Less exhilarating than “Pillowtalk,” but also twice as smoldering: “Slow Hands” certainly ranks as the most jaw-dropping One Direction solo single to date, just because nobody could’ve seen a jam this bluesy, this gritty, this – yeah, let’s say it – sexy coming from 1D’s fairest alum. The secret highlight, besides the incomparable imagery of “sweat dripping down our dirty laundry”? The way Niall’s vocal on the first verse is ever so discretely chopped on the recording to a clipped staccato, a mysterious move that forces the singer into a less-is-more delivery that ends up being much more indeed.
—  Every One Direction Solo Single, Ranked (billboard.com)
everything in its season

Fandom: Vikings
Characters: Ubbe/OFC, Ivar/OFC
Rating: Explicit
Words: 1466

Notes: myth!AU that started at @splendor-e‘s suggestion of Ivar as Hades waiting for Persephone to return. I didn’t do the myth straight up; I replaced Demeter’s role with a fertility god husband played by the dashing Ubbe. It turned out less smutty and more emotional than I intended, but who can control the muse?

Ao3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11016876

For you, the first sign of autumn is a rumbling under the ground. You smile softly to yourself. Ivar is growing impatient.

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I don’t know what to do with beginnings.

They hang there, 
palpable and drenched
in anticipation 
of what I will choose to unravel.

Like oceans
they beckon me to traverse
across the page in exhilaration
of starting something beautiful
but journeys are always stopped
v by monsters in the deep
and every time I try to begin
there is something unsettling underneath:

a fear that I won’t come back
that if I spill too much of myself off the side
I will be left with nothing to offer
that the truth will be too far out my mouth
for ignorance to save me–
there is too much power in a beginning
because I don’t know what can kill me.

Beginnings hang like fingers on a cliff
waiting to let go
yearning for a gravity I do not hold
to pull them into a story
in which I have no control.
—  Inception 
Jack: in 3 parts

I thought I’d type up my Jack theory in a nutshell. So here it is, peeps!

By way of introduction to this topic: I have felt from very early on that this baby, more powerful than even Cas can imagine, could be born with the capacity and the power to unite and, more than anything else, to bring balance between Heaven, Hell and Earth.

Recently I had a Eureka! moment with regards to how all of these things fit together, especially the “paradise” that baby Nephi showed Cas, and I thought I’d outline my ideas here, summarising a much longer post that can be read here.

Let’s take a look at the 3 parts that make up Jack’s personality, and my deeper reasons for feeling Jack as a Miracle Worker rather than Destroyer of Worlds would benefit the narrative itself:

Originally posted by nanzse

Heaven - represented in the innocence of the Unborn Baby Nephi

  • The baby that rejected the evil of Dagon, who wanted to raise him to bring only suffering to the world
  • The baby that chose Castiel “almost human” Angel of the Lord as it’s Protector
  • The baby that (in my recent theorising) could very well have sent Cas a vision of Paradise on Earth, a place in exact opposition to what Dagon/Lucifer desired, because baby Nephi’s innocence and Heavenly ties informed its own perception of what Paradise should be.
  • Meaning: the baby acted on pure angelic instinct, not knowing anything about the concept of Free Will, or how this version of Paradise would take away the very essence of faith itself: i.e. choosing to believe
  • However, baby Nephi connected with Cas’ humanity - this tells us that the baby is not opposing humanity, merely lacking in education, lacking the guidance that Dean (and, yes, Sam) has represented for Cas
  • And the baby is not opposing guidance, because he showed recognition at Cas’ questioning Kelly on who would be strong enough to keep the baby from evil influences. I would hope that this bodes well for the future

But getting to that future is a different matter…

Hell - represented in Newborn Jack, he of the glow-y daddy Devil eyes.

  • I sincerely hope - and want to believe - that this Newborn Jack will be an echo - if not a proper reflection - of Jesse (the not yet grown antichrist of 5x06 - a Dabb episode), meaning Newborn Jack will not be “evil” but rather volatile, unpredictable and, yes, dangerous, but not irredeemable 
  • Possibly he’s high on power
  • Possibly he’ll reflect Dean’s “Just because you can do what you want, doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want” speech to Cas in 6x20
  • This is Jack’s darkest side, after all. This is the side that needs to be talked down, the side that - more than any - needs the guidance of TFW, because if this powerful being is ever to learn self-control, and learn it through a real sense of compassion, honesty and love, it has to connect to the third part of Jack

The tools for learning and for connecting were left to Jack by his mother…

Humanity - given to us visually by this mural painted on the nursery wall.

