*with the Count gone the thrall was lifted and Isolde was free from his influence and control.  Instead of reveling in her emancipation she felt almost trapped in it.  What should she do?  Where should she go?  She’d never gotten to answer these questions on her own before.  It was exhilarating but also petrifying*

I dreamed I was a Scots warrior. I stood in battle line scared near to death. Then the order to charge was given and the line rushed forward with a great yell and the fear left me and I was filled with exhilaration and an almost religious fervor.

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'with the amount of times I've saved your ass recently, I'm starting to think I deserve a nice thank you gift in return' says the reader to anakin?

He grins at you, and he accepts your proffered hand, rising to his feet with your help.

The both of you reek of blaster fire and singed clothing, but you can’t help but smile as he surges forward and presses a fervent kiss to your mouth, laughing softly as he wraps his arms about you and pulls you close.

“Thank you,” he murmurs breathlessly, exhilarated. “I believe seeing my pretty face is gift enough.”

You laugh softly as he pulls you into another kiss, all the words that you want to say getting lost between you both.

“ I could, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will” (Prompt)

The room was bright and festive. Banners laid the stone walls with various houses insignia, Candles attached to each pillar flickered in a dance helping the chandeliers light the ballroom floor, and streamers stretched across the vaulted ceiling in their twirling motif making for an exhilarating night. The lords and ladies of each house wore decorative masks and clothing drinking their fill of Ale and other spirits. The music was boisterous and addicting, not one person in the room could stand still as they twirled and danced in mesmerizing patterns of passion and pleasure.

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Aurora was fond of wearing a mask so the event suited him perfectly. He knew he was there for more business than anything else. The uncrowned had asked him to shadow the lord of the estate and report back with any information at his leisure of course. The mission wasn’t critical, so Aurora decided to enjoy himself for once; If something were to arise he would promptly respond. A loud pop echoed the room as a cork from a wine bottle shot out, and the sizzle of spirit spewed from its glass container, the crowd cheered in excitement.  

Seems like very is enjoying themselves” Aurora spoke loudly to himself.  

Of course they are and you would do the same if you were to join me in a dance” A masked female uttered.  

Her petite figure twirled over to Aurora, laying her back against his chest, The masked female turned her head upwards to meet the rogues own green orbs raises both her eyebrows in a suggestive manner.  

What say you?” The female beckoned, running her hands behind her to take his own.  

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I say my time is better spent elsewhere.” Aurora slipped through her grasps leaving her speechless. As he departed he placed his hand upon his chest cupping a small charm that hung around his neck slowly shifting through the shadows.

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headcanon that derek nurse is one of those freaks that eat kit-kats and hershey bars and such by like, biting into them w/out breaking off the pieces

follow-up headcanon that whenever dex sees him do this he is absolutely disgusted & tells nursey this until one day when nursey turns to him with tears in his eyes and says, “chocolate is supposed to be a happy time, babe :’(”

  • Penny: ... Oh! ... *Gasp* No! ... Woooow...
  • Ruby: uh... Penny?
  • Penny: Yes Friend Ruby?
  • Ruby: What are you doing?
  • Penny: Browsing the internet!
  • Ruby: ... How?
  • Penny: In my head! I have an internal internet browser. Currently, I'm reading a story someone wrote about Friend Weiss and myself. It's quite exhilarating!
  • Ruby: Whoa... Can I see?
  • Penny: Absolutely! I'll send you a link!
  • ---------------------------------------------
  • Later, in RWBY dorm.
  • Weiss: Ruby get down from your bed, we have to study!
  • Ruby: I can never look at you the same way again Weiss...
7 things that I have learned from nursing clinicals thus far.....

Clinicals… many love them, some hate them. They are the right of passage we all must go through as student nurses. Here is what I have learned, as a nursing student, in a world that can be both intimidating and exhilarating all at once….

1. Volunteer to do everything! 

(with your nurse supervision of course) the more hands on experience you get the more confidence you acquire. Taking the initiative will also expose you to potential experiences you might not have had otherwise. If your nurse feels like you are helping them, then they might help you get to do some really cool things like get into a surgical procedures. 

2. Ask questions: 

especially if you don’t know what a drug, procedure, etc. is. It shows that you are interested in learning. 

3. Talk with your patients as much as possible. 

They are the ones that have the disease process and are good resources especially if it is a chronic illness. They will know how certain drugs are affecting them, any procedures, symptoms they experience, etc. It also helps build good patient/nurse rapport.

4. Right off the bat… ask your patients, “What are your goals for today/ your total stay?” and “What do you expect from your care?” 

these kinds of questions will help you with care planning and making your “nursing diagnoses and patient outcomes” patient centered. It will also give you a direction to begin your care. 

5. Not everyone you work with is pleasant and that is ok. 

Many times nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc might be having a bad day (remember they work long hours, day in and day out) and don’t realize how it might affect a “baby/ student nurse” or it is just they way they are. Don’t get me wrong, by any means this does not excuse any mistreatment. The best thing you can do is brush off any comments and thank them for the opportunity to work with them regardless of your experience. One day you may work with them again. 

6. Always say goodbye and thank your nurse and patients for the day when you leave. 

For your patients, It is the final step in the nurse/ patient relationship and shows that you really care and appreciate working with them. For your nurse, it shows the same (and remember that you may end up working with them later in life, make as many good and strong connections as you can now). 

7. Finally, any experience whether “good or bad” is a learning experience. 

Clinicals are what you make of them. If you are a student who stands behind your preceptor nurse like a little puppy without helping, or you sit around all day you will most likely not learn as much nor enjoy the experience. Remember to take initiative and smile! Good things come to those who seek them. One of my favorite quotes is “Taking initiative does not mean being pushy, obnoxious or aggressive, but recognizing your responsibility to make things happen.”

That Feeling

The feeling when you sneeze. It’s almost like a necessity yet a pain. When your airplane takes off for the first time, it’s thrilling yet scary. When you drive in the fog with your cars headlights on, you can’t see what’s ahead but you keep going, bit by bit. That moment when you choose to finally get up and quit sleeping, it’s refreshing yet irritating. That moment when everything in life is falling apart and you decide to figure one piece out at a time. That moment when a child is born, it is a feeling of happiness yet the moment is so emotional. That moment in life when you’re at the top of the ferris wheel, it’s exhilarating yet appalling. That moment when you let go of your senses to enjoy and live a particular moment, it’s nerve racking and vulnerable yet gratifying. We human beings are capable of understanding so much, yet we don’t understand that every feeling in the world has two sides. It is up to us which one we choose to pave our path ahead. We human beings take risks in life, to prove ourselves to others, rather than to rediscover ourselves. Go, experience something. A feeling that truly moves you and rediscover yourself. Find the magic within.