That awkward moment when you weren’t expecting to fall in love with critical care and it’s kind of messing with your five-year plan. But I will say, thank god for all of this. All my memories of life before I started med school feel tinged with a feeling of incompleteness, and I don’t think anything has made me feel as happy and exhilarated as this. I hope that never goes away.

Two years post-op!

It’s officially two years since I had my chest surgery. Time flies and I can’t help but reflect on how much my life has improved since then. I no longer feel discomfort or shame from my chest, just pure joy. Looking at myself in the mirror now feels great and I sometimes can’t help but smile at my reflection. 

Today was abnormally warm and I took my dog for a walk in shorts and a t-shirt which I haven’t done in months. It was fantastic until it started to pour … and I mean POUR. I tried waiting it out under a tree since we still had 5 minutes to walk before we got home. The rain didn’t let up any so we made a run for it. My shirt was soaked through within seconds. And during that exhilaration I realized that my t-shirt was plastered to my body and I was perfectly happy with that (minus the cold). That would have caused me huge anxiety and dysphoria before surgery. Moments like these makes me grateful for modern medicine! 

this is exactly what loathing looks like. do not question the man

I apologize in advance if I keep talking about this song but it amuses me to no end

Exhilarating PREVIEW! Chapter 18

The sunset was alive on her face, its harshness looking so soft on her smile. And he wondered why he had hated the sunset so much. It had felt like a final setting on the end of time, but now it seemed like a seal on a promise of hope, of future. It was vibrant and oddly peaceful, echoing the ardent violence of his heartbeat. 

She was staring out into the world, content. Her eyes were lighter with the sun on them, a shade of russet, glossy and definite like her. She closed her eyes, a sigh escaping her lips and she looked so grateful to be alive, so at peace. An envious cord resonated in his chest, his watchful eyes fixated on the way the sun kissed her skin, caressing its lover. 

And he knew then, with awed realization, that he had never seen anything as beautiful as…she.

It’s coming SOON!!