anonymous asked:

If you could recommend 5 tumblr blogs, who would they be?

Ooo, well this was random. Alright then.
*whips out sunglasses, clears off desk, reveals a thick folder filled with blog names and information, spreads them out on table*

Depends on what you’re looking for dear anon, but for an all around greatness that covers most of the necessities let Me tell you’ bout some of My favorites.

  1. Analoverlord is magnificent for just about anything you’ll want on Tumblr, Alex has great taste in text posts, humor, strange oddities, food porn, regular porn, cute gpoys, life stories, rocket cups, pretty much the entire Tumblr experience. She’s even got a Star Wars blog (http://imperialstardestroyer.tumblr.com/) to satisfy your fandom needs, and hell even a pretty things/weapons blog for you slight hipster types (http://vadgeofhonor.tumblr.com/) so really, everyone on the planet should be following Alex. All hail the Overlord.
  2. Hhhokay now let’s say you want that one blog on your dash for reliable wank material, your trusty porn blog, well I’ve got quite a few and would rather not go into all of them, but this nicadios guy (http://nicadios.tumblr.com/) is pretty top notch, fine taste and good quality, classy too, not downright nasty, just right. Plus the occasional other thing like cool landscapes. And he finally got an icon so he doesn’t look like one of those low class faceless blogs so yay. For more of the cool pictures than porn though, I recommend roterengel (http://roterengel.tumblr.com/) who has some pretty sweet stuff too.
  3. Ummmm for just your basic Tumblr business like fandoms, fun pictures, interesting info and gifs, kanedasho (kanedasho.tumblr.com) is pretty good, I tried to pick someone I don’t know so it wouldn’t be biased, but yeah despite what they say, their blog is quite good. I think so anyway.
  4. For some good ‘ol Science and news though, I like scinerds (http://scinerds.tumblr.com/) they’re great, I get a bunch of stories and info on technology, space, medicine, nature and more from them, and I recommend it because science is cooool.
  5. And then of course I’d just recommend My own blog, because it’s perfect. But that sounds like cheating, and I’d hope you’re already following if you’re asking for recommendations anonsy ;)
    But I can give you really close things, I’ve been following Nina for, like, ever (http://nina-13draco.tumblr.com/) and she has fine taste, great stuff there, and Nancy seems to share My taste too (http://exhileratedsunshine.tumblr.com/), plus finds stuff I don’t find, so even better.

    So there, a little more than 5 and there’s a bunch more buuuutttt that’s a good general spread of excellent blogs. c: