melissa before s2 started: im SO EXICTED to see kara growing up ! not in a relationship but jus as herself! FINDING HERSELF! figuring things out! jus GROWING AS AN INDIVIDUAL U KNO!!!!!!!!!!

melissa right now probably: did i fuckin stutter 


The Marquis de Lafayette was far from perfect. He was sometimes vain, naive, immature, and egocentric. But he consistently stuck to his ideals, even when doing so endangered his life and fortune. Those ideals proved to be the founding principles of two of the world’s most enduring nations, the United States and France. That is a legacy that few military leaders, politicians, or statesmen can match.

Marc Leepson


Hongki 2017.01.23. IG Update:  Come on!!!!!

Vid contents:
Hongki: Oh? Fall! Fall! Fall now you fellow! It’s not gonna drop right…?
Guy: Yeah

Trans. Cr: flighttoseoul

We were driving to the airport last night and the sky was full of stars and a huge moon. I looked into the sky and thought about “Doctor Who” and how cool it would be if The Doctor was real & lands somewhere with his Tardis. And a few seconds later I saw a shooting star. (No joke) I have never seen such a big and shiny shooting star before (almost like a comet) . And that was my reaction…