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Say Her Name: Trans woman of color Kiesha Jenkins dies after being attacked and shot by up to 6 men

Philadelphia homicide Capt. James Clark told the Philadelphia Inquirer that Jenkins, 22, exited a car moments prior to her murder. Once out of the car, the group surrounded Jenkins and when she fell to the ground during the assault, they was shot twice in the back. Jenkins is the second transgender woman to be killed in Philadelphia this year and the 21st in the U.S. This is a dire problem, and as Laverne Cox recently said, fixing it starts with representation.

Ceres out of Rx Zone and through the rest of Taurus

Timetable (current events in bold)
Monday, June 13, 2016 Ceres into Retrograde zone, 21:07 Aries
Saturday, July 16, Ceres into Taurus
Wednesday, August 31, Ceres retrograde, 5:23 Taurus
Thursday, October 13, Ceres rx back into Aries
Friday, December 9, Ceres direct, 21:07 Aries
Saturday, February 4, 2017 Ceres back into Taurus
Wednesday, February 22, Ceres exits retrograde zone, 5:23 Taurus
Saturday, April 29, Ceres enters Gemini

For a few weeks now, I’ve been toying with an interpretation of the sign Taurus which includes the phrase “set in stone.” I’m not sure whether it would be positive or negative, because I can make a case for each. With Ceres here, finally out of her Rx zone (and not into the next one until October), in 2017 this feels more like a “back to basics” transit, rather than a “set in stone” one. And especially after all Ceres got up to during her Aries stints, i.e. Brexit and the 2016 US presidential election. All Ms M’s assumptions about and expectations of the future were destroyed. Time to pour some new cement, I guess.

Ceres is peregrine in Taurus: she’s neither dignified nor in detriment, neither exalted nor in her fall. Yet she has a strong affinity for this sign. Demetra George includes among her Ceres rulerships the Taurus-Scorpio polarity, pointing out that (among other things) Ceres’ being the goddess of agriculture connects her strongly with fertile, earthy Taurus. Having her transit Taurus during the Northern Hemisphere’s planting season ought to be a huge boon. It’s time to learn to grow our own! (Ms M is thinking specifically of tomato plants.)

Ceres also has a powerful connection with parenting and child-rearing. The back-to-basics approach would incline us to ensuring our loved ones have adequate food, shelter, and safety - all the lizard-brain requirements - before anything else. Keeping it simple should be the rule. With Ceres in Taurus, there’s danger in overeating, hoarding, and identifying too much with “substance.” It’s important to become more self-sufficient, and to foster self-sufficiency in our charges. And my goodness, does Ceres in Taurus like to cuddle.

And cuddling leads us to, um, procreation. (Ms M imagines everyone is suddenly sitting up a little straighter.) Ceres governs procreation in general, including all stages of the female reproductive cycle. Unless there’s something in an individual’s birth chart to indicate otherwise, it should be very easy to get pregnant during the next several weeks. In fact, it may be difficult not to get pregnant. Most of the aspects for the rest of Ceres’ transit through Taurus are of the “flowing” variety, which only increases the odds. Double-wrap that thing, and/or explore other (um) modes of expression, if you aren’t ready for rugrats and yard-apes just yet.

The house(s) in your chart through which Ceres in Taurus roams will be fertilized, too. In the 1st, you might feel more grounded and more sure of your identity; in the 6th, your work and/or health strengthens; in the 11th, you get some deepening friendships. The house(s) with Virgo on the cusp would show the ultimate effects of this strengthening. On the 3rd, for example, you’ve learned something!

Thursday, February 23, Sun/Pisces sextile Ceres/Taurus, 5:50

The Sun also makes a sextile to Juno/Capricorn at this time, so we are basing our identities (Sun) on some pretty traditional (Taurus, Capricorn) domestic/tribal roles (Juno/spouse, Ceres/parent). While it’s certainly laudable to commit oneself to a long-term relationship (with either a spouse or a child), it’s also important to (1) ensure that the relationship roles aren’t “set in stone,” and (2) that everyone’s motives are equally honorable.

Planets/Points affected lie between 4:50 and 6:50 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Wednesday, March 1, Juno/Capricorn trine Ceres/Taurus, 7:46;
Mercury/Pisces sextile Ceres/Taurus, 7:50

The Juno/Capricorn - Ceres/Taurus trine finally matures, and with Mercury involved we want to tell the world about it! Again, these are traditional and conservative placements. We can use that slippery Mercury in Pisces to “adjust” those traditions, though: two people in a committed relationship, with no reference to (or requirement of) gender identity. This also bodes well for teaching and learning.

Planets/Points affected lie between 6:46 and 8:50 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Tuesday, March 14, Neptune/Pisces sextile Ceres/Taurus, 12:10

We’re in a very caring frame of mind, very much into nurturing and cuddling with whomever’s handy. We may feel that it’s our “Destiny” to take care of our kids, parents, etc. At the same time, we can feel an overwhelming neediness with this sextile. It’s important (in Demetra George’s words) to “minister to the needs of others, without self-sacrifice,” as a means to “fulfill his/her deep longing for wholeness and unity.”

Planets/Points affected lie between 11:10 and 13:10 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Sunday, April 2, Pluto/Capricorn trine Ceres/Taurus, 19:19

In Greek mythology, these two are adversaries. How can they work flowingly together? When we work hard to understand the core truth of their myth, i.e., letting go and hanging on. Evolve or rot, I suppose! If you’re in some kind of parent-child relationship, especially, this can help all parties grow into more mature patterns and roles.

Planets/points affected lie between 18:19 and 20:19 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Monday, April 10, Mars/Taurus conjunct Ceres/Taurus, 22:14

Well, if you’re wanting to get pregnant, here you go: the planet of masculine sexuality conjunct (hah!) the planet of parenting in fertile Taurus. Ya might wanna triple-wrap it today. This is a very physically active aspect, although through Taurus how this activity is accomplished had better have some practicality and a tangible reward at the end.

Planets/Points affected lie between 21:14 and 23:14 of the signs Taurus, Cancer, Leo*, Virgo, Scorpio*, Capricorn, Aquarius*, and Pisces.

Friday, April 21, Vesta/Cancer sextile Ceres/Taurus, 26:42;
Chiron/Pisces sextile Ceres/Taurus, 26:52

Earth Day Eve finds this double-sextile pattern with possibly the most appropriate planets for Earth Day: fertile Ceres, dedicated Vesta, and healing Chiron. An excellent set-up for going out in your garden and getting to work. Chiron, especially in Pisces, gives Ceres a sense of mission which deepens the significance of digging in the dirt.

Planets/Points affected lie between 25:42 and 27:52 of the yin signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.