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AS I LAY DYING [prompt]

Explain if As I Lay Dying can be considered an existentialist novel. In what ways, so far, does it meet the criteria? Use specific examples from the text to support your argument. 


zodiac signs as random aesthetics
  • aries:punk lolita americana adventurer
  • taurus:soft lace retro royalty
  • gemini:electric vodka retrofuturist nerd
  • cancer:glitter pixie floral disaster
  • leo:unsettling urban riot king
  • virgo:decadent fantasy springtime babe
  • libra:post-apocalyptic celestial femme anarchist
  • scorpio:firey destructive surrealist bitch
  • sagittarius:20s grunge metropolitan deity
  • capricorn:suburban existentialist desert revolutionary
  • aquarius:modern nocturnal wannabe chic
  • pisces:slutty gold retro nymph

I will write myself to sleep.
I will write long, pathetic
poems instead of texts to my
ex. I will write
the novel of my life
instead of asking you
for attention.

I will write
the new bible
on isolation, chronological
on loneliness.

I will write ten million
haikus before I write
you again.

I will write love letters
to myself until my fingers
bleed, until I
believe them.

I will write the handbook
on neglect, the idiots guide
to dealing with it.

I will write vague
fortune cookies about
self-acceptance and

By the time I’m finished,
I will have exhausted
my depression.

I will write Shakespearean
prose about this

I will write suicide notes
on my shield and armor for
protection and I will
save myself with them.

I will write angry, violent speeches
to rally the voices
in my head.

I will write a pledge of allegiance
to myself and recite it daily,
after coffee.

I will pray to the Gods of
“move on,” and “get over it.”
I will baptize myself
in holy water
that makes me
stop caring

Holy water, oh well, whatever
move on. Hallelujah.

I will write the ten commandments
on how to be

—  The Ten Commandments on How to be Abandoned by Lindsey Bartlett