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“Here we were giving everyone what they had longed for, what they had been teased about, what they had been cheated of in the movie, what they had been given in a kind of bogus scene in season six. We gave them the real thing here, we gave them a passionate kiss. And I think David and Gillian were up for it. I mean, I saw them. They were kind of giddy and giggling before it happened, and it was hot.”

— Chris Carter (DVD commentary)

also, comparing yourself to others? comparing your progress to others? trying to measure yourself/your worth using who others are and what they’ve accomplished? does nothing and will only ever serve to make you miserable. it’s complete bullshit bc you’re you and you always will be you and that’s like, fine. you’re fine. there’s a reason you’re here and you’re You
Evangelical christians in the United States condemn muslim extremism as a threat to the country and their way of life, while clearly endorsing their own form of extreme religious authoritarianism. This form of religion establishes a tribally divisive “us” versus “them” mentality, which places “our” rights and prerogatives above the needs of any other group. And it’s used repeatedly as the basis for denying other people’s rights — particularly their freedom to choose and even their right to exist. It’s worth pointing out that in the south religion buttressed this tribal mentality to force a separation between whites and blacks, who were/are seen as inferior. This tribalism is deeply embedded in white suburban christian thinking, and accepted without question. I shouldn’t have to point out that, in the end, this is not Christian at all.

“ It is very nice but it’s not considered a true art form because there are tools that will automatically do work for you.”

OMG! You’re so right.

PS: Fanart has less value than original art.

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Favourite minseok look?

Oh boy he doesn’t have a bad look so this one is tough.

First of all the recent boyfriend look is stunning I mean

that’s art right there

this one is my favourite though

the hair, the arms, the everything

But also the look that made me fall in love we can’t leave that one out

Special shout out to these 2 looks too

So basically all of them I guess?

Small reminder that I love u n believe in u n want u all to know I am proud of u and all ur efforts kissy kissy hug hug good vibes gn✨

I’m terrified of losing you, of not being with you. I’m terrified that one day you’re gonna realize just how pathetically shit I am and you’re gonna tell me to fuck off. I’m terrified to not have you in my life. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t know you and I don’t want to remember the times you weren’t around.

This shitty existence of mine actually seems worth enduring because of you. It’s like when you’re around, I just feel like I’m… Okay. Like my world is spinning slightly slower and everything is sharper and brighter and I can finally fucking breathe. I feel like you give me breath.

And when I breathe you in, you smell like rain and when I’m in your arms I feel that warmth of yours and everything is completely still. Like we’re the only two people in the world. I love that feeling. I love you.

All I want is to make you happy. I want to make you feel safe and I want to make you laugh and smile as much as I can. I want everything with you because you’re my everything already and I just want to mean something to you. I’m scared to lose you. I’ll do everything I can to not lose you, to keep you in my life. Because losing you… Would be like my heart stopped.

—  Oko Ninjah (everything)

       ♫ You are still living in my memories, not coming out
       Im leaving so you can give your hand to another love
      Entangled and stubbornly waiting; its another type of hurt
     Let’s release our clasped hands, to embrace more of the future ♫

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so...a Victuuri version of that Adam Scott, Mark Hamill clip needs to happen y/y?

“38.7 million views in 24 hours. Do you know what that means? You beat Adele. You beat the Avengers. You beat that Psy video where he wears harem pants and pushes people off treadmills. You are in a very exclusive club, my friend.”

The audience laughs, and Yuuri should laugh too, but Kerry Washington’s skin is perfect and he can’t stop staring. And her teeth are so white that they don’t even look like teeth. It’s like when he was writing his thesis and spent so much time staring at the opening sentence of the discussion section that he had to check four times to make sure he spelled “the” right. There’s a name for that sort of brain malfunction, but hell if he knows what it is. 

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Until Dawn- Alternate dialogue from chapters 5 and 6 

Seeing other VC blogs and...

Telling the new kid to vulture culture that that bird they articulated is protected by the MBTA and is illegal to own. And then they say they know and don’t really care.