This haunting artwork is made of real blood

If Dracula stumbled into a gallery show by hemoglobin-obsessed designer Jordan Eagles, the vampire would immediately begin licking the walls.

And upon discovering that Eagles’ medium is runoff cow’s blood from slaughterhouses, the Lord of the Vampires would be absurdly disappointed and go home. Or turn into a half-raincloud, half-dog abomination and devour gallery patrons.

As for all those human readers out there, your appreciation of Eagles’ platelet-happy pieces depends on your squeamishness. He also experiments with projectors, turning entire rooms into arteries. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Raquel Welch in Fantastic Voyage, it’s not a bad place to start.


PART 2 of 3

I’m surprised no one has really posted detailed photos for “The Art of Laika” exhibit that was currently showcased at the Heritage Auction building in Beverly Hills.  It lasted a few days before the auction but now all the pieces are gone and went to their new homes. I’m grateful to have caught it before it ended. This gallery was so awe-inducing, I had to be at the exhibit for a good three hours just to take it all in. Seeing images or looking in a book does NOT do any of these pieces justice. You must see these beautiful pieces in person to really take in the creativity, dedication and craft each one of these props possess. Every item is a work of art. I never realized just how large the newer film puppets were compared to Coraline. The whole show was quite magical and witnessing the live auction was very exciting. Enjoy these photos!

Here’s some of the gorgeous Paranorman items. I had no doubts these puppets prices would skyrocket. 


Nike – “The Arsenal: 125″ Exhibition | Saatchi Gallery

For 125 years, it delivered. Through the wars, the poverty, the thick and the thin, it was always there. It wasn’t for the glory of winning, however. It was more for its loyalty to its fans, something most wouldn’t understand unless you’re an Arsenal F.C. lifer. And so, for the club’s 125-year anniversary, Nike opened the doors to “The Arsenal: 125” exhibition. Honorary guests, Arsenal Defender Kieran Gibbs and Goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny mingled with the hundreds of gathered visitors within the white-washed confines of iconic art establishment, Saatchi Gallery of London, The exhibition was a host of mixed mediums and formats, all based on the team and its fans. Curated by Arena+ Homme magazine with DoBeDo, a photography collective with some of best photographers in England, the series of images on display captured moments in and around Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium plus its London Colney training facility. Through their stylistic imaging, DoBeDo founding member Tyrone Le Bon, along with the group’s key photographer, Jason Evens, went steps further. Thus, complete the story of the interactions between players and fans.

One other aspect of this special exhibition was a short documentary created by Ridley Scott Associates (RSA), the production company founded by directors-brothers Ridley Scott and Tony Scott. Captured as a progression in 3 different games – Home, Away and Cup Final – this past February, RSA director Greg Fay, himself lifelong Arsenal fan, followed team supports through the ebb and flow of emotions. In art as in life, the bond between team and fans is immeasurable.