  • We end S12 on a rather ominous image: the mural is in darkness and crouched by it, with that pretty scary smile on his mouth, is Newborn Jack. But I hope (and want) the mural to be visually showing us exactly what is happening in the narrative at this point and what to expect for the start of S13, which is that Newborn Jack is a threat - and what fun would it be if he wasn’t?
  • This visual of the mural in darkness also tells us what we should want for the narrative to strive towards: that mural bathed in light 
  • Because the mural does not represent the “paradise” that baby Nephi showed Cas - it represents Kelly’s HOPE and LOVE and FAITH in her child possessing the ability to “be good for this world”: the mural is a visual representation of Jack’s Humanity
  • Jack’s Humanity needs to be brought to the forefront if he is to find balance within himself, but he can’t possibly find balance while his humanity is in shadow
  • The reason his humanity is in shadow is this: the two parts to this powerful being that we’ve so far experienced - baby Nephi (Heaven) and Newborn Jack (Hell) - have no understanding of Humanity, so far these two parts to Jack only possess the capacity to understand it, and so Jack will need guidance by someone strong enough to raise this miracle worker right
  • Jack finding balance within himself is the key to him restoring the balance between Heaven and Hell, which will lead to balance on Earth and, furthermore, to cosmic balance throughout the universe

Of course, the mere possibility of the number 3 in relation to Jack is what makes my brain crackle, as it’s been so prevalent all of S12, and because of how it’s so tied to TFW, and how Jack - by extension - represents everything TFW needs to go through themselves to finally become a unit that will be unstoppable. 

Once these three men find balance within themselves and let go of all the emotional baggage, all the self-doubt, all the need for control, the codependency, the lack of open communication - once they begin to be completely honest with themselves, then they can begin to completely honest with each other, and once that happens, once we reach that point, there will be rainbows, and sunlight, and the tree of life rooting itself into the Good in Jack. 

Man, would I just rejoice if these musings land at least in the ballpark of where we’re actually heading with this narrative on this amazing, exhilarating, beautiful TV show! I want my freaking rainbows, guys! I want them real bad!

→ black leather and milkshakes | a 1950s gradence au for @graves-expectations 

The bike growls and soon they are speeding down the suburban street, no doubt scandalising all of Tina and Newt’s neighbours, who peer out from behind their perfect lace curtains to gawk at them. Credence doesn’t care, too much. Not with the solid warmth of Percy in his arms. The wind fresh in his face, tangling through his hair. He’s not sure what’s more exhilarating: the purr of the bike between his legs, or the wild beat of Percy’s heart beneath his hand. He shifts closer, holds on tighter. Credence used to be so scared on the bike, but he loves it, now.

read at ao3

”Picnic Weather and Exhilarating Travel Gacha” Rerelease

This month’s gacha rerelease contains the cards first available in last May’s limited gacha. This gacha set will only be available until May 31 @ 2:59 PM JST (1:59 AM EDT). Get these cards before they go away again!

  • SSR [Emotional Beat] Natsuki Kimura (0.300%)
  • SSR [First Expression] Arisu Tachibana (0.300%)
  • SR [Self-Proclaimed Cuteness] Sachiko Koshimizu (2.000%)
At Last (m)

“Baby…” you murmur against his lips, hands snaking under his pesky tee. “I need you so bad.”

Jimin chuckles, inching away from you. “Do you?” he questions, eyebrow cocking upwards.

You frantically nod your head, the heat in your thighs unbearable along with the arousal that pools in your panties.

“Then beg for me.”

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

Pairing: Jimin x Reader // gaming au, long distance lovers au

Genre: Smut, a lil’ fluff

Word Count: 7.5k

Trilogy: Until Next TimeMaybe Next Time ↣ At Last

Includes: roadhead, oral, spanking, dom jimin, multiple orgasms, nipple play

A/N: i know i said this would be out next week but the thirst became too strong; anyway, enjoy the last part! ^^

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FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 4 (march-april)

Perfect Storm by cherrystreet (80k) CHAPTERED 

What do you do when your best friend asks you and your (now) ex to be the best men at his destination wedding? You can either tell him the truth, tell him you’re not together anymore, and deal with the consequences, or you can pretend you’re still together and roll with it, just pray you don’t spiral. Fake it ‘til you make it. You know, for the sake of the wedding.

Harry and Louis choose the latter.   FAKE/PRETEND RELATIONSHIP WITH A TWIST

You Always Seem To Bring Me Light by sinisterist (18k) CHAPTERED

He jumps when he feels a hand stroking his hair lightly. “I love it like this,” Louis murmurs, reaching to tug a wayward curl.

