the worst is when a movie is about space and it turns into an existentialist look  humanity rather than aliens u dont need to leave this dirt orb to examine ur relationship w ur daughter show me some tentacles

zodiac signs as random aesthetics
  • aries: punk lolita americana adventurer
  • taurus: soft lace retro royalty
  • gemini: electric vodka retrofuturist nerd
  • cancer: glitter pixie floral disaster
  • leo: unsettling urban riot king
  • virgo: decadent fantasy springtime babe
  • libra: post-apocalyptic celestial femme anarchist
  • scorpio: firey destructive surrealist bitch
  • sagittarius: 20s grunge metropolitan deity
  • capricorn: suburban existentialist desert revolutionary
  • aquarius: modern nocturnal wannabe chic
  • pisces: slutty gold retro nymph
I want to leave, to go somewhere where I should be really in my place, where I would fit in … but my place is nowhere; I am unwanted.
—  Jean-Paul Sartre