i haven’t been able to write anything very coherent since last night’s clip, but i would just like to say god bless skam and their portrayal of mental illness. and not just mental illness as a whole, but the portrayal of mania, which would always be a tricky and sensitive subject to pursue. as someone who experiences manic episodes, even’s symptoms and the way they were acted out were /so/ accurate and felt so raw and personal to me. mania is scary, it’s embarrassing, it’s difficult to watch and the way they managed to handle that literally blows my mind? the way isak slowly realised something was wrong, how he was slowly becoming less comfortable and more concerned. the way even gradually became more elated - his pressured speech and impulsivity - it was scary to experience that from the eyes of someone else; but it was so beautifully done, yet not at all sugar coated. give these boys a damn oscar?