existential boardgames

existential-carisis  asked:

Barba loves board games. He is a boss at scrabble, chess and othello. He is awful at connect four (he always misses the obvious ones) and clue ironically. Also, he is the squad’s prince of cards against humanity (Fin would definitely be the king)

Scrabble! Barba would be badass at scrabble, breaking out the legal terms and getting all the triple letter score. He has always been a whizz with language, so I can see him wiping his opponent off the board in the same way he wipes the floor with the defence in the courtroom.

Chess: To be honest, I’m not sure Barba would have ever have had the opportunity to learn chess, especially growing up in the Bronx. He might have been exposed to it at Harvard, but I doubt that Rafael would have the patience or time in college to sit down and learn the rules of a game. 

Othello: (I had to look this one up!) aka Reversi; My headcanon on this one is that he used to play it with this abuelito as a kid. Grandpa taught him the rule and it wasn’t long before little Rafi was owning the board! Abuelita would bring them both treats and offer her input. She used to give Rafael hints when he was first learning, but in a few months it needs both his grandparents teaming up to come close to beating their precious Rafi.

Cards Against Humanity: Rafael would kick ass, his dry humour and sharp wit would certainly have people in tears. Sometimes Rafi feels that people don’t understand his references and will certainly voice his objections at the poor choices that the rest of the squad makes.