“Love what like this?”

“Your hair.” Louis’ touch is hesitant, almost reverent, all trace of humour gone now. “When it’s still kind of damp but the ends are dry and curl up like corkscrews. It’s supposed to look gross but it doesn’t.” He pauses before continuing quietly. “Your curls are so lovely.”

Harry swallows. Louis is a hurricane, and amidst his whirlwind of emotions, he slowly says; deliberately says, “So are you.”

In a world where YouTuber baker Harry pines for the (inconveniently taken) Louis. In other words, another YouTuber AU.

Emperor’s New Clothes by sunsetmog (92k) CHAPTERED

The fact that Louis’s most precious belonging was a cat with a face like thunder and an uncanny ability to cover every single inch of Louis’s clothing with cat hair was something that Louis chose not to think about too much.

or: Harry’s a pop star and Louis isn’t, and there’s a non-disclosure agreement where there used to be a relationship. SECRET RELATIONSHIP

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His Throne [JHS]

Genre: Smut, some angst, some fluff

Word Count: 4,413

Summary: You, a maid for the royal family, have sex with the irresistible prince Jung Hoseok on his throne.

Tags: degradation, some praise, choking (kinda?), prince!Hoseok, dom!Hoseok, thigh riding

Written by: Admin Jifairy

A/N: So I figured since I just turned 18, I should challenge myself and write my first smut! It kinda totally sucks, but what can ya do?  PCs to vikttoria16.

Version: Jimin | Jungkook | Namjoon | Yoongi | Seokjin | Taehyung

You’d been working for the royal family for over a decade now. You knew every nook and cranny—every secret passage and hidden room in that palace. It was practically your home. You took care of it, constantly sweeping and dusting and mopping.

You also took care of Jung Hoseok, the spoiled prince residing in it. You always cleaned his room, washed his clothes and made his meals. But then somewhere in the mess of everything, you began taking care of him in a different way.

You always had a close friendship with the prince but that’s all it was—friendship. Until one day, two years ago, he approached you. That’s when it all began, your secret relationship with the seductive prince.

No one knew about your relationship, everyone always assumed it was purely friendship. No one ever expected the handsome prince to fall for a lowly maid like yourself, which made the relationship all the more perfect, in a sense.

At least twice a week you two would meet up for discreet, eager sex, and today was one of those days.

“Come ride me,” Hoseok demanded sternly, eyes already mentally undressing you. He sat in his gold throne with his crown sitting crookedly on his head. His robe fell around him, engulfing him in a pool of black fur.

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How I’d personally like Otayuri to develop

Obviously, we’re all hoping for our own things out of this movie and so on, we’re hoping to progress and get to know the character’s personalities even more and follow them on more of their incredible journey. But on the topic of Otayuri?

I want it to hurt. 

I want to see stupid teenage pining and Yuri being a dick to Otabek because he can’t comprehend his feelings. 

I want Yuri to experience the most confusing and exhilarating time of his life with his best friend by his side, regardless of if they’re a couple or not. 

I want Yuri to learn about love because we barely, barely got there in season one, but I want him to experience it in the way we all do. The confusing and heartbreaking way, where nothing makes sense and everything is wrong until suddenly it’s not. Suddenly it happens and with a burst of fucking light Yuri finally fucking realises that love isn’t about sex appeal or what stupid crazy things you do for the other person, but it’s about how much you care for someone. 

I want Otayuri to be cannon, but I also want my heart ripped into a million pieces as the whole fandom howls and screams at the screen for Yuri being an idiot. 

I want the slowest of all slow burns because life is a fucking slow burn if ever I saw one.  

“Unpredictable” Langst Fic(trigger warning)

I received a request by a close friend to make this prompt into a Klangst fic, and I can only say that this is the best that I can do. “I’m Sorry” part 3 will be up sometime by tomorrow, probably in the late afternoon. I know you guys want more but unfortunately, I’m still working on it. I’m sorry I swear I’ll get it up soon and I’ll put all my effort into making the story enjoyable. If you guys want to see Klangst I’ll do my best to keep that a part of the fic and if I don’t get it right or don’t live up to your expectations I am so sorry. I’ll try really hard to make you all happy. I swear.


They had no idea how many fighters there would really be.

They had underestimated Lotor’s ability to take lead of the war, while his father was recuperating from the severe beating Voltron had given him.

Overall, Voltron was outnumbered. They were unable to keep up with the multitude of jets, which seemed to be a never ending fleet.

