The Aries Rampage

The Aries rampage can be senseless, destructive, and intimidating for those on the receiving end. Mars is the ruler of Aries and governs the vital forces of the body, as well as anger and passion. Hell hath no fury like a wrathful Aries, and the individual’s rage is fueled by irrational impulse, childlike instinct, frustration, and defensiveness. The combative Aries feels rage swirling within, a wound up knot that must be untethered, like a volcano erupting at the seams, the lava flows through them, they can feel the burn in their stomach eroding into their chest and igniting their heart with jet fuel. And the Aries must release the flames so they breathe fire, lose control, and stand over anybody in arm’s length. It’s almost as if anger causes the Aries to shift into a frame of consciousness where rationality is lost and pure defensive, primitive conditioning takes command, it’s exhilarating, but also scary, because the Aries knows they have no control, and this is a fretful place for the self ruling spirit.
Aries descends from the myth of Ares, the son of Zeus and Hera. Ares was known for his ferocious warrior expression, like Aries, Ares would go into a frenzy that was hostile and baseless. There is a badge of honor stamped on Ares, he gravitates toward the dangerous and unknown.
But Aries are also only hatchlings. They are brand new, thrust into a cold and dark world where they are forced to survive without any resources. It seems only natural for the warrior to shield the frightened child inside. Rage is an emotion the Aries expresses most easily, unless this is debilitated by house and aspects, like a twelfth house influence or aspects made to Saturn or Venus.
The frenzy also tends to be over as soon as it starts. It’s wild, unruly, and hysterical, but for some time after the Aries feels cleansed and refreshed as a crystal.


Probably one of my favorite things in the world is being checked.

“Oh, I’m being too sassy?” 

Do something about it.

I love saying just the thing that makes you want to destroy me. There’s nothing more exhilarating than the adrenaline rush before you attack. I knew all along that comment would get me in trouble. That’s why I said it. What better feeling is there than having you on my heels, giving chase? I’ll always be just out of reach though. I’m too quick for you. But if by some stroke of luck you catch me, I can take whatever punishment you dish out. Go ahead, do your worst. 😘

stephashmore: Aren’t these two just the cutest? It will be four years ago tomorrow that ashleydonovan and I were seated (with luck) on the upper balcony at the Capitol for Obama’s second inauguration. We wouldn’t have been there had Kelly Clarkson not been invited to perform. And I guess we wouldn’t have been seated on that balcony had our hands not darted up in lightning speed; we raised our hands first and there were just two tickets for Kelly’s camp. The chill was relentless, but we were giddy. I mean, there was so much energy all the way to the Washington Monument from the sea of people that you could feel it. It was exhilarating, emotional, humbling and we were in awe. Plus, despite the wind that whips up from the mall, Kelly sang beautifully and, maybe it should go without mention, live. Tomorrow, I’ll just think about this day and smile that it happened.

The 21 Day Feeling Experiment

According to many teachers of the law of attraction, we attract a lot of things that make us feel similarly to the way we usually let ourselves feel (our most dominant feelings). That is why it’s best to mostly do what you naturally enjoy because it causes you to feel better. But for the purpose of this experiment, we are going to be practicing unconditional pleasant feelings. Choose a very uplifting feeling like joy or exhilaration and begin to feel it. If you need to imagine something first in order to feel it, do so. Just make sure it’s something that you are not too hung up on and you’re okay without because otherwise, you might get upset over its’ absence. What I like to do is just remember what joy feels like and feel it without thinking about anything at all. So the experiment is very simple. For 21 days, find an unconditional way to feel a pleasant feeling like joy or exhilaration, or even peace and sit with it for a minute or two. That’s all you’ll need because it’s intentional, and thus, more powerful. Then, begin noticing the improvements every day, even the little ones, and write them down. This will serve as your evidence. Also, notice how they might cause you to feel exactly like the feeling you were practicing. Feel free to post your improvements on your page too and tag my blog so I can see them.

Enjoy! :)

Josh Dun Imagine Football Fanatic

Anon requested: Hey, could you do a Josh Dun x Reader where the reader is totally obsessed with football and until actually Watching football with her, Josh didn’t believe anyone on how actually obsessed she was.

“Aren’t you excited?” You asked Josh, bouncing up and down, as you walked towards the stadium, hundreds of other fans all doing exactly the same. Josh chuckled, his hand in yours and shrugged.

