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@women over the age of 25, 30, 45, 55, 75+:

You are beautiful, wonderful, interesting women who deserve to be fully fledged members of society and deserve to be defined by WHO you ARE and not by your face, body, amount of children, sexuality etc. You deserve to be treated with the same dignity and personal respect that older men drown in, and I want you to know that even though 15y.o girls on Tumblr don’t think you’re important, I do.

[►] Out of all the touching that happened in today’s video, this part from the BTS was by far my favorite because we get some protective Ian here and I’m SO IN LOVE WITH PROTECTIVE IANTHONY! 

You can see the exact moment where Ian goes into full on protective mode with Anthony, hugging him tighter and bringing him closer to his chest while also bracing himself to deal with Anthony’s weight. He didn’t want Anthony to get hurt and did everything he could to prevent it from happening and IT WAS SO CUTE!


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I wish this website didn't exist. Not because it's bad or I disagree with you, but because racism is so stupid. On its face, and the deeper you dig into it, the dumber and dumber it gets...I try to believe in the best in humanity, but my lived experience routinely indicates otherwise. I don't know how you mentally sort through all this everyday, but I appreciate you trying to spread the word about cussing out racists. The struggle continues.

Oh, I definitely think it’s fucking terrible that this website exists.


when will i stop shitposting on absolutely every website in existence?

(hint: probably never)

One thing I must give to mental illness communities on here is that talking about illness helped me coin out what was wrong with me, nowadays I see how negative n harmful they can be but still, as someone who has no access to diagnosis and was sick before being able to see a doctor it’s nice to know what you have in order to get some help

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Hey, smart guy. If you think it's so terrible that this website exists, then why don't you quit writing it after you somehow manage to stop the systemic oppression of all people everywhere? Ever think of that?

Honestly, it crossed my mind.

This is only semi-late, but I reached a follower goal very recently! I am very thankful for all the followers who have stuck with me from my other blogs, and for the new ones who have just stumbled upon this blog! Thank you all so much for liking, reblogging, and validating my existence through this trash website.

I like giving back to the people who follow me, as well as interacting with all of you! Hence: this post. In celebration of 100 followers, I will be doing blog-based poetry! I don’t like the concept of givig blog rates, because I don’t think I’m worthy to rate anyone’s blog, so I thought of this instead. Here are the mechanics:

  • Must be following me, AKA a piece of trash, because this is for my followers!
  • Must reblog this post so others know about it!
  • Must check out this post! Reblogs & likes on this post are not necessary, but I’d appreciate them!
  • Must send me an ask OFF ANONYMOUS with what makes you happy!

In return, you will get:

  • A short (two to three lines) poem inspired by your message and your blog!
  • My  undying love
  • a +FOLLOW sign included within your message if I have decided to follow you back!

Other important details:

  • I’ll do this no matter how many notes this post gets, but it’ll be nice to get fifty notes.
  • If this post gets fifty notes, I’ll post the first chapter of my Bughead fan fiction Funeral Roses.
  • If this post gets one hundred notes, I’ll give a sneak peek to my new Bughead fan fiction Eight Letters Late.
  • PLEASE BLACKLIST “kc celebrates 100″ if you don’t want to see the succeeding posts!

can i just say that discourse blogs fucking suck and if your sole purpose for existing on this website is to argue over issues that don’t even concern you and spread hate everywhere then you’re a fucking piece of shit and you need to find something better to do with your time, holy shit

can i just delete me ever existing on this website please like its 2017 and people are still bringing up fawnlock something i made for myself to make myself happy. this is so small fry compared to what grace is going through but jesus christ it’s 2017 FUCK OFF