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We moved in to a new apartment a few months ago, and the cats hadn’t left the bedroom for like… over a month. Except to like, eat and pee (just like living with the ‘rents again!) But after bringing Lotus home from a vet visit, they both… came out? In broad daylight?? I was a very proud cat mom.

(PS: Please feel free to read Lotus’ voice in Grey DeLisle’s voice.)

(PPS: The narrative, while minimal, kind of fell apart on itself? That being said: Don’t merge your speech bubble layer with your lineart layer!!! Especially when you… haven’t solidified the script. Ugh.)

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hi im the anon who sent like 3 stupid requests (2007 nightmares, ada dance off, long legged bun akutagawa.) I hope these aren't annoying. lord lamp is it okay if am blessed with a bodyswap of any characters u please

I give you the existential nightmare of Oda in Dazai’s body. Where did Dazai’s soul go? Why is Oda in his friend’s body? The world may never know. [My friend and I have a full personal AU involving a scenario where Oda’s soul ended up in Dazai’s body.] And, nope, not annoying! If anything, they’re quite amusing.

Diary Titles

Aries: The Entire World is on Fire

Taurus: The Memoirs of a Sexually-Frustrated, Self-Vilifying Teen

Gemini: I will fucking KILL anyone who reads this

Cancer: Literally Why am I Like This ???

Leo: *is too cool to keep a diary*

Virgo: My Secrets and other Equally Frightening Things

Libra: Tbh I don’t even know if these are real memories or things I’ve seen while high

Scorpio: DO. NOT. READ.

Sagittarius:  A Queen’s Diary

Capricorn: *names it something else to mislead people so they don’t read it*

Aquarius: A Discourse on Existential Despair

Pisces: Nightmares and Daydreams

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If you like Dragon Age and Skyrim, you should look into trying Enderal. It's a Skyrim mod that basically staples on a new game on top of Skyrim and it is filled with fun things and Sadness and Existential Nightmares.

Sadness and Existential Nightmares do seem to be right up my alley. Thank you, I shall give it a try once I finish the Witcher 3

i’m taking a tv writing course and my prof used to work. for 4kids. so my weeb ass has to sit there and listen to him talk about how his team improved foreign series….. meanwhile my inner monologue is just joey wheeler’s garbage brooklyn accent dub voice saying “SHADOW REALM! SHADOW REALM! SHADOW REALM!” on loop like some existential nightmare

Dolly the Sheep was born 20 years ago

And yet we still don’t have a dystopian, clone-filled existential nightmare as predicted by The Island, The House of The Scorpion, The Sixth Day, Never Let Me Go, or almost any other film or book featuring cloning humans. In fact, while some people claim that they have cloned humans, it hasn’t been confirmed and human clones may never have been created at all. It’s not likely to happen soon, because cloning people is very difficult, there isn’t much demand, and is illegal in many countries.
Photo: Taxidermy mount of Dolly by Toni Barros from São Paulo, Brasil - Hello, Dolly!

I love shit that hurts to listen to.  

What it is about Garfield that lends itself to be such an existential nightmare? Is it the fact that Garfield, a cat with no real responsibilities, dreads Mondays in the same way a middle class working American might? Is it the vicious cycle of gluttony and hatred Garfield finds himself trapped within in relation to Jon and Odie? Is it the large-scale franchising of the comic, and the increasing churned-out soullessness of the strips?


Existential Nightmare | Existential Nightmare EP

  1. Disorder Saturated Wings
  2. Outer Space
  3. Fathomless Chaos Of Eternal Night
  4. Psychosexual Immortalizer
  5. Deserted Mind
  6. Disruption
  7. Immortal Impetus
  8. Grotesque Entity
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All of this stuff about W.D. Gaster is so cool… It’s a mystifying rabbit hole of existential nightmares. And I like the sound of his voice! He sounds a lot like a Chibi Robo character, hahah.

His first message translates to:














His second appearance at 3:03 says * [redacted]