3 I Ate The Knife - These Immortal Souls, Live Köln 27.11.92
4 Caveman - The Cramps, Psychedelic Jungle
5 Von Wegen - Einstürzende Neubauten, Alles Wieder Offen
6 A Million Manias - The Immaculate Consumptive, Danceteria NYC 30.10.83
7 Gold Painted Nails - Nikki Sudden, The Boy From Nowhere Who Fell Out Of The Sky
8 Exit Everything - Rowland S. Howard, Teenage Snuff Film
9 Blue Bird - Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Through the Devil Softly
10 Deanna - Nick Cave & The Bad seeds, Tender Prey

Here we have a playlist with a mostly tense atmosphere and a few rarities from excellent bands…
Thank you for tagging me! I’m tagging @werkaetzchen, @angehaufte-mutationen, @untergangsshow, @hovsoonisnow, @thatspoison, @ifrija


🔧🔨💡super pragmatic IKEA haul💡🔨🔧

So, I figured out how to lift basically a full bag of any small items you want… it’s hilariously easy.

1) Bring a big ass handbag with an inflated gallon size ziploc or two inside.

2) Start shopping like a normal person, but make sure to pick something up soon after entering. Grab a yellow shopping tote, and put the item inside.

3) Hold the tote so that it covers your handbag. You want to make sure they don’t notice how full/empty it is.

4) Keep shopping. Grab what you want and also a few bulky decoy items. Ideally, play a little tetris to keep things compact now, so you can jumble stuff up and make it take up more space later.

5) Go find a bathroom and do your thang. They’re not monitored, but try not to waltz in with your bag if an employee is right there.

6) Very important tips: keep your feet pointed forward and stay sitting if at all possible. Make sure to check your bag for lumpiness. And don’t make noise when it’s quiet! The hand dryers are super fucking loud, just do as much as you can while they’re running and wait in between.


8) You can ditch your decoys and walk, but tbh, I’ve never seen anyone not buy shit at IKEA, and I feel like it would be suspicious. Buy at least a couple things (with cash!) You have 90 days to return them if you need to.

So anyway, I finally got a ton of stuff to improve the lighting in my shitty apartment (and a replacement for my broken can opener lmao). Here’s the damage… 😈

💡 kitchen cabinet lights and cords and shit - $177 (yes, really. those under-cabinet lights are $40 each, what the actual fuck)

💡 light strip for closet - $15

💡 spotlights for bedside shelf - $15

💡 accidental extra power cord - $5

💡 furniture glaze - $15 (they were out of stock of the one color I wanted… so I angerlifted every other color. lol what am I going to do with these?)

💡 adorable tiny USB lamp - $5

💡 can opener - $4

💡 8 packs of drawer knobs (not pictured) - $24

🔧🔨💡TOTAL: $260💡🔨🔧

Available Information #8

The Main Security Base has three elevators, 2 on opposite ends that can hold over 30 people for convenience, can be accessible by all with and I.D. card. However, the other elevator is located in the center, and can only hold 10 people; only accessible to people who are in possession of a Restricted Area Permit.

Furthermore, the Central Elevator is the only entrance/egress point (besides the stairs. Which isn’t ideal because the Tower has so many floors they’ll ebe exhausted by the time they reach their destination. It’s usually used for emergencies only in case the elevator doesn’t work) for people at the Observation/Control room. Very few espes are permitted access to the room, and rarely so. Only when the Cyberkinetic, Hatori-san, needs assistance (or he’s feelin lazy).

It is off limits to commoners and espers who haven’t graduated (yet).

My Time at Momo Cafe

So I figured I would write a post about this because the whole experience was great and pleasant and more people should know about this lol 

So first I took the Subway to Indeogwan. It was confusing at first but once I got the hang of the signs it was easy to find my way. It took about 45 minutes from where i was (Mapo-gu) to get there. I used the directions some lovely wonderful soul put after her trip there and really it was so easy. 

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Bachelor 3: Claudius

Bio: Claudius is a college student who’s in town to study biology. However, he’s disappointed to find that not much is growing… Once your farm starts to take off, he’s interested in the plants and animals you raise. He’s very intelligent, and enjoys reading and writing.

Starting Weight: 130

Favorite gift: French fries
Loves: Chocolate, ice cream, burgers, pizza
Likes: Yogurt, milk, cake, chocolate cake
Dislikes: Green beans, cucumbers
Hates: turnip

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place: kakao friends concept museum
location: hongdae (exit 8 홍대입구역)
good? yep. cost is 3000₩, the museum is not huge so take your time and observe each display. there are movies to watch and audio to listen to at various points. there is a museum store at the end with some merchandise and if you buy something from the kakao friends store next door they discount your ticket price from the total. if you like art, animation and design (or cute stuff), you’ll enjoy this place.

On the Line [2/2]

Read Part One here.

A/N: This one is much shorter than part one, but I felt it appropriate to split them up since I think the tone is so much different here. Thank you all for the awesome feedback on part one and I hope you enjoy! Also, I will be accepting requests for this upcoming week until tomorrow, so please let me know if you have anything in mind! :)

Pairing: Poe x reader

Warning: None

You waited six hours. Six hours of near complete concentration on Poe and his squadron’s frequencies. You’d been too terrified to move from your spot at your console, too terrified that the moment you stepped away, you’d miss something important. But other than a few (normal) close calls here and there, the mission had been a success. Now, they were headed home.

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I just saw a gif set about platform 9 ¾ and then I started thinking about wizards in the US. It then dawned on me that there would be no way the main transport to the schools would be a train in the US. It would be like gate 12 2/3 at the airport or exit 27 1/8 on the highway. Imagine on the plane the flight attendant handing out complementary jelly slugs to all the school kids. And like the plane is just enchanted to fly on it’s own because wizards know nothing about jet engines. Perfect.