Shiro pushed them to the brink, and finally, they were able to take out enough ships to give them an opening.

Hunk used his bayard to form his shoulder cannon, taking out the energy canons on a majority of the warships, forcing Lotor to pull back his fleet and retreat. 

But not before Blue was shot by a fleeing fighter jet. 

Somehow, the laser cut through Blue, shattering through her cockpit and nailing Lance in the back. Blue lurched forward, feeling Lance’s pain.

The right side of Lance’s torso was burned. The team was so wrapped up in the exhilaration of victory, they didn’t notice Lance choking back pain filled sobs. He suppressed them, and began laughing along with the others, ignoring his own agony. They didn’t need to deal with the knowing he was hurt when they were so happy. He felt blood trickle down his chin, and he knew he had bashed his head against the controls when Blue lurched.

Lance shook his head, feeling just how quickly the pain overcame him. He choked, but swallowed back any form of distress.

“We did it!” Pidge exclaimed excitedly, whooping victoriously along with Hunk’s victory dance.

“Nice job team!” Shiro complemented proudly, smiling as he turned his lion around, flying back towards the castle, and a well earned resting period. Allura smiled proudly at the paladins, her face popping up on the intercoms in front of each paladin.

Lance’s attempts at concealing his pain were in vain. Allura noticed almost immediately.

“Well done paladins! Come quickly so that we may celebrate! I’ll open the hall of lions once you are all directly outsi- Lance?!” Allura’s worried tone sliced through the intercoms and all the paladins’ focuses were on Lance’s screen in a split second.

The paladins all periodically enlarged the screen.

Keith choked.

“Hey guys! W-we did it!” Lance laughed uneasily, trying to cover his wound. But blood was more difficult to conceal, as was the immediate agony of moving, blossoming across his face.

Shit- everyone get back to the castle! Lance- do you think you can make it in time?!” Shiro shouted, terror of losing Lance overcoming him. He had never sweared in front of the others before, and that was enough to send them into a panic. Pidge and Hunk were on the verge of tears, and Keith’s anxiety held him teetering over the edge of oblivion that was his mind.

Lance grinned, but slowly, his eyes shut, and his head fell forward.

Anxiety bloomed in everyone’s chest, and Shiro was that much closer to a panic attack.

“Lance?! ” Shiro all but screamed, leaning forward in his cockpit chair, seemingly trying to reach out to Lance through the screen. Blue started moving, but Lance, seemingly lifeless, did not move an inch on the intercoms.

“The blue lion is piloting itself?!” Pidge exclaimed, confusion and dread evident in their tone. Blue sped towards the Castle.

“Follow Blue! Hurry!” Keith shouted, turning Red around swiftly, immediately flooring it. He flew to the Castle at an alarming speed, with Pidge and Hunk right behind him. Shiro, shaken from the sudden realization Lance might not have made it, was a little slow on catching up with the others. He shook the thoughts away in denial.

He has to make it. He has got to be okay.’ Shiro thought, speeding after the others.

Blue all but smashed through the hangar doors, much to Allura’s shock, and flew directly to her landing point.

Blue landed safely, careful not to shake too much, intending not to hurt Lance any further, and once she had, she turned all her energy towards waking him.

Wake, my Blue paladin. Your teammates need you.’  Blue nudged Lance into consciousness, and he reluctantly complied. He shook his head, attempting to shake away the feelings of agony. Blue supported his attempts by forcing positive emotions into his thought process. 

He felt exceedingly better, and was even capable enough to rise out of his piloting chair, afterwards making his way to the cockpit’s exit.

Keith spun Red into landing position, opened the cockpit, and booked it, running towards Lance as fast as he possibly could.

“Lance?! Lance?!” Keith, Hunk, and Pidge all ran to the Blue Lion, their feet slamming into the cold metal floors of the Castle. Blue’s eyes dimmed, and Keith was on the verge of a mental break down.

“Please be okay, please be okay…” Keith heard Shiro mutter, finally landing Black into the hangar and hopping out quickly. Shiro caught up almost immediately, soon followed by a worried Coran and a panicked Allura.

“Not Lance… Anyone but Lance.” Hunk whispered to himself breathlessly, tears threatening to spill. Keith tried his best to keep his mind from wandering to dark thoughts about Lance’s state.

They skidded to a halt. Blue’s cockpit was opening.

Out stumbled Lance, and Keith tricked himself into feeling relief- until he saw the blood.

There was so much of it.

