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Can you please make a Karla + Laced up pants master post? Karla Estrabao + laced up panties is my sexuality.

You have no idea how gayer if that’s even possible I got while trying to make this one.

Guess who got to read with Lauren that night?

Easy access.

Sit on my Lauren’s face.

Lauren must’ve enjoyed taking those pants off of her.

Allysus forgive me for the bad thoughts that ran through my head.

*trims nails*

Just… wow.

There goes the last shred of my heterosexuality.

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Misha is everything he's witty funny talented articulate considerate kind sensitive u can tell he loves people he's a total weirdo, insecure and introverted i love that. He has wondrous soft eyes a beautiful profile and don't worry ur not a burden ❤

omg okay so welcome to @starboycas ‘s daily hell because you have Activated my Misha Mood thank you

lets fucking talk about this considerate, articulate, kind, introverted weirdo named Misha Collins. lets begin with his childhood and how he’s grown because if i’m being real, that’s the most fucking inspiring thing about him. he was homeless, poor, bullied, he self-harmed when he was 13, he lived in tents, he relied on the kindness of strangers to get by sometimes. for most people, this is a recipe for bitterness, alcoholism, anger, and making a name for yourself in jail cells. instead, he took the kindness of others as a guiding factor for his life. he took that kindness and didn’t see it as a weakness but saw how much of an impact it had on him and strived to pass that on to others the second he could. hell, thats why he became an actor. thats why he wanted to go into politics because even when he was young, he wanted to make a difference, he wanted to spread kindness. when he got a twitter following that he knew he could get to do pretty much anything you know what he did? he! started! a! fucking! charity! he actually used his influence!!!!!!! how fucking cool is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he didn’t just “huh thats nice, maybe i’ll have them help signal boost some stuff” he saw his chance to make a difference and he! fucking! took! it! 

next! he’s real. he doesn’t polish his life or his kids or his family or his past or his present, he’s real and messy and passionate and emotional and he doesnt hide any of that. i feel like a lot of actors only present their lives in very polished and idealistic ways (dont get me wrong, any insight into anyone’s life is a privilege and shouldn’t be taken for granted) but theres just something so genuine about misha’s life and how he shows it. there’s none of this “look at my perfectly dressed and groomed children smiling calmly at the camera” stuff, it’s “look at my son putting his foot in his sister’s cereal” “let me tell you about my daughter wiping her poop off on the couch” “oh have i told you about the time west hit a hole in the wall to see what was living behind them!” “i’m going to bring my son with me on stage and i’m not even going to try to wipe the stuff on his face off because that’s not going to work and he’s a kid” it’s the fact that when he does let us see his kids they’re kids. there’s none of that Actor’s Kids bs around them, they run and scream and do things they shouldn’t and they swear and they break bowls and make messes and drive their parents insane. misha is very up front about his mistakes and his insecurities and his regrets in raising his kids. he’s fully aware of how much time he spends away from them, how much he’s putting on vicki, and how that impacts them. he’s cried several times on stage, his involvement in this last election just…………….. he cared on behalf of others. let me repeat that. he cared on the behalf of others. he saw how fucking bad dump is and instead of doing the Actor thing and remaining neutral, he spoke up, he went out and campaigned. and not only that, he recognized his own credibility! which is essentially zero! because he’s just repeating what he’s read! and he says that! constantly! he has never once tried to be anything other than what he is, he has never tried to talk over any one, he does nothing but speak up for those who have less of a voice. he never once claimed to be an expert on something that he wasn’t. he even said on facebook yesterday, since dump is getting inaugurated soon, to read news and learn to distinguish fake from real and form your own opinions. he’s never told us to just blindly trust him which would be good for him but he realizes that he isn’t doing this for him, he’s doing it for those who are going to be silenced. 

he’s well-read, he is smart as hell, hard working, kinder than most people could dream to be, probably one of the most aware actors to ever exist (seriously, who the fuck sees they have power and uses it for this much good) and he’s not just aware of his position as an actor, he realizes his white male privilege. and talks about it. openly. in his love livestream, he talked about the irony of an affluent white man talking about the issues of minorities without pulling the “but i can speak for poor people” card. and this literally doesnt even cover everything i just love this man so fucking much holy shit

talk to me about misha!

Tomorrow on Dec 3rd, 2016, Dave Strider is going to be turning 21 and if not fictional, would finally be able to go out and legally drink in the US. On the other hand, Dirk Strider is going to be turning negative 393 and therefore cannot drink. Poor Dirk isn’t technically born until the year 2409. Imagine trying to explain that to a bartender.

- Ignis, can you… sense light?
- To a degree, yes.
- So when dawn breaks, you’ll know it.
- I should.
- Good to know.


GIF REQUEST MEME: @palizinhas requested ‘star wars + best outfit’ - Finn’s Jacket

“Either way, you completed my mission.” Poe gestured at their surroundings. “Beebee-Ate is here, where he was supposed to come all along. And you saved my jacket.”

Finn started to slip out of it. “Oh, sorry—here.”

Poe grinned anew. “No, no. Just kidding. You keep it. It suits you.”