“I mean, sure.” You knew Josh wasn’t as big a fan as you were. You’d been a fan all your life and supported your team fiercely, through the highs and the lows. Football was a huge part of your life and one that you wanted to share with Josh.

Your seats were fairly high up, but you didn’t mind. Just seeing the game was enough for you and it was better than just watching it on TV or keeping updated on social media. Watching the game with your own eyes was exhilarating. The load chatter of the crowd fell to silence, as the teams made their way out, cheers erupting from the stands. 

“Woah, you’r really into this.” Josh commented and you blushed. The two of you had never watched a game together and you weren’t sure how he’d react to your excitement.

The game kicked off and you cheered on your team, jumping in joy whenever they scored and booing whenever the other team scored or fouled. Josh remained fairly quiet, his eyes darting between you and the game. You barely even noticed him, entirely focused on the game, eyes watching the clock and waiting for the game to end and secure the win.

“Yes!” You shouted triumphantly, as the game ended and your team had been victorious. You hugged Josh tightly, a bright smile on your face. Josh smiled back, seemingly a little surprised.

“You ok?” You asked, as you followed the rest of the crowd out of the stadium. Josh hand squeezed yours gently. 

“Yeah, it was a good game.”

“I mean, I got pretty intense there.” You pushed, wanting to know how he felt. 

“Yeah, you did, but it’s fine. I like that you’re so passionate about it. There;s nothing to be ashamed of and I’m not going to change anything, because you’ve got a passion. Did you think I would?” Josh asked, looking at you, as you exited the building.

“No, but, I don’t know. I was a little nervous about sharing it with you.” You admitted and Josh cupped your face.

“Don’t ever be afraid to share things with me. I’m never going to judge you or mock you. I’ll be here and be supportive, no matter what.” He affirmed and you kissed him, before leading him away and began discussing the game.

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the signs as 1d albums

up all night- aquarius, pisces
youthful, exhilarating, playful, undertones of sadness, being true to yourself, embracing your defining qualities

take me home- libra, cancer
flirty, dancing, young love, naïvety, bubbly, the soft kind of love, utter confidence, deep compassion, fighting for your loved ones

midnight memories- aries, scorpio, leo
bold, cold air in your lungs, the chill of early morning air, reckless, loving your friends, secret vulnerability, wanting to succeed

four- sagittarius, gemini
happiness, uncaring, running away, wanting to be in love, secret seduction, listening to old records, day trips, a quiet waterfall

made in the am- taurus, virgo, capricorn
nostalgia, swaying in a hammock, bittersweet goodbyes, the warmth of holidays, pride, missing your loved ones, showing off who you love, new beginnings

headcanon that derek nurse is one of those freaks that eat kit-kats and hershey bars and such by like, biting into them w/out breaking off the pieces

follow-up headcanon that whenever dex sees him do this he is absolutely disgusted & tells nursey this until one day when nursey turns to him with tears in his eyes and says, “chocolate is supposed to be a happy time, babe :’(”

Actually if we’re just looking at canon, it really is possible that something happened between Simon and Raphael offscreen.

Something that could’ve maybe happened that one time

and they absolutely do. not. talk. about. it. Under any circumstances whatsoever.

It’s just there.

It’s in the way Raphael can’t seem to truly HATE him. It’s in the way Simon’s nervousness being around Raphael is equally matched with his exhilaration. That behavior is not fear, Simon is too quick to mouth off at Raphael to be actually afraid of him. And Raphael’s too quick to touch Simon to not subconsciously long for something physical with him.

It’s in the way they share this ultimate, ultimate, ultimate embarrassingly heated hyperawareness of each other.

They call this shit chemistry because the end results produce a chemical REACTION ppl

Trust me. I just finished four years of college in a big city and was surrounded by this type of behavior from Simon’s age group, young people having to deal with being around former hookups, and the little ticks that imply it.

Like you know. Using someone’s name with sex or dicks in the same sentence. Standing too close. Unnecessary physical contact. Flipping between extreme eye contact to no eye contact at all while talking to each other. That awkwardness, that exhilaration. That particular need to PUSH the other person more, to generate a reaction out of them. There being a noticeable weight between them and they’re acting all dodgy around it. Bitterness in talking to each other or at the thought of each other, yet still being eager to touch for whatever reason.

and whatever you wanna call it: It’s. Just. There.