The crimson substance trickled out of his mouth, down his arm, and there was blood all across his torso. His forehead had blood dripping down the right side of it. His usually soft brown hair was a tangled mess, matted against his head due to all the blood.

Lance?” Keith’s voice cracked.

Lance looked so pale. His knees were shaking. His breathing was uneven. His blue eyes looked so empty. And yet, he still managed to pull off his winning smile without a hitch. Keith’s stomach lurched.

“Yup. In all my wounded, bloody glory.” Lance chuckled, his expression littered with pain.

“We need to get you to the healing pods.” Keith ran forward, and as soon as he got close enough, he lifted Lance into his arms bridal style. Lance’s breathing hitched, but when Keith looked down at him, he smirked.

“Who knew the hotheaded Keith could be such a gentleman?” Lance chuckled, and Keith almost blushed.

“I don’t need a pick up line right now Lance- I need you to keep your eyes open and stay alive.” Keith lifted an eyebrow, lifting one arm slightly. Lance gasped, an agonizing pain shooting through his spine from the faint movement.

Keith stared down at the agony ridden Lance, and finally took a good look at the wound.

His stomach lurched uncomfortably.

Lance had been shot with one of Zarkon’s lasers.

Lance was dying.

there are people always posting here and on twitter like ‘I still don’t *get* the carly rae jepsen hype…’ well i love her bc she writes infectious pop music usually about that exciting period when you know you have a crush on someone and you’re not yet in a relationship w them but you just feel so alive. or that anxious but exhilarating time between asking someone out and waiting for their response. she makes these effervescent and vibrant songs that embody something like a rainbow that appears as the sun peeks out after a storm. if you give yourself to her music she can make your heart swell and you shout along to her songs and dance like nobody’s watching. it’s shameless and universal and #relatable and often quirky and not pretentious at all and surprisingly deep and it’s pure fun which i think makes a lot of her music perfect or damn-near-perfect pop 

Foul Play (M)

Originally posted by minspink

Summary: Everyone loves a good rivalry, and the students at your university are no exception. Unluckily for you, the rivalry of the decade is between yourself and a furiously irritating Park Jimin. A top gymnast and a basketball star shouldn’t cross paths, but Jimin makes his way into your heart before you can put a stop to it.
Word Count: 24.314
Genre: college au, basketball player Jimin, sports university
A/N: A while ago @workofteaguk was doubting my lane while simultaneously having a crisis over Jimin. So naturally, retaliation was in order. This is all @minsvga‘s fault for encouraging me to run with this idea.

Elitism brings out the worst in people. Feelings of superiority run unchecked where talent and hard work meet to flourish and thrive, where young athletes spend their days training their bodies to the limits, pushing themselves harder to reach the ultimate dream: to receive validation and know that the years they’ve spent sacrificing sleep and jobs and romance for medals, winning seasons, and future professions has been worth it.

And as any good athlete knows, elitism leads to rivalry. Rivalries between teammates, between neighboring schools, or, most notably, a rivalry between Seoul Sports University’s top gymnast and one of the best point guards to grace the basketball court. And when rivalry and hatred reach such a level, it attracts attention from outsiders, from those who find amusement from such bitter hatred between two young people. Two young people who share common goals and similar training regimes, who for all intents and purposes should be close, but cannot stand the sight of one another.

This is a feeling that you know intimately.

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off limits | 03 (m)

pairing: kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings: slight angst, smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin
words: 10,930
summary: you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 |

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[ May 25 2017 ] this is not a drill people !!!! wedding week is here !!!! i cannot believe i am getting married in 9 days. it’s crazy, exhilarating, and so so happy. here’s my bullet journal spread i made for all the details i have running through my head. :-)

currently listening: at last - etta james

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well, you guys, today i ran my one shot and i am officially a dungeon master! i spent the last 6 months or so working off and on on this game i called “the green light.” i spent roughly 4 months on the basic writing/mechanics, drawing the map, etc., and 2 months getting player character info and incorporating it into the game and then doing some limited pre-game RP via one-on-one text RP and voice call to get people prepped for the game. the game itself was about 6 hours long including a little epilogue and Q&A we did after the climax of the game.

the basic premise was roughly inspired by the Clue movie; for whatever reason, each character had been invited to an intimate dinner gathering with a wealthy widower, Adagio Vanguish.

above is some of the PC and NPC art i did for the game. it was a really terrifying, exhilarating and fun experience. i may run it again and i may concoct another one shot some day! i don’t think i could do a whole campaign but over all this was such a fulfilling experience and i got to experiment a lot as a storyteller in ways i don’t usually get to.