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,326

A/N: Anon requested ; “prompt: Y/N gets into an accident, Shawn is performing at Rockin’ Eve in LA and gets to know about Y/N after his performance” idk I kind of really like how this turned out ??


Shawn’s P.O.V.

“Thank you so much, LA! I love you and I’ll see you soon!” I shout, a wide smile on my face as I make my way off the stage. Performing always gives me this exhilarating adrenaline rush where I feel like I’m floating. I hand over my guitar and head over to Geoff who’s standing there with a huge grin. He pats me on the back, almost knocking the wind out of me. “Well done, Mendes, well done.” I hit his shoulder and continue walking to my dressing room. I need to tell Y/N how good I feel right now, I need to see whereabouts she is in this complex. I grab my phone to call her, unable to contain my excitement and wanting so badly to hear her voice and the praise she constantly gives me. I call once and it goes straight to her voicemail. She probably can’t hear her phone considering how loud it is in here. I call again but still no answer. It’s the fourth time I call that worry begins to shower over me. Where could something have gone wrong? Maybe she dropped her phone in the crowd… or… or maybe she left her phone at home… No, she never leaves without her phone. I’m thinking of a million reasons why she isn’t answering my calls, knowing I’m not being dramatic. I don’t know what the right thing to do is. My phone begins to vibrate making my heart and lungs collide. It’s Y/N’s mom. “Hi, Shawn. I’ve been trying to get a hold of Y/N, is she with you right now?” Her mom asks me, her voice sounding steadier than mine. The hope I felt a moment ago is shattered into pieces. “No… I-I haven’t. What time did she leave home to get here?” I ask, my voice rough and shaky. “At least an hour and a half ago. Shawn are you okay?” She asks me as my head spins wildly. “Mrs Y/L/N… it only takes 20 minutes to get here. I think something’s wrong.” I say, my hand starting to shake, my grip on the phone unsteady. “Hold on, Shawn. I can’t hear you properly- actually I’m getting another call, I’ll call you back later.” Before I can respond, she hangs up, leaving me speechless and worried sick. I sit down on the chair beside me, resting my elbows on my knees as I run my hands through my hair. What am I meant to do right now? If she’s not answering me, not only is that not a good sign but it also means I can’t find out what’s going on. She was coming alone so no one else would have been with her that I could call. My phone begins to vibrate again as my breathing becomes shallow. My breath hitches as I see the name on my screen. Oh, thank God she’s alright. “Y/N, hi oh my god, I was worried sick-” I begin but am interrupted by an unfamiliar voice. “Sorry, is this Shawn?” The unfamiliar voice questions. “Yes.” I reply, my voice frail and petite. “Hi, Shawn. My name is Doctor… and I have some unfortunate news… I’m sorry that I was the one to tell you…” I only take in half of what this person is saying as my head threatens to explode and my breathing is too shallow to bear. My vision is blurry due to the amount of adrenaline flooding my body. I can’t even fathom talking to anyone right now, I can’t even call Y/N’s mom to tell her, no words will leave my mouth. I’m trying to concentrate on the road and my speed but my lungs are distracting me and I can only think about Y/N. I park the car in the first spot I find and begin sprinting towards the doors of the hospital. “Which - where? What room? Y/N? Please.” I pant to the receptionist, only wanting to see Y/N. I click the lift button a thousand times before the doors finally open. my foot is tapping against the floor, impatience overcoming me. I squeeze through the opening doors and rush down to her room. Room M117. I halt at the door, looking through the glass window.

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And yet, for some reason, there was an odd calmness around me, a sort of familiarity, even in the midst of all this strangeness. It was the weirdest feeling. I’d never experienced anything like it.
—  Sarah Dessen, What Happened to Goodbye
our relationship changed like the four seasons. we started out like summer, free and exhilarating. there was so much we wanted to do and so little time in the day to do them. then we were like autumn, picking apart pieces of each other. while we opened up to each other more, we also began to wither. soon enough, we were like winter, frozen and ice cold. we ignored one another and gave each other the cold shoulder. now we’re like spring, april flowers flooding my pillow as you left. there is no more us and i can’t seem to stop the tears from soaking my